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Man's fear of ideas is probably the greatest dike holding back human knowledge and happiness.
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Andrzej Majewski (born in 1966), is a Polish aphorist, writer, columnist, photographer, screenwriter and director.


  • Columbus was not the first one to discover America, only the first to patent it.
  • Modern civilization is highly computerrorized.
  • Hatred is like a Hydra - the more heads one chops off, the stronger it grows.
  • A slave dreams of freedom, a free man dreams of wealth, the wealthy dream of power, and the powerful dream of freedom.
  • Women are beautiful in the light of the day, but are even more so in the shadows of the night.
  • The tragedy of a thoughtless man is not that he doesn't think, but that he thinks that he's thinking.
  • Never curse an illness; better ask for health.
  • Man invented the car to comfortably sit in jams.
  • Man invented clothing to cover the superficial and to discover the inside.
  • The first true love is always the last one.
  • If you do not want it to rain, always carry an umbrella.
  • A woman withers when she is watered only with tears.
  • Politics is a great art. It succeeds at convincing the people that they have to pay for what has been stolen from them.

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