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Our happiness in this world depends on the affections we are able to inspire.
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Alex Mero (born 1969) is a Belgian author.


Novel The Legend

  • Each thought wants to be transmitted.
  • Intuition is an inner knowledge, the guide of our mission.
  • We don't forget what we have learned by ourselves.
  • True wealth is the control of our covetousness.
  • An unexpected situation always comes with wisdom.
  • Hope is a flavour on future luck.
  • Everything kept in our memory has a meaning.
  • We only live to discover treasures, everything else is just a kind of waiting.
  • Our deepest memories show us our talent to create something unique on earth.
  • Imagination offers more than knowledge because of its pure illuminations.
  • Our behaviour is not stipulated by our experiences, it is by our ambitions.
  • The nature of our free will is the comprehension of our unique place within the universal order.