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To fall in love is easy, even to remain in it is not difficult; our human loneliness is cause enough. But is a hard quest worth making to find a comrade through whose steady presence one becomes steadily the person one desires to be.
Anna Strong
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Spoiler warning: Plot, ending, or solution details follow.
This page is for quotations from the Animorphs book series, by K. A. Applegate.

#1: The Invasion

Elfangor: The Hork-Bajir are a good people, despite their fearsome appearance. They have been conquered by the Yeerks. They are to be pitied. The Taxxons are evil.

Marco: We're pretty sure the cop is a Controller. And I don't care what you say, Jake, I think Tom is, too. So, here's the deal. You want to get into this fight against the Yeerks? Fine. Let's see how much you want to do it when it turns out it's your own brother you have to destroy.
Jake: (stops cold)
Marco: It's not exactly some video game, is it? This is reality. You don't know anything about reality, Jake. Nothing bad has ever really happened to you. You have this perfect family. Like I used to have.
Jake: (realizes Marco is right, that he doesn't know about reality the way Marco and Tobias do)
Marco: So maybe we just walk away from this. Let someone else fight this fight. Sorry about the Andalite, but I've got enough death in my family.
Jake: No. (surprising himself) The Andalite gave us the morphing power for a reason. It wasn't just for the fun of being a dog or a horse or a bird. He hoped we would fight.
Marco: Then maybe Tom is the enemy. Maybe it's your own brother you'll end up destroying.
Jake: Yes. (throat tightens) Maybe that's what will happen. Maybe not. But the first step is to find out more. And I think maybe the way to do that is to check out this meeting of The Sharing. Tonight. I'll call the others. Anyone wants to come, cool. You want to stay out of it, Marco, that's cool, too.
Marco: (hesitates, glares at Tobias) Okay, it's just a meeting, right? We go and see. I'm in for that.

Marco: Let's see, it's you versus Chapman, the cops, a bunch of Hork-Bajir and Taxxons, and, worst of all, that creep, Visser Three. All you can do to fight them is turn into a dog and bite their ankles. It's like being stuck in the most impossible video game ever invented.

Jake: Look. I'm not asking anyone else to go with me. But I don't have a choice. I heard that scream today. And I know Tom is going down there tonight. He's my brother. I have to try and save him. (holds out hands, helpless) I have to do it. For Tom.

Jake: I think we have to head to The Gardens. We need to get some help from Mother Earth's toughest children. (to Cassie) Can you get us in?
Cassie: I can get in free. You guys will have to pay, but I can use my mom's employee discount, so it'll be cheaper.
Marco: Oh, I'm sure we could talk them into letting us in for nothing. Just tell them we're Animorphs.
Rachel: Tell them we're what?
Marco: Idiot teenagers with a death wish.

Marco: Now do you see why it's crazy to think we can beat the Yeerks? I mean, come on: We can barely beat zoo security.

Everyone: (walking down what seems like endless stairs to the Yeerk pool)
Marco: Some superior aliens. You'd think they could have put in an elevator.

Tobias: They'll come. The Andalites will come. And until then...
Jake: (nods and wipes tears) Yeah. Until then, we fight.

#3: The Encounter

Tobias: (narrating) I hated the way they all felt sorry for me. All they could see was that I was not what I used to be. All they saw was that I had no home. But they didn't really understand. I hadn't had a real home since my parents died. I was used to being alone. And I had the sky.

Marco: Look, these aren't people we know. They aren't my friends. Or my family. (shoots guilty look at Jake) And we did everything we could for Tom. So why should I get killed for strangers? We can't stay lucky forever. Sooner or later, we'll slip up. Sooner or later we'll be standing around here crying because Jake or Rachel or Cassie or Tobias is gone.
Rachel: You know something? I'm tired of trying to talk you into this, Marco. You want out? Fine, you're OUT!
Marco: Hey, Rachel, you're not just doing this to help save the human race. You get off on the danger. That's why you went with Tobias to free that bird. That wasn't about saving the world. That was about rescuing some stupid bird.

Cassie: Oh, come on, Marco. It's an opportunity to try out a new morph!
Jake: Yeah. Instead of being home doing math homework, you get to turn into a wolf. Are you going to tell me you'd rather be doing equations?
Marco: Let's see. Math? Or becoming a wolf and going off to find aliens? Maybe I should ask the school counselor what she thinks. It's such a common problem. I'm sure she'd have some good advice.

#4: The Message

Jake: I figure this ship is going like, what, twenty miles per hour? Figure an hour, and that puts us twenty miles out, right?
Rachel: (points finger at her forehead) Jake's a total mathematical genius. One hour at twenty miles per hour. Right away he figures out that's twenty miles.

