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Alexis Carrel (28 June, 1873 - 5 November, 1944) was a French surgeon and biologist. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1912.


  • To accomplish our destiny it is not enough merely to guard prudently against road accidents. We must also cover before nightfall the distance assigned to each of us.
  • Those who do not know how to fight worry die young.

Quotes about Carrel

  • "An ordinary man can in a day's time travel by train from a dead little town of empty squares, where the sun, the dust, and the wind amuse themselves in silence, to a great capital city bristling with lights, gestures, and street cries. By reading a newspaper the inhabitant of a mountain village can tremble each day with anxiety, following insurrection in China, the London and New York suffragettes, Doctor Carrel, and the heroic dog-sleds of the polar explorers. The timid, sedentary inhabitant of any provincial town can indulge in the intoxication of danger by going to the movies and watching a great hunt in the Congo…" ~ Filippo Tommaso (F.T.) Marinetti, Destruction of Syntax — Imagination without Strings — Words-in-Freedom (June 1913)

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