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Air Gear (エア・ギア, Ea Gia?) is a shōnen manga and anime by the mangaka Oh! great.

Kogarasumaru (小烏丸)

Itsuki "Ikki" Minami

• Oh, then you saw it, did you? Well then you’d have to admit, I was pretty amazing wouldn’t you agree?

• Where the hell do you get off talking crap to me you little freak. Do you have any idea who I am?

[Sora comments saying Rika has a nice ass] Dude, thats not cool to say about my sister! Because if I say she doesn't I'm a liar but if I agree I'm a perv...

• Looks like this one’s another loser.

[Ringo hands Ikki a letter] • A love letter huh? I never knew you felt that way about me.

• Tom-tom. Your driving sucks.

• Oh, oh man. I gotta take a crap. Where the hell is the bathroom? Every time I go on the field trip I gotta take a dump.

• Oh I get it. Since you’ve got a reindeer head, you’re friends with the dog-head guy. [Goes behind Gonzo.] I knew you reminded me of someone. You old dudes sure are weird.

• Damn, that’s what I call a six pack.

• Hey, old dude. Kick-ass.

• Air trecks. F***ing bullshit.

• How about you give me a warning before you try to kill me?

• Oh god. Please don’t eat me!


• KOGARASUMARU !!! Kill them dead!

• He Might be strong and all, but when it comes to it, I’m the Master and He's My Bitch.

[To the gaming machine] • Urrrghhhh. DIIIIIIIIEEEE!!! [Throwing a fit] Damn it. I wanna break it toooo!

• I’ll quit when I break the machine. Okaay?

[About Mitsuru’s bike.] What the hell is it? An elephant with wheels.

• I’m surprised a skinny guy like you could beat my high score. Not bad.

• Wow looks like he’s a monster after all.

[To Agito] • Oh there you are. You’re a faithful servant to have accompanied your master here. I commend you boy.

• Hey bug eyes. You’re already dead. Can you dig it?

• Who cares? You want a reason to kick their asses? I’ve got three. 1) They disrespected me. 2) They treated me like I was nothing and 3) They totally ignored me when I was talking to them and carried on like I wasn’t even there!

• I did it. Eat that losers.

• Dumb-ass.

• Hahaha! Praise me! Worship me! Give me all your money! Who cares if its practical I just want to make a secret base.

[Falling] No way. Don’t tell me that I am just gonna bust my head open on the concrete and die after kicking so muct ass. [Grim Reaper forms and grabs him] Shoot. Go away. I don’t want to die a virgin!

[while stretching Agito’s head] You made me miss Dekko King for this? You were trying to freak me out and it ends up that he was getting a foot massage from some slutty doctor!

Agito Wanijima

• F*ck! Get away! That’s gross! Don’t touch me with your cow tongue.

• Hey crow, wait. Take the Regalia with you. Cause sooner or later your gonna need it if you want to be the Sky King. I don’t want it anyway.

• F***. Pretty arrogant for a low-class piece of shit.

• If I were you I’d give up AT’s before you hurt yourself. A wuss like you will be torn to pieces. You’ll be better off crawling on the ground like a worm instead of flying in the sky like a bird.

• Why should I care? I tear wings to pieces with my fangs and yank them from the sky.

• Does WHAT bother me? That cocky-little punk-ass?

• Not only do you suck at riding you can’t fight for shit. Go cry yourself to sleep you sack of crap.

• Come on , hurry up and take out the trash. I’m bored.

• Up ahead the path is going to branch into different directions. After that you can go where ever you want. Each path leads to a different cue where your opponent will be waiting for you.

• Team Kogarasumaru. Let your scars be proof and spread the word.

• These little hunts of mine finally paid off. I knew eventually a big fish like you would take the bait. Looks like I was right. You’ve drooling in anticipation. I’ve been dying to draw my road into you.

• Well, not too bad. I bet you think your hot shit, don’t you? But don’t get all cocky just cause you got a lucky shot. If it were the old me you’ll be buried under my road right now.

[Grabs Croissant Mask tongue.] That’s one busy tongue you got there. Maybe I’ll tear it out. That would shut you up. Better save your appetite, bitch. After all, the main course is about to be served.

• I got a special dish for you. It’s called Behemoth. You better eat it before it eats you.

• Our team looks weak but we have 3 riders whose speeds transcends F-class. The wuss. [Kazu] The freak in the mask. [Ringo] And of course, me. The strongest D-class versus the strongest F.

[Stomping on the roof of the machine.] • F***ing crow. What the hell do you think you’re doing? I went through a lot of trouble to put this thing together. So don’t screw it up!

• Damn you son of a bitch!