Cassie: How long until your people return to Earth?
Ax: (hesitates) One of your years. Maybe two.
Jake: Two years! (looks stricken) Five kids against an enemy that has destroyed half the galaxy? Five of us?
Ax: (smiles) Six, my Prince.
Marco: Six. Well then, with six it shouldn't be any problem.

Marco: no, I haven't had any weird dreams about the sea. I've had weird dreams about my sheets trying to strangle me. I've had weird dreams about falling from way up high and when I finally land I'm in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood talking to King Friday. I've had weird dreams about that woman on Baywatch... hmm, well, that does kind of involve the ocean, I guess.

#6: The Capture

Jake: (narrating) I was trying to decide something. I was trying to decide whether I would have to ever destroy him. Destroy my brother, who was not my brother. Not anymore.

Jake: (to himself) Tom. My brother. Could I destroy my own brother? (outloud, to himself) You don't have to make that decision yet.

Jake: Tom or no Tom, the Yeerks have to be stopped.

Jake: Don't give up, Tom. Don't ever give up.

#7: The Stranger

Cassie: Hey, look! Over by that tree. See? A baby skunk with its mother.
Marco: Let's run right over and pet them.

Rachel: (to Tobias) Yeah. Look... I have a question for you. Do you ever think about years from now? Like when it's time for college and stuff? (regrets instantly)
Tobias: (laughs) Yeah, I'm thinking I could get easy A's in ornithology -- the study of birds.
Rachel: You could definitely be the professor. I just meant that sooner or later most of us are going to leave. Move somewhere else. What do we do then, if the Yeerks are still around?
Tobias: I haven't really looked that far ahead. But I guess I figured the whole thing would sort itself out by then. The Yeerks win, and you don't have to worry about college. Or they lose, and we each go back to our normal lives. (dryly) Some of us more normal than others.

Marco: This was always insane, right from the start. A handful of kids fighting an alien invasion? Look what's happening. Tobias is trapped in a morph. Rachel is starting to use morphing to get away from her problems. The other night I woke up in bed, and I didn't know what I was. I didn't know if I had hands or fins or claws or talons. Maybe you and Cassie are immune, Jake. But I doubt it.
Jake: We can't give up.
Marco: All we ever do is lose. We annoy the Yeerks. Maybe we blow up a ship, or have some little success. But the invasion marches on. And all we ever do is barely escape with our lives.

Ellimist: (about earth) Look at it...In all the Universe, no greater beauty. In a thousand, thousand worlds, no greater art than this...Humans. Crude. Primitive. But capable of understanding.

Ms. Paloma: Events are intertwined in ways we cannot always see, Cassie. Sometimes small things can make huge differences. You know, they say that a single butterfly beating its wings in China may make a tiny change that becomes a bigger change that becomes a tornado. The world isn't like math. It isn't just one plus one equals two. It's more complicated than that.

Tobias: But how does the butterfly know when to beat its wings?
Rachel: It doesn't. I guess it beats its wings the best it can, and hopes it will all work it. It's a butterfly. If just does what butterflies do.
Marco: And what do we do, Xena, Warrior Princess?
Rachel: (grinning) We kick Yeerk butt.

Marco: (as a gorilla) Hi, I just came from a masquerade party, and I was looking for Visser Three.
Guard: Andalite!
Marco: Oh, so you are a Controller. Good. That makes it so much simpler.

Megamorphs #1: The Andalite's Gift

Cassie: Aaaaaaaahhhhh!
Jake: Look out! Lookoutlookoutlookoutlookout!
Marco: Would you both shut up? I'm trying to drive here!
Jake: Car! Car! Car!
Marco: (yanks wheel left)
Driver: (speeds by, blares horn, and flips Marco off)
Marco: That's rude. And totally uncalled for.
Cassie: Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!
Marco: Oh, it's just a trash can. Chill out.
Marco: Okay, so it's four trash cans.
Jake: Get off the sidewalk, you lunatic!
Marco: (yanks wheel right, bumps the sidewalk, grazes a parked car)
Jake: Do you hate trash cans? Is that your problem? Do you just HATE TRASH CANS?!!
Marco: I can't drive with you screaming in my ear.
Jake: You can't drive at all!

#8: The Alien

An Andalite may think that humans are simple, open, trusting creatures. But they are more subtle than they seem to be at first. Possibly this is because of their spoken language, where no one word ever means just one thing.

