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TAI TV Quotes

“YOU BASTARD! I’m going to shake the shit out of you! I’m gonna break your freakin' neck. I’ve known you since I was 13. I’m just a little man, what am I going to do now?”

“Fueled by Ramen and Decaydance I bring you two emo bands”

“The Pirate lives there, I found the pirate”

“They liked the dead ferret on my head better, and that I’m a sellout”

“EMO wig?”

“I wish I had this for my prom or something. Had all my Shitty friends up here”

“Shoot score pass, let’s kick some ass”

“Stealing SHIT”


“Eat taco you Bastards!”

“When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's a more air!”

"The siskas always have the last laugh. ALWAYS... HAVE THE LAST LAUGH"

“Check it out... no YOU check it out! I checked it out last time!”

“Two of the longest lasting emo bands...Cute is What We Want and The Academy Islands”

“Yes, I have a bra on”

“and I'm out on a lake, me and Jack came here. everything was going great and now we've looked in and my car is gone? What the hell happened?”

“68 cents, cold hard cash”

“Pills…oh no magic grow sea animals, and safari animals YEAHHHHHHHH!”

“Remember when Mike Carden fucked up my eye?”

"The butcher, why are there so many bands?"


"BASTARDS! You put me in a MySpace hoodie, and a bag!?”

"Ah shit it’s the man”

“The universe tends to unfold as it should.”


“We get drunk. We’re not straight edge or stuff like that.”

“What happened to Fall Out Boy? Mike, what happened to Fall Out Boy?”