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Alejandro Jodorowky (born 1929-02-07) is an actor, playwright, director, producer, composer, mime, comic book writer and psychotherapist. Born in Chile, he became a Mexican citizen and was later naturalized as French.


  • There is nothing that brings more happiness than making peace with your enemies!
    • On mending things with Allen Klein after 30 years of not speaking
  • Is El Topo a good film? I don't know, other people say it is.
  • The best thing about El Topo? Well, after it became a success, I fucked a lot more! I fucked a lot! Women would be all "oh, you're so mysterious, let's fuck!"
  • (on Tarot cards) The Tarot has 84 cards. The standard deck of playing cards has 52. The God cards are removed. Thus all poker games are played without God!

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