   - From the Earth Diary of Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill

Marco: Okay, look, you wait right there by that table. Don't go anywhere. If my dad comes in and talks to you, just say 'yes' and 'no.' Got it? Yes and no answers only. I'll run up to my room. I'm gonna call one of the others to meet us at the bookstore. You're already driving me nuts.
Ax: (fiddles with Marco's father's computer, thinking it's a game) (to self) I win.
Peter: Hello?
Ax: (turns around, remembering what Marco said) No.
Peter: I'm Marco's dad. Are you a friend of his?
Ax: Yes.
Peter: What's your name?
Ax: No.
Peter: Your name is 'No'?
Ax: Yes.
Peter: That's an unusual name isn't it?
Ax: No.
Peter: It's not?
Ax: Yes.
Peter: Yes, it's not an unusual name?
Ax: No.
Peter: Now I'm totally confused.
Ax: Yes.
Peter: (stares, then to Marco) Hey, Marco? Marco? Would you... um... your friend is here. Your friend 'No' is here.
Ax: No.
Peter: Yes, that's what I said.
Marco: (running down the stairs) Whoa! Um, Dad! You met my friend?
Peter: No?
Marco: What?
Peter: (shakes head) I must be getting old. I don't understand you kids.
Ax: Yes.

"Give me liberty or give me death." A human named Patrick Henry said that. I wonder if the Yeerks knew before they came to conquer Earth that humans said things like that. I wonder if the Yeerks knew what they were getting into.

   -From the Earth Diary of Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill

#10: The Android

Erek: How do you... how do you live with the memory?
Marco: (shrugs) I guess I try not to think about it. I try and forget. And after a while, the nightmares don't happen as much.
Erek: (puts a finger to his head) Android. (smiles bitterly) I can't forget. See? I can never forget... anything.
Marco: I'm sorry.
Erek: (nods) Yes. (holds out clenched fist, palm down)
Marco: (holds out hand and takes the Pemalite crystal, even though he doesn't want it)
Erek: I've changed my programming back. We... I... maybe at times I can tell you things. Information. But I'll never fight again. I can't join this war, my friend.

#11: The Forgotten

Jake: It was a disaster down there, Ax. I blew it. The only reason we're all still alive is that in the end, I got lucky.
Ax: Maybe that is true, Prince Jake. But my brother Elfangor once told me, "It's a leader's job to be lucky." Sometimes, success is just luck.
Jake: (nods) Elfangor's luck ran out.
Ax: Yes. We must hope yours does not, Prince Jake.
Jake: (laughs) Don't call me 'Prince.'
Ax: Yes, Prince Jake.

The Andalite Chronicles

Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul: You have wars? But you don't have space travel. Who do you fight?
Chapman: We fight each other. So, Loren, Daddy went nutso, huh? Another whacked-out 'Nam vet? I guess some guys can't take it.
Alloran: Have you ever been to war, human?
Chapman: Me? No. Of course not. That war's over.
Alloran: Then be quiet, fool. Those who have been to war understand. Those who have not have no opinion worth hearing. Even those who return from war may never really come home.

Elfangor: The entire species of Ellimists just vanished.
Loren: You think it was because they used the Time Matrix?
Elfangor: No one knows. Some people say the Ellimists still exists, but they've moved beyond the normal space-time dimensions we know. There are people who say the Ellimists are almost all-powerful. (shrugs) Of course, there are others who say they're gone forever. Or even that they never did exist. Now Andalite parents tell their children stories about the Ellimists.
Loren: Fairy tales.
Elfangor: Are fairies magical beings in human mythology?
Loren: Not just fairies. We have elves and leprechauns and Santa Claus and hobbits and werewolves and vampires... We even have aliens from outer space.
Elfangor: (laughing) Yes, those outer space aliens are quite troublesome.

Loren: Is this going to work?
Elfangor: If it doesn't, neither of us is going to the Yosemite.
Loren: You picked a great time to learn how to joke, Elfangor.

Elfangor: (narrating) And then it came to me, in a moment of clarity: I had no choice. When Arbron had been in utter despair and had wanted to die, I stopped him. Because without life there is no despair, but without life there can also never be hope. I had no right to erase Loren's hope, no matter how bad I felt.

Elfangor: I know too many secrets. I know that my own people did use a Quantum virus in the Hork-Bajir war. What might they do if they suddenly had the Time Matrix?
Loren: I guess sometimes even good people do bad things. I mean, that's what war is all about, isn't it?
Elfangor: If we use the Time Matrix to win this war we will no longer be Andalites. Not what I think of as Andalites, anyway. We have to win this war by being ourselves. By living up to our own standards, not by becoming as brutal and ruthless as the Yeerks are.
Loren: You mean what's the point of winning, if by winning you lose what you were fighting for.

