Alpha Dog

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Alpha Dog is a 2006 crime drama film written and directed by Nick Cassavetes.

Johnny Truelove

  • You ever have that dream, the one where you did something... you can't know why, but you can never go back?

Frankie Ballenbacher

  • Jesus. First you give me mouth, now you're giving me fucking tears. Do me a favor, Susan: have a period or something.

Jake Mazursky


Sonny Truelove

  • [First lines of film] You wanna know what this is all about? You can say its about drugs or guns or disaffected youth, or whatever you like. But this whole thing is about parenting. It's about taking care of your children. You take care of yours, I take care of mine.
  • A drug dealer? No. Did he sell a little weed? Yeah.


Angela: So you're like ransom or something.
Julie: That's fucking hot.
Zack: Yeah Its, like, another story to tell my grandchildren.

Frankie: You want a cigarette?
Zack: No, I don't smoke.
Frankie: Fuck that. It's good for you.

Susan: This kid has been kidnapped!
Sabrina: Dude, that's so fucking cool.
Susan: Dude, this shirt is fucking cool. Bob Marley is cool. You guys think that kidnapping is cool?
Sabrina: Yeah Susan its fucking exciting. I think its romantic he's doing it for his brother.

Frankie: I got it under control. Say it: "You, Frankie, have got it under control." Say it.
Susan: You, Frankie, have it under control.
Frankie: Right. Now say: "I, Susan, am a whiny fucking bitch and you, Frankie, have it under control."
Susan: I, Susan, am a whiny fucking bitch and you, Frankie, have it under control.

[Final lines of the film]
Cosmo: I'm telling you, he's lost.
Sonny: I think he's right. I mean, I ain't seen him. He ain't here. He must be lost. Now get the fuck out of my house.

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