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It is unfortunately very true that, without leisure and money, love can be no more than an orgy of the common man. Instead of being a sudden impulse full of ardor and reverie, it becomes a distastefully utilitarian affair.
Charles Baudelaire
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Quotes regarding Acquisition.


  • An end to our gettings is the only end to our losses. ~ Publilius Syrus, Moral Sayings (1st century B.C.)
  • Hand, n. A singular instrument worn at the end of a human arm and commonly thrust into somebody's pocket. ~ Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary
  • People find gold in fields, veins, river beds and pockets. Whichever, it takes work to get it out. ~ Art Linkletter, A Child's Garden of Misinformation (1965)
  • With the catching end the pleasures of the chase. ~ Abraham Lincoln, speech, Jan. 27, 1838
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  • To aquire something keeps it out of the hands of someone else. ~ Anonymous