Elfangor: There's nothing I can do. I tried my hand at being a hero. I failed.
Ellimist: Failed? You kept the Time Matrix from falling into the hands of either side, Yeerk or Andalite. You saved the galaxy.
Elfangor: I couldn't save Arbron. I helped destroy Alloran and deliver him to the Yeerks to create the Abomination he became. I wasn't able to destroy that abomination. I was weak. I was foolish.
Ellimist: You refused to slaughter defenseless prisoners. You refused to destroy yourself in order to win a battle. You are wise, for a primitive creature. But you also altered the corse of time by using the Time Matrix. And that has created awful problems. For your people. For both your peoples. Your peoples need you.
Elfangor: No one needs me.
Ellimist: You are not where and when you should be, Elfangor.
Elfangor: The galaxy will get along without me.
Ellimist: No, it won't.
Elfangor: What do you want from me?!
Ellimist: We want nothing.
Elfangor: Liar! Why are you here if you don't want anything?
Ellimist: We do not interfere in the affairs of other species.
Elfangor: Then go away! Get out! Leave me alone!
Ellimist: We do not interfere. But sometimes we repair what has been shattered. (pause) What do I want? Nothing. But I can tell you that you have twisted and distorted time. Things are not as they should be. Battles are lost that should have been won. What should be safe is now endangered.

Elfangor: So, you don't interfere with the affairs of other species?
Ellimist: (laughing) Was that sarcasm, Elfangor?
Elfangor: Is this all just a game for you?
Ellimist: (serious) Yes. But we are not the only great powers of the galaxy. There is another. Older even than we. And he plays a dark game, Andalite. It is with him that we play. So hope that we win.

#15: The Escape

Jake: (to Marco) Erek didn't mean anything bad. You know that. He just meant--
Marco: I know what he meant. He meant if it came to crunch time, would I destroy my own mother to protect the mission? That's what he meant.
Jake: (grabs Marco's shoulder and turns him around) And?
Marco: (still mad, not because Erek had insulted him, but that Erek was right) I don't know, Jake. I don't know.

Marco: We're still our old selves, aren't we? I mean, we haven't changed. Not really. No matter what, right?
Jake: Sure, Marco.
Marco: No, I mean it. (realizes he has grown very serious, wants Jake to agree with him but doesn't know why, just that it's important to him) We're still just us. Nothing that happens can really change what you are. Right?
Jake: Look, Marco. I'm not exactly a philosopher, okay?
Marco: Yeah. Well, I'm me, no matter what. No matter how many morphs, no matter how many battles. No matter what. I'll still be me. Everyone better accept that.

Marco: (narrating) I have a picture of my mom next to my bed. I look at it every night before I go to bed. I can never decide what I want to see when I look at it. I don't know if I see the mother I lost, or the mother I want to rescue somehow. I don't know anymore.

#16: The Warning

Marco: (smiles, an actual nonmocking smile, a rarity) I remember back when you didn't want to make all the big decisions.
Jake: I still don't want to make them. But someone has to, right?
Marco: (nods) Yep.
Jake: I just want to get back to a life someday where I don't have to make decisions that might get people killed.
Marco: (smiles mockingly) Do you? You really think someday we can all go back to being regular kids? You think after being the leader of the Animorphs you can go back to being Joe Average Student?
Jake: (forcefully) Yes. I do.
Marco: (dryly) Uh-huh.

#17: The Underground

Rachel: (narrating) Unlike Cassie, unlike Tobias perhaps, I'm ruthless at times. But even I have enough sense to know the words "we have to win" are the first four steps on the road to hell.

#18: The Decision

Ax: (narrating) I live with humans. I respect them. But my hearts are still Andalite. No matter what anyone ever says about me and about what happened on Leera, I am true to my own people.
And yet there are times when I wonder: Who are my own people? My race, my species? My family? My friends? My allies?

Ax: (narrating) Prince Jake looked at his watch. Humans are always lost in time. They are constantly certain that "it" is later or earlier than they thought. I have never known a human to say, "Oh, look, it's exactly what time I thought it was."
Jake: I was about to mention that Erek was late, but I guess it's still earlier than I thought it was.
Ax: (narrating) You see what I mean.

Ax: (narrating) I was an Andalite, all alone, far, far from home. Far from my own people. Except that sometimes your own people are not just the ones who look like you. Sometimes the people who are your own can be very different from you.

#19: The Departure

Cassie: Don't you compare what your people do with what we do. You can't compare the attacker and the victim. You people started this war. And it's you invading my planet, not the other way around.
Karen: We have a right to live!
Cassie: This isn't about you living! It's about you enslaving other people.
Karen: It's what we are. We're parasites, you humans are predators. How many pigs and cows and chickens and sheep do you kill each year to survive? You think being a predator is morally superior to being a parasite? At least the host bodies we take remain alive. We don't kill them, cut them into pieces, and grill them over a charcoal fire in our backyards.
Cassie: We're not pigs.
Karen: Oh yes, you are. That's all you are to us. Oink, oink.