• My plan was perfect. But there was one thing I over-looked. One factor I failed to calculate. He’s a dumb ass.


• Well just fine just isn’t good enough!

Akito Wanijima

• Agito? He actually seems pretty happy. That guys at the top of his list.

Kazuma "Kazu" Mikura

• What the hell Ikki!? You always got to show off, don’t you? [Buccha hugs him.] Er, that’s just wrong.

• Seriously, you need to learn some moderation, punk. Don’t you know there’s a limit to how much ass you can kick?

• Daaamn. I wish she wasn’t in love Ikki.

• Oh crap I think she killed him.

• Dude what the hell. It’s the first time they’ve met and they’re best friends?

• He’s taking a dump. Everytime we take a field trip he takes a dump.

• He can be pretty cute sometimes.

• I wouldn’t ride this piece of crap, even if you paid me.

• No way. He pounded him like a little bitch!

Issa "Buccha" Mihotoke

• Geez, Women drivers.

• My friend.

• Go!

• It’s too tight. This is discrimination. Who am I kidding? It’s my fat ass.

• When the Behemoth sways ten teams fall.

• I want some ice-cream.

• Keep your panties on sweetheart.


• Need a hug?

• Get down from there. You’re making your mommy and daddy cry!

• No, no. I’ll have you know that out of all the people of Kogarasumaru no one understands the mysteries of a woman’s heart quiet like me.

• You gotta be pretty special to ride one of these thinks. Or and old dude.

• And fill it with naked chicks!

• I’m gonna kick your ASS!!

• I’m a lover not a fighter.

Emiri Adachi

• Why don’t you catch me and find out?

• I’m tired of being the horny guy bait.

• Ahhh… The sweet smell of Kazu.

• Which one of you is touching my ASS?!

• Kazu’s so maaanly.

Yayoi Nakayama

[Nervously.] • Uhhh. What are we going to do with her?

• I think you guys might want a new motto.

[About Ikki] Wow you turn away for a second and he starts acting like a god.

• Okay I think we have conformation. You guys are pathetic.

Noyamano Sisters

Ringo Noyamano

• The whole part war thing started as a web page where you can trade AT Parts with other riders. It was a good way to make new friends and to pick up things you couldn’t find at normal AT shops.

• Riding means different things to different people. There’s all kinds of teams. I know there are teams who just like to fight. But they really aren’t the majority at all. Most people just… like to ride. I think AT’s is something you should relax and have fun with. All those silly battles, areas, emblems. That stuff doesn’t have anything to do with AT’s. Every time you jump. Every time you turn and twist in the air. You do it just a little bit better than before. Suddenly you look closer and close to how you imagined it. That’s what matters to me. Knowing that every time I ride I’m a little better than before. I think when you build up you’re strength, when you push yourself harder and harder. When you accomplish something with your own power. Well, that’s true freedom.

• Just watch and see what it means to be an A-class storm rider. Each move is executed with speed, strength and provision. The attacks are powerful but there’s also a graceful flow to each of their motions. They’re not just showing off. Every trick and every move within that trick has a purpose. They’re taking in their surroundings. Their opponents motions. And the intricacies of their AT’S and focusing all those elements on a single point. Victory. You see that’s why A-class [smells something stink and frowns. She turns to see Ikki taking a dump.] IKKI! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!

• Ikki. Did you lose another fight? Well you’re lucky you didn’t get yourself killed.

[To Mikan who is trying to feel her boobs.] No you pervert. I said no.

• Those who wonder into our forest will fall into an eternal slumber.

• It seems so nice. I’m a little envious. If it wasn’t for sleeping Forest I’d be right there with them.

[Croissant Mask] Do you crave blood so much that you have to resort to this?

• It’s not them I’m worried about. It’s their leader. Akira Udō. The man known as the Great Beast. He’s the strongest rider in the history of D-class. The savage, merciless fighter. Who rather pray on the weak than rank up.

Mikan Noyamano

• Stop stealing our emblem you son of a bitch! I’m gonna burn your ass on the hot stove!

[After Ikki swears.] • (Knees him across the face.) Watch your mouth... What do you think you’re doing? I didn’t give you permission to watch my videos, punk.

• Baaad Dooog. You really have a death wish, don’t you?

• It doesn’t matter if it’s meat night or any other night, that little bastard is always finding new ways to piss me off, you know?

[Stares at Ringo] • Wow. No fair. Since when did your boobs get so friggin big?

• You guys are only F-class and you picked a fight with Behemoth? What were you thinking? You’re gonna get murdered. To a huge team like that you brats are nothing but flies buzzing around their shit.

• The only monster here is that swollen face of yours, you wussie. You wanna have a pity party, do it alone.

