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Anastasia is a 1997 film about the daughter of last Russian czar, Anastasia, is found by two young Russian men, Dimitri and Vladimir, who seek reward that her grandmother Marie promised to the ones who'll find her. But evil genius of czar family Rasputin, who for some reason survived in this film, still wants Romanovs family to be destroyed forever.

Directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. Written by Susan Gauthier.
' Discover the Adventure behind the Greatest Mystery of all Time(taglines)


  • *Anastasia: Men are such babies
  • Anastasia: [imitating Comrade Phlegmenkoff after leaving the orphanage] "Be grateful, Anya." I *am* grateful - grateful to get away!
  • Anastasia: (to Rasputin as she kills him) "This is for Dimitri! This is for my family! And this... this is for you! Do svidaniya!"
  • Anastasia: Send me a sign...a hint...anything!
  • Anastasia: Well...this is our stop!
  • Anastasia: Dear Grandmama: Wish me luck. We'll be together in Paris again soon.
  • Anastasia: Years of dreams just can't be wrong!


  • Dimitri: [after Anastasia hands him a dynamite and it's about to explode] What do they teach you in those orphanages?
  • Dimitri: [after nearly dying from a train wreck] I hate trains. Remind me to never get on a train again.
  • Dimitri: [singing] Paris holds the key to her past. / Yes, Princess, I've found / you at last. / No more pretend, / You'll be gone, / That's the end..
  • Dimitri: You HAVE to talk to her! Just LOOK at her! PLEASE!
  • Dimitri: Nobody's driving this train!
  • Dimitri:We're gonna have to jump!


  • Bartok: You're on your own now sir! This can only end in tears!
  • Bartok: And we're back to the crushing.
  • Rasputin: I am calm. I am heartless. I have no fear what so ever.
  • Dowager Empress Marie: [about Dimitri to Anastasia] He didn't take the money.
  • Vladimir: That's what I hate about this government. Everything's in red
  • Rasputin: In the still of the night I was tossing and turning / And the nightmare I had was as dark as can be / It scared me out of my wits / A corpse falling to bits / Then I opened my eyes and the nightmare was me!
  • [Dimitri and Anya are learning how to waltz]

Vladimir: [singing] It's one-two-three / and suddenly / I see it at a glance / She's radiant / And confident / and born to take this chance. / I taught her well. / I planned it all! / I just forgot... / Romance! / Vlad, how could you do this? / How will we get / through this? / I never should have / let them dance...

  • Bartok: Just wishing I could do the job for you, sir. I'd give her a HA! And a HI-YA! And then a OUU-WA! And I'd kick her, sir.
  • Dowager Empress Marie: There was a time, not very long ago, when we lived in an world of elegant palaces and grand parties. The year was 1916, and my son, Nicholas, was the czar of Imperial Russia
  • Bartok: You know, you really should watch your blood pressure. My nephew Izzy just keeled over mid-mango. Stress, it's a killer, sir. And he was a fruit bat. No meat. No blood even.

  • Bartok: A party? ooh, I could teach you the latest dance step. It starts with like a whoa, and then you get really crazy with the hips, sir, it's fun!


Vladimir: She certainly has a mind of her own.
Dimitri: Yeah. I hate that in a woman.

Dowager Empress Marie: You were the boy, weren't you - the servant boy who got us out? You saved her life and mine and you restored her to me. Yet you want no reward.
Dimitri: Not anymore.
Empress Marie: Why the change of mind?
Dimitri: It was more a change of heart. I must go.

Anastasia: [singing] I never cared for Stroganoff!
Vladimir: [singing] She said that like a Romanov!

Anastasia: [seeing something crash behind a speeding train after she just pulled Dimitri back inside] And to think that could have been you.
Dimitri: If we get out of this alive, remind me to thank you.

Rasputin: Say your prayers, Anastasia! No one can save you!
Dimitri: Wanna bet?

Sophie:: "It's a perfect ending!"
Marie:: "No, it's a perfect beginning."

Rasputin: Something is happening, Bartok. I could feel the dark forces stirring.
Bartok: I'm not surprised, sir. It's Anastasia. I saw her.
Rasputin: Anastasia, alive?