Karen: (like it wasn't important) We have people like you, too.
Cassie: People like me?
Karen: Sure. Yeerks who oppose the wars, who feel it's wrong to take unwilling hosts.
Cassie: (stunned) What? There are Yeerk who are against all this?
Karen: (bitter and resentful) Don't act so surprised. We aren't all the same. See? You believe the Andalite propaganda about us. According to the Andalites, we're nothing but evil slugs. We don't deserve to be free, flying around the galaxy. We're just parasites.

Jake: I guess sometimes you have to choose between smart, sane, ruthlessness, and totally stupid, insane hope. You can't just pick one and stick with it, either. Each time it comes up, you have to try and make your best decision. Most of the time, I guess I have to go with being smart and sane. But I don't want to live in a world where people don't try the stupid, crazy, hopeful thing sometimes.

#22: The Solution

Rachel: (narrating) I kept wondering: Had I always been like this? Back before the Animorphs, back before that encounter with a dying alien who changed our lives, who had I been?
I tried to remember, but it wasn't like I was thinking about myself. It was like I was remembering some girl I used to know. Like she was an acquaintance I'd forgotten about until someone reminded me. It was like, "Oh, yeah, Rachel. I remember her."
I'd been very into gymnastics, I knew that. Shopping. I guess I'd never exactly been a happy-go-lucky party girl. But I tried to imagine myself back then, and tried to imagine grinding the tines of a fork into someone's ear while I threatened his family.
I almost laughed. It was crazy. I mean, I'm not someone raised in an abusive family or anything. Yeah, my folks got divorced, but probably a third of the kids in school have divorced parents, and another third wish their parents would divorce.
I'd never had to wonder if my parents loved me. I knew they did. They told me. And they showed me.
I wasn't on drugs or anything. But somehow, someway, I had gone from being this occasionally sharp-tongued girl, to being... well, as Marco would say, Xena: Warrior Princess.
What made me feel stupid was that I hadn't realized I was changing. But everyone else obviously did. Jake did. When he knew it was coming down to kill-or-be-killed with David, he'd sent Ax to get me. Not Marco. Not Cassie. "Get Rachel."
And in the cafeteria he had to let me go, knowing what I would do. Afterward, I'd seen Cassie in sixth period. She didn't ask me what had happened. She didn't ask me what I'd said to David. She'd known.
I could have said, "Look at all the battles I've been through." It would have been a good excuse. Except that Cassie'd gone through the same battles. And Marco. And Tobias.
Would Tobias have done what I did? That was the killer question, see. Because Tobias lived life as a predator now. He'd have every excuse in the world. But I wondered if even he would have gone as far as I'd gone.
And, I wondered something else. What if David ignored my threat? Would I... could I...

Rachel: Look, Jake, I don't know what you're getting at. And you know what? I don't think I like what you're thinking about me.
Jake: What? What's that about?
Rachel: You never answered me before, Jake. I want to know. When David left the cafeteria and I started after him, and Cassie said no and you said to let me go, what exactly did you think I would do or say to David?
Jake: (nods) Oh. That's what this is about.
Rachel: Yeah, "Oh, that's what this is about." What did you expect me to do to David? Did you think I was going to kill him? Did you? Is that why you let me go after him? Is that why you sent Ax for me? Because you think I'm some kind of violent nut you can call in whenever you need some dirty work done?
Jake: Look, Rachel, every one of us has his strengths and his weaknesses.
Rachel: And my strength is being some kind of crazy killer?
Jake: I didn't say that.
Rachel: You didn't not say it!
Jake: Okay, fine, Rachel. You want to do this, fine. I think you're the bravest member of the group. I think in a bad fight I'd rather have you with me than anyone else. But yeah, Rachel, I think there's something pretty dark down inside you. I think you're the only one of us who would be disappointed if all this ended tomorrow. Cassie hates all this, Marco has personal reasons for being in this war, Ax just wants to go home and fight Yeerks with his own people, Tobias... who knows what Tobias wants anymore? But you, Rachel, you love it. It's what makes you so dangerous to the Yeerks.
Rachel: You did think I'd go kill David the other day. My God.
Jake: No, I thought you'd scare him. I thought you'd say the things it took to scare him. I thought you'd say whatever you had to. And I thought that of any of us, David would be most likely to fear you.
Rachel: (tries to look at herself the way Jake saw her)
Jake: I worry about you, Rachel. More than any of the others except Tobias. I feel like this war is to you like booze to an alcoholic. Like I don't know what will happen to you if it all ends someday. What are you going to do? Go back to being the world's greatest shopper? Go back to gymnastics and getting good grades?
Rachel: (laughs harshly) You worry about me? What do you think you're going to do? Jake, you're a leader now. You make life-and-death decisions. All the time. You've learned to do that. And you've learned to use people. You use them for their strengths and their weaknesses. Worry about me? Like when all this is over you'll go back to being a mediocre basketball player and a decent student?