Shiraume Noyamano

• Don’t you have any manners? Have respect for peoples privacy.

• Gross. I smell like barbeque sauce.

• That´s what you get for beein´ naughty!

• Prickle prickle pull pull. Stuff you with cotton till your belly is full. Pull pull snip snip. Cut out your flesh from the head to the hip. Snip snip sweep sweep. Pick up the needle and drive it in deep. Take all the pieces weathered and torn. Sew it all up and then you´are born.

Rika Noyamano

• You think that by now you’ve figured out the rules around here, Ikki.

• In truth everyone gets their wings on the day they're born. And if one has the courage to spread those wings, then he'll fly for sure.


Akira Udō

• Save it for the parts war. I know it’s tempting to kill them off before the match but that would be meaningless. Its better to wait so they can be an example to others.

Mitsuru Bando

• Glad you could make it, Kogarasumaru. Welcome to Behemoth’s battlefield. The underground coliseum. These are the remains of the beasts who challenged us only to be slaughtered by our fangs. Now what is left by their remains is their parts.


• I don’t like it when people touch my mammoth. But it’s even worse when you touch it.

• I don’t care how fast they are. I’ll crush them like roaches.

Fumei Goshogawara

• I’m the Deceiving Bomb, Fumei Goshogawara. Battles already started fat-ass.

• Kogarasumaru. Is that the team with Sky king kid? Why are we wasting our time with them?

• So is it some kind of legendary grudge match, huh?

Ryo Mimasaka

• Gross. Why do I always get stuck fighting the pig-faced losers?

• Whatever. A battle is still a battle. I’m Ryo Mimasaka. Otherwise known as the Gorgon-shell ... In five seconds I will give you a taste of heaven.

• No kidding. We have better things to do than toy around with some little F-class middle school punks.

Yasuyoshi Sano

• I am the Aeon Clock. Yasuyoshi Sano. You’ve got a cute face, boy. It’s a pity I have to destroy it. Time heed my command.



• Just say you didn’t know the rules and apologize.

• Yeah, whatever. I’m not the one who started all this mess.

• Little crow. If you form your own team then you’ll make it to the top for sure.

• The moon’s so beautiful.

• I don’t know. I’ve never felt like this. It’s strange but ever since that fight… It’s like I’ve grown closer to the sky… like a wind is blowing inside me. It was small at first but it is growing stronger… [Picks up scissors and begins cutting her hair]I know more and more winds are shooting through me. Twirling inside me. Building up into storms and tearing me apart. Before these winds were nothing but a whisper. A little buzzing in my ears. When I sit and watch the sunset it would dance on the tip of my tongue like a quiet melody. But now, it’s grown into a roar and I can’t rest my wings any longer. That wind is commanding me to destroy my enemies and conquer the tower in the sky


• Simca. I told you this isn’t a game. So stop screwing around.

• Damn, I should’ve known they’d show up. Mission ajurned!


Kaito Wanijima

• Get back in the car. You’ve seen enough.

• I’ll bet you’re starving. Go ahead. Eat up.

• Akito, no. Agito, tear them to pieces.

• Freeze. This meetings over, punks.

• Those little delinquents think they can get away from us. Stop standing there like idiots.

• I’ll be sure to leave you some scraps to play with.

Masaya Orihara

• Hey you little shit-stains don’t ride your AT’s inside the school. I'll confiscate ‘em, damn it! I’m not playing around.

• They’re lucky I decided to be merciful instead of crushing their feeble minds with my super-mega-ton test from hell.

• You’re right. I’ve been bad, I deserved a spanking…Oh yeah.

• So much for trying to be cool

Mari "Ton-ton" Tomita

• Uh, you guys. GET OUT! I have to go shopping. Get out of my CAR!

• Oh my, what’s going on?... [Sees all the knocked out boys. Ringo asks her to tell them to stop it.] They’re taking a nap. How cute. Do you think they’ll mind if I lay down and join them? The afternoon classes are totally boring.

• How long have you been standing there? No stay back. We can’t. I wont let you. You were going to have your way with me, weren’t you? Right here in the court yard. Out in the open. You were waiting for me to get all worried. You’ve been planning this for months haven’t you?



• Don’t give me that crap. What the hell is your problem?

• What are you talking about, bitch. I don’t pay.

• Don’t pull that crap with me.

[Punches the guards] • I ain’t paying shit, you got that? This is what I think about your tab. [Punches man harder.] You bastards think you can treat me like crap, huh? Just cause I lost to that middle school punk.

• This can’t be happening to me. That son of a bitch got a lucky break last time. Now that little bastards riding my ass like he’s been racing for years.

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