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Akira "Tori" Toriyama (born 1955-04-05) is a widely known and acclaimed mangaka best known for his work in the Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball series. Recently he has worked on some of the games Dragon Quest, Tobal and Chrono Trigger. He helped produce the character drawings for Blue Dragon as well as the anime.


Interview with Shonen Jump

  • Shonen Jump.: Several readers have asked if Namekians are plants. Of course, based on their names, they seem to be slugs... but they are green, they have a strange method of reproduction, and they live on water.
  • Akira Toriyama: That's a tough question. I thought of Piccolo first, and I wanted to draw him as a scary character, and it was only afterwards that I had to come up with a species. Since they have antennae, I thought they looked like slugs. So "Namekian" is a play on words, but I didn't think too deeply about it. I don't think they're plants, but they may be hermaphrodites.

Tori's Last Anime?

Toriyama was asked by the chief of the Blue Dragon anime staff about whether Blue Dragon would be his final anime. The following is a translated discussion between Toriyama and the chief editor of the Blue Dragon production team:

  • Akira Toriyama: The offer to direct an animated version of Blue Dragon came in February of last year [2006]. Studio Pierrot approached me regarding it.
  • Chief editor: Yes, and how would you aim to prospect that?
  • Akira Toriyama: I knew that Sakaguchi had been working on assembling staff to produce a game, although at the time Blue Dragon hadn't yet been formally announced. According to the materials, it was to be a fantasy world like "Lord of the Rings", with a detailed world view and story.
  • Chief editor: Rumors are arousing the possibility that this is your last work on Japanese animation. Is this true or do you have plans otherwise?
  • Akira Toriyama: This may be my final anime, I'm a little worried [about it]. There's incredible pressure, but at the same time, there's a sense of accomplishment — that it's worth doing. Blue Dragon will be a masterpiece, not simply because I'm working hard on it, but because the staff is expecting nothing less.
  • Chief editor: Thank you very much!

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