The Hork-Bajir Chronicles

Alloran: Prince Seerow, you are removed of duty.
Seerow: You can't relieve me!
Alloran: (quoting) When a commander has become incapacitated due to injury or mental defect, his subordinates may relieve him.
Seerow: What mental defect?
Alloran: (harshly) Stupidity. The stupidity of kindness. Charity to potential enemies. You're a fool, Seerow. A soft, sentimental, well-meaning fool. And now my men are dead and the Yeerks are loose in the galaxy. How many will die before we can bring this contagion under control? How many will die for Seerow's Kindness?

Dak Hamee Have you fought in many battles, Aldrea?
Aldrea: (surprised) No. Of course not. But I have studied -
Dak: Have you ever killed a fellow Andalite?
Aldrea: No! Why would you -
Dak: You ask me to kill my own people today and to lead my people in killing their brothers. You say they are not Hork-Bajir, but Yeerks. But when the dead have given up their souls to Mother Sky, there will be Hork-Bajir bodies lying dead.
Aldrea: Dak, we've been over this! It's too late to be worrying about all that. This is a war! If you want your people to survive, you will -
Dak: (calmly) Be quiet, Aldrea. These are my people who will die today. Be quiet, Andalite. Be quiet.

Dak: (narrating) They (my people) pulled back reluctantly from the slaughter. But they obeyed.
Obeyed. Me. Hork-Bajir who had never known the word 'obedience' now obeyed me. Why? Because I was the seer? Because I was wiser than they? No. Because I had destroyed their past and now they had no choice but to follow me into a future they could not imagine.
The monsters in our valley were destroyed that day. Only a very few survived. But that was all right, because we didn't need monsters anymore. We had become them.

#23: The Pretender

Toby: A fool is strong so that others will see. A wise person is strong for himself.
Tobias: (narrating) Get pushed, push back. Toby had already seen it. She knew that the Hork-Bajir would need to be strong to defend themselves against humans once the Yeerks were defeated. Get pushed, push back. The only way. No, not the only way. There was another way. Don't push to begin with. It's the aggressors who start the cycle. It's the guy who wakes up in the morning and decides he can't get through the day without finding someone to attack, to insult, to hurt. But where does that leave you? Letting jerks dictate your reactions? Always sinking to the level of whatever creep comes along?

Tobias: (pretending to know nothing about Elfangor) Great. I have a nut for a father and a fake for a cousin.
Visser Three: (as a human, pretending to be Tobias' long lost cousin) Tobias.
Tobias: What?
Visser Three: I . . . I knew your father. We were, shall we say, on the opposite sides of certain issues. But he was no fool. Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul was no fool. And the galaxy will not soon see his like again.
Tobias: (throwing hands into the air) Good grief, you're just as crazy as he was!

#25: The Extreme

Marco: (narrating) Only then did I realize the true target of Visser Three's hand. He was scratching his butt!

Jake: What do polar bears eat?
Marco: Dumb kids playing hero.

#31: The Conspiracy

Jake: (narrating) I don't know how this war will turn out. Don't know if we'll win or lose or even, somehow, compromise and make peace. But I know one thing: I will kill the Yeerk who has done this to my brother. I will kill him.

Tom: Honor and courage aren't what matters, not in real war. What matters is whether you win. After you win, then you start talking about honor and courage. When you're in battle, you do what you have to do. Honor and courage and all that? Those are the words you say after you've killed all your enemies.

Tom: You're still such a kid. You think everything is so simple, don't you? That it's all either right or wrong, black or white. A good guy, a bad guy, and nothing in between.
Jake: (to himself) No, Yeerk, I don't. Not anymore. I used to. But I've been across the line; I've done things I don't let myself think about. I know all about the shades of gray. (to Tom) Sometimes even the good guys do bad things. Doesn't mean there's no difference between good and evil.
Tom: Good and evil. (tired smile) Strong and weak. That's the reality. Winners and losers.

Jake: (narrating) You know what Marco and I used to talk about? Whether Batman could beat Spiderman. Whether Sega was better than Nintendo. Whether some girl would rather go out with him or me. And now... (to Marco) What are we, anymore, Marco? What has happened to us?

