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Ayatollah Rafsanjani

Sheikh Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (born in 1934) has been the head of the Expediency Council (Iran's top political arbitration body)[1] of the Islamic Republic of Iran since 1989.

Additionally, Rafsanjani has been the 1st deputy chairman of the Assembly of Experts. In the past, he was the was speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly for 1980-89 and president of Iran for 1989-1997.



Elections in Iraq

Support for mujahideen

  • Interviewer: How do you view the fears of the creation of a "Shiite Crescent"?
  • Hashemi Rafsanjani: Take Palestine, for example. We give support to the mujahideen in Palestine. Are they Shiites? No, they are Sunnis. Moreover, they are zealous Sunnis. Hamas is zealous with regard to Sunni Islam, but because of their Jihad and resistance, we supply them with aid. Likewise, when we supplied support in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo – were they Shiite? It's not like that. Similarly, in Afghanistan, when we gave supported to the Jihad of the mujahideen, we support all the groups – Sunni and Shiite alike – as much as we could. In the Iraq of Saddam Hussein, many of our Sunni brothers found refuge in Iran, just like the Shiite brothers. In Lebanon as well, we gave support when Israel invaded Lebanese territories and occupied them. We gave support to whoever resisted the Israeli occupation in Lebanon. The late sheik Sa'id Sha'ban, who was a close friend of Iran – was he Shiite? He was a Sunni scholar. It's not like that. It is not part of our plan...

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  1. Hojjatoleslam Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Note:This profile is a bit outdated.

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