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American Splendor, 2003, directed by and screenplay by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, based on comic books series by Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner.


  • I've had enough bad experiences and growth to last me plenty...Right now, I'd be glad to trade some growth for happiness.
  • Man, she's got good looking handwriting.
  • Look Toby, the guys in that movie are not 28 year-old file clerks who live with their grandmothers in an ethnic ghetto...They didn't get their computers like you did, by trading in a bunch of box tops and $49.50 at the supermarket...Sure, go to the movies and daydream, but Revenge of the Nerds ain't reality. It's just Hollywood bullsh*t.
  • Yeah, I know I'm not as interesting as The Little Mermaid and all that magical crap.


  • Why does everything in my life have to be such a complicated disaster?!
  • Harvey, we better skip this whole courtship thing and just get married.
  • I guess I have a lot of borderline health disorders that limit me politically when it comes to eating.
  • I'll have you know that I come from a very dysfunctional family. I can spot personality disorders a mile away.
  • [referring to David Letterman] Megalomaniac.


  • I recommend the piña coladas. They are excellent and very authentic tasting.
  • [to Harvey] You know, you should try believing in something bigger than yourself. It might cheer you up.
  • [regarding "Revenge of the Nerds"] Yes, I consider myself a nerd. And this movie has uplifted me.
  • Hamburgers are a safer addiction than drugs. Say no to drugs. Say yes to White Castle.


  • Young Harvey: I ain't no super hero, lady. I'm just a kid from the neighborhood, all right?
  • Crumb: You turned yourself into a comic hero?
  • Real Harvey: It seemed that real, salt of the earth people like Toby and me were being co-opted by these huge corporations. We were getting held up and ridiculed as losers in the system. What can I say, it was the '80s, man.
  • Danielle: [to Harvey] Joyce is right. You are obsessive-compulsive.


Mr. Boats: Avoid the reeking herd! Shun the polluted flock! Live like that stoic bird, the eagle of the rock!" You know what that means, son?
Harvey: Yeah. It's from an Elinor Hoyt Wylie poem. It means stay away from the crowds of common ordinary people and do your own thing.
Mr. Boats: Nope, it means don't compromise yourself for women. Ain't gonna do you no good. Get away from them as soon as you can!
Harvey: Well, I ain't got no woman now. So I'm living like the stoic bird, man.
Mr. Boats: The only way to live, son.

Mattress Guy 1: So how smart is she?
Mattress Guy 2: I don't know. I guess she's about average.
Mattress Guy 1: Average? Hey, man. Average is dumb!

Joyce: Hi, Harvey. We finally meet in person.
Harvey: Hiya. Look, before we get started with any of this, you might as well know right off the bat. I had a vasectomy.

Joyce: Harvey, go get me water and a few aspirin.
Harvey: What, you got a headache?
Joyce: No, but I want to avoid one.


  • Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff.

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