Adam Carson

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"Overhaul me words, matey, for what I say be true. Blessed ye be with a strong character and a forgivin' nature. These shipshape qualities have steered ye safely through squalls to the captivatin' shores of the Magic Kingdom. I see favorable winds and a pleasant passage if ye charts yer course through the sea 'o life by this golden rule: Avoid common gossip and shun' the bilge rats what live by it. Mark well me words, matey: He who chatters to ye, will chatter about ye!" – Adam Carson

"Me, I was never too good at dating. So I was thinking maybe a couple of tall-boy beers, sitting on a hillside somewhere." - Adam Carson

"I'm the other white meat!" -Adam Carson

"I'm just the drummer, man." -Adam Carson

"I'd prefer 'fuck and smash the state', because when you put the two together, you get crazy violent sex." -Adam Carson

"Question: Will you sign my sports bra? I'd rather not." -Adam Carson

"Just make me look cute man, just make me look cute." -Adam Carson