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Alexander Mackenzie ( 1822 - 1892) Second Prime Minister of Canada


  • I have always held those political opinions which point to the universal brotherhood of man, no matter in what rank of life he may have taken his origin.
    • (1875)
  • We shall all respect the principles of each other and do nothing that would be regarded as an act of oppression to any portion of the people.
    • Speech to the House of Commons (March 10, 1875)
  • I am sure that in Canada the people appreciate this principle, and the general intelligence which prevails over that country is such that I am sure there is no danger of a reactionary policy ever finding a response in the hearts of any considerable number of our people.
    • Speech in Dundee, Scotland (July 13, 1875)
  • This belief led me to propose the establishment of a Military College modelled on existing similar institutions in England and the United States, with the expectation that when the first batch of Graduates were leaving the College. means would be found to employ the Graduates in the Canadian Military Service
    • letter to Governor-General Dufferin, in 1878


  • To legislate in advance of public opinion is merely to produce anarchy instead of maintaining law and order.

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