[His mouth falls out]

Bartok: Ah, sir? Your lips, they're...
Rasputin: That Romanov brat!
Bartok: Ain't that a kick in the head. I guess a curse isn't what it used to be.

Anastasia: Oh no, not me... nope! No... nobody ever told me I had to prove I was the grand duchess!
Dimitiari: Look, I...
Anastasia: Show up, yes. Look nice, fine. But lie?

Anastasia: Do you really think I'm royalty?
Dimitri: You know I do!
Anastasia: Then stop bossing me around!
Anastasia: [singing] And I recall his yellow cat!
Vladimir: [singing to Dimitri] I don't believe we told her that...

Dimitri: I don't want your money.
Dowager Empress Marie: What do you want then?
Dimitri: Unfortunately, nothing you can give.

Dowager Empress Marie: You were the boy, weren't you, the servant boy who got us out? You saved her life, and mine, then you restore her to me, yet you want no reward?
Dimitri: Not anymore.

Anastasia: [Looking at a photo of her family] I remember now how much I loved them.
Dowager Empress Marie: They would not want us to live in the past, not now that we have found each other

Anastasia: One ticket to Paris, please.
Ticket Agent: Exit visa.
Anastasia: Exit visa?
Ticket Agent: No exit visa, NO TICKET!

Anastasia Impostor: Grandma, it's me, Anastasia.

[sways hips]

Dimitri: Oh, brother.

Dimitri: Now, where was Uncle Boris from?
Anastasia: Moscow

Anastasia: [seeing something crash behind a speeding train after she just pulled Dimitri back inside] And to think that could have been you.
Dimitri: If we get out of this alive, remind me to thank you.

Dowager Empress Marie: [Anastasia is trying to get onto the train] Hold on to my hand!
Young Anastasia: [Sobbing] Don't let go!
Dowager Empress Marie: [Anastasia's hand slips, she screams] Anastasia!

[Anastasia hits the ground and loses consciousness]

Dowager Empress Marie: ANASTASIA!

Young Anastasia: [the music box begins to play] It plays our lullaby!
Dowager Empress Marie: You can play it at night before you go to sleep, and pretend it's me singing!

Bartok: Master! You're alive?
Rasputin: In a matter of speaking!

[Rasputin's eyeball pops out, Bartok catches it]

Bartok: Whoa, that fell right out there, sir!

Dimitri: I was the boy in the palace - the one who opened the wall. She's the real thing, Vlad.
Vladimir: Then that means that our Anya has found her family. We have found the heir to the Russian throne. And you ...
Dimitri: Will walk out of her life forever.
Vladimir: But ...
Dimitri: Princesses don't marry kitchen boys.

Dimitri: What are you looking for?
Anastasia: The Russian Circus. I think it's still in here.

Anastasia: I'm not afraid of you.
Rasputin: I can fix that.

Dimitri: [after making a deal with Anya] May I present... Her Royal Highness, the Grand Duchess Anastasia.
Anastasia: Pooka, we are going to Paris!
Dimitri: Uh, the dog stays.
Anastasia: I'm talking about the dog goes.
Dimitri: No, the dog is not going.
Anastasia: I say he's going.
Dimitri: I'm allergic to dogs.
Bartok: [after hearing Dimitri and Anya argue] Anastasia? Yeah, just one problem there, fella. Anastasia's dead. All the Romanovs are dead. They're dead. Dead, dead, dead. Am I right, my friend?

[to the "relic"]

Bartok: I mean, how could that be Ana... WAAGHH!

[clinging to the "relic"]

Bartok: [hanging upside down] Oh, come on! Am I supposed to believe that thing woke up after all these years, just because some guy claims she's a Romanov?
Bartok: OK, OK, I get the message! Enough already with the glowing and the smoke people!
Bartok: [moves away] If that thing's come back to life, that must mean... Anastasia's ALIVE!
Dimitri: Just leave the dog.
Anastasia: I am not leaving the dog!
Bartok: And that's her!


  • Discover the Adventure behind the Greatest Mystery of all Time


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