#37: The Weakness

Rachel: How do you do this? How do you make decisions that may get people killed? How do you live with that?
Jake: It's a war. We do what we have to do because we're forced to do it, right? Someday it will be all over. Someday the Andalites will come. Or the Yeerks will decide we're not worth it. Someday we'll win.
Rachel: Maybe. But how do you make decisions that get your friends hurt? That maybe someday will get us killed? How do you keep it from getting inside your head and just eating away at you? (narrating) Then I saw something strange on his face. For just a fleeting moment it was the face of a terrified kid on the edge of tears. It shocked me. I knew what I was seeing. It was my face when I'd realized the old man had died. My face when I'd thought I'd lost Cassie forever. But then the mask came down. And he was Jake again.
Jake: (lies) I don't think about it.

Megamorphs #4 Back to Before

Jake: (narrating) We were five kids taking a shortcut home from the mall at night. There was a ship. There was an alien. There was the destructive worm of knowledge: You are not alone. You are not safe. Nothing is what it seems to be. No one is who they seem to be.
The knowledge of betrayal and terror. The awareness of evil.
And then, the power.
The power made us responsible, see. Without the power, the knowledge would have just been a worm of fear eating up our insides.
Bad enough. But it was the power that turned our fear into obligation, that laid the weight on our unready shoulders....
Power enought to win? No. Power enough to fight? Ah, yes. Just enough, little Jake, here is just enough power to imprison you in a cage of duty, to make you fight.

Drode: Oh, I see it now, I see it now. Subtle as always, Ellimist. Your meddling came before, didn't it? How could we have not seen it? Elfangor's brother? His time shifted son? This anomalous girl here? And the son of Visser One's host body? A group of six suppoosedly random humans that contains those four! You stacked the deck!
Ellimist: Did I? That would have been very clever of me.

Jake: Who are you two?
Drode: He's an old cheat. There are rules, Ellimist!
Ellimist: Yes. And I obeyed them. I allowed you to create this alternate time line. And in this time line these humans and this Andalite came very close to annihilating the Yeerk presence. You suspended the exercise. Not me.

#43: The Test

Tobias: (narrating) A thunderclap roared and half brought me back to the present. The other half of me was still at the Yeerk pool that first, horrible time. Clinging to the rock face, praying for camouflage, searching the colossal cavern for a way to escape. A way to get past Visser Three's men.
Rachel: (faintly) Where's Tobias?
Tobias: (narrating) How long since I'd morphed to red-tailed hawk? An hour and fifty minutes? An hour and fifty-five?
How long?!
The others had escaped already. The other Animorphs, I mean. They'd dodged the visser's fireball gauntlet. They'd slipped out to safety, back through the janitor's closet, back into the school. Rachel, Cassie, Marco, Jake.
Had I missed the deadline? Had I been more than two hours in morph?
Couldn't have. Can't have. No. I'd be trapped forever. A bird.
Independent, free, alone.
Images of the human life I'd led till then flooded my mind. The images were dark. My apathetic aunt. My alcoholic uncle.
Then, something brighter, something powerful surged through my mind. Something else. Shoring me up. Drawing me in. A wave of...
What? What had I felt then, at that moment, with the seconds ticking down? With the deadline chasing me...
Weakness or strength?

