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Alon Mizrahi (born November 22, 1971) is an Israeli football player. He plays as a striker and he is the best scorer in Israel's football history.

Translator's note: as usual, when the original makes a Hebrew grammar mistake which is pertinent to the quote, translation is non-trivial. Please do not change any translations unless you speak Hebrew.


  • The problem with this season was that 7-8 players were released — and that's just what I count on one hand.
    • Zeno, Yediot Ahronot, June 2005
  • I'm sure it was an author.


  • I want to play in Europe and I said it both in the media and on TV.
  • There's only one accurate thing in the newspaper - the date.
  • Every two games I have an average of one goal per game.
  • The problem with Israeli teams in the European championships is that they get 3 chances to score in a game, but only score twice. You can't succeed when you use only 80% of the chances.
  • Football players are clever people, we have a head on the waist.
  • To stay in the league we are going to have to beat all of the teams, especially the ones we are going to play against.
  • We played "Bunker", but we didn't attack.
    • "Bunker" is a slang in football - it's a situation where a team focuses on defence and doesn't try to score.
  • I want to move near the sea so I could watch the sunrise every morning.
    • In Israel, the sun doesn't rise in the sea, it sets there.
  • I don't know if he'll be happy, but it's certain he'll be happy about it.
  • "Put the basket in the ball" - trying to speak english.
  • I think the [team] with the most points will win the championship.
  • With time the players learned to pay me self-respect.
  • We should give it the minimal maximum.
  • There's lack of uncertainty in Maccabi Haifa.
  • Napoleon said: I came, I saw, I conquered. I'm the same: come, see and conquer.
    • In Hebrew, conquer and score (a goal) is the same word.
    • Actually, Napoleon never said it. Julius Caesar did.
  • I want to play for a team in either Europe or Spain.
  • I have nothing to prove and I think I proved it today on the field.
  • Reporter: Alon, you won 2-1.
    Alon:Yes, and I think that had I not scored the second goal, it would have been 1:1
  • The opponent scored one goal and we scored three - and we still won!
  • Reporter: Alon, It's not easy to play 90 minutes.
    Alon: Yeah, and it ain't easy to run for an hour and a half either...
  • Reporter: If you weren't a football player, would you join an infantry brigade in the army?
    Alon: I don't think so
    Reporter: Why not?
    Alon: I think I would have taken an easy job in the army, so I can get out for practices.
  • I'm much impressed that all the teams in the second round are Europeans - Mizrahi giving his opinion about the Euro 2004.
  • I'm playing in the affiliate-affiliated team of A.S Roma.
  • Alon: What he said about Eli Gutmann was very true.
    • Reporter: What did he say?
  • Alon: I can't remember,but he said some right things.
    • Reporter: You were very active today didn't you?
  • Alon: Not really,I was quite activist
  • HIV? I don't get into bed with every girl so I'm not worried. Forget about all these diseases and all those crap- until now, it didn't kill anyone.
  • God gave talent in my mind and in my legs.
  • The game was played smart. There was even a strategy!

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