Alan Colmes

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Alan Colmes is a talk radio host and co-host of FOX News Channel's political debate program Hannity & Colmes.

  • "When I agree with Hannity, he says, 'Even Colmes gets it.'" -- 2005 February 23
  • "I'm a good liberal!"
  • "This is 66 WNBC, New York..."
  • "Okay, I guess we can all go home now". - Final words Colmes said before WNBC went off the air.
  • "There's no jihadists in New York." - H&C, week of March 19, 2007
  • "Please Sean, stop hitting me!! I'll be nice to Ann Coulter from now on." - H&C May 28, 2006
  • "Stay tuned to Fox News because immediately following Hannity and Colmes, John Gibson and I will have an ugly-off." - H&C March 4, 2007