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Adrienne Clarkson (born February 10, 1939) was the Governor General of Canada from 1999 to 2005. She was a Hakka born, (as Chinese: 伍冰枝; pinyin: Wǔ Bīngzhī, Hakka: Ńg Pên-kî) in Hong Kong, but raised in Ontario. She married David Clarkson but later divorced, then married John Ralston Saul Prior to politics, she worked in broadcasting.


  • Our problem with the U.S. is not insufficient access; it is debilitating dependence.
  • As a woman, I fear that the gradual Americanization of our society might mean that I could not get on a subway alone.
  • European countries are basically tribal. The French, Germans, and Italians are tribes... racism can arise in a country like that. ... We [Canadians] are not a tribe. We are a series, a group, a conglomeration of people. ... That is a positive thing in many ways.
  • I am above politics.
  • at Royal Military College of Canada commencement: You will be called upon to take your place in modern Canada and in the modern world.... You will also be called upon to lead...and a leader must stand for something. You must not only be aware of who you are. You must also be defined by what you do.

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