Cassie: (eyes wide, beginning to stand up) None of you guys are really thinking about this. (loud enough to make kids sitting at a table next to theirs look up)
Jake: Shhh.
Cassie: No. It's wrong. I won't. I don't want to judge you guys, but you're talking about strategy and risk like this is some computer game. Like there aren't others involved. Have you forgotten that we're supposed to be in this to save lives?
Jake: (puts hand on her shoulder, gently encouraging her to sit back down)
Cassie: (continues, quietly but urgently) Has anyone stopped to think that we'll be responsible for the death of hundreds, maybe thousands of people? People who already suffer the worst fate imaginable? And not that any of you care, but we'll be killing thousands of defenseless Yeerks right along with them.
Marco: (with a straight face) My God, you mean we'd be killing Yeerks? That's... that's unthinkable!
Rachel: (whispers) Let her finish.
Cassie: They're not all like Visser Three. We know that. Some of the Yeerks and Controllers are just kids like us. They never had a choice. They participate or they're eliminated. And it's not like they get the information they need to make an informed decision. If you'd been raised since birth on empire propaganda, you'd fight to take over Earth, too.
Ax: You make an interesting argument. But there are a lot of inconsistencies between what you say and what you do. How can you make this argument knowing what you've done in the past?
Cassie: (forcefully) That's different. I'm not against defending myself and you guys. I hate violence, but self-defense is justified, in all societies. Unlike murdering people--
Marco: --Killing slugs.
Cassie: Killing Yeerks when they're defenseless, when they're not engaged in battle, when they're not actively threatening our lives... no! You don't... why can't you... can't you see! It's... it's just not right.
Rachel: But they are threatening our lives. Not just ours, everyone's. Just by being who they are.
Marco: Yeah, and why do you think they're at the Yeerk pool? I can tell you this much. It's not because they're planning Earth Day activities.
Jake: Look, during World War II we bombed factories and highways and railroads. Even regular cities. Just because someone's not wearing a uniform or carrying a weapon doesn't mean they're not fighting a war. I know this plan is bad, Cassie, but we've gotta think of the big picture. (looks at her and touches her shoulder again)
Ax: (calmly) Yes. The Yeerk pool is a command and control center. It is central to Yeerk military activity. They recharge there so they can continue their conquest.
Cassie: Not true. (leans forward) What about Tidwell, and others like him in the peace movement? They have to go to the pool because they'll die if they don't feed. For them, it's no different than eating.
Jake: (coldly) The peace movement Yeerks are a small minority. We can't really consider them, except maybe to warn them.
Cassie: (disbelievingly) Not consider them! What if your brother's at the pool when the gas explodes?
Jake: (looks at his hands) I guess it's a sacrifice I have to deal with in order to protect thousands more.
Cassie: Jake, I don't believe you!
Jake: You should. (looks back to Cassie, then to Tobias) Besides, family involvement doesn't really come into play here. It can't. The Yeerk pool is a target. End of discussion. It's not like we're bombing a bunch of innocent people at the mall on a Friday afternoon...
Cassie and Tobias: (look around the food court, at the people around them)
Cassie: (looks back at Jake) Isn't it?

#44: The Unexpected

Rachel: (dropping a bag on a table at The Gardens) Consumerism completely baffles you, doesn't it, Cassie?

Rachel: (facing the group) Can you imagine my elation, my total euphoria, when Cassie, OUR Cassie, said she wanted to go shopping?

Marco: (nodding) You were expecting to lay down serious cash at the mall.

Rachel: Exactly! See? (turning to Cassie) Even Marco understands. (shakes her head) But no, Cassie drags me to the zoo--the ZOO--where she ransacks the gift shop and comes up with a postcard. A POSTCARD. Cassie, buying a postcard at the zoo is not shopping. Say it with me now. Postcard. Zoo. Not. Shopping.

#46: The Deception

Ax: (narrating) Humans are an odd species. They will proclaim a particular ethical and moral stance one day. And the next, they will proclaim an opposite stance with equal passion. When pressed, they explain such behavior as caused by "different circumstances." Also, depending on "the situation."

Jake: Okay. The Yeerks want Earth. (looks at each of the others in turn) Well, they can't have it.
Marco: Look. Maybe the situation isn't as desperate as we think. Yet. Maybe the Yeerks are just seeing what they can get away with. They push, we push back. They don't try that particular move again. They shove, we don't shove back, they shove again, but this time, harder. And eventually, we fall on our butts.
Rachel: (nods) Right. We don't wait around for the cavalry. We fight with everything we've got, with or without the Andalites. Self-defense is always justified. We've known that from the beginning. End of story.
Cassie: (half to herself) Even when the odds are abysmal? Maybe especially then.
Ax: War is irrational. Though it is sometimes necessary.

Cassie: Jake. Everyone. Come on. We've gotten this far without totally losing it. By following the rules of basic humanity. No one can deny that.
Marco: (coldly) I'm not denying it. But Jake's right. Things have changed. We can't be asking anymore whether something's right or wrong. We really need to start asking whether it's expedient.
Rachel: (grins) Whoa. Big word.
Jake: (takes Cassie's hands in his)
Tobias: (turns slightly away)
Jake: (softly) Cassie, I'd never ask you to do something you don't want to. Or can't. But here's the thing. I think our assumptions are right. I think Visser One is about to launch open war. Entire cities might be incinerated. Whole countries. Maybe, just maybe, if we strike now, if we do everything we possibly can, maybe we can keep that from happening. (smiles sadly) I'm not sure I could live with myself if we didn't do all that we could.
Ax: (narrating) Billions of lives weighed against the ethics of six "kids..."
Cassie: (softly) And I'm not sure I could live with myself if we did. Jake, there's always a reason to abandon morality. We've been through this so many times. Someone's always saying, 'forget about right or wrong, we've got to win.'
Jake: I know, I know. (squeezes Cassie's hands) But... doesn't it always come down to each one of us, all alone, asking ourselves: Am I right in doing whatever it takes for the greater good? And, do I trust myself enough to know I won't become evil in the process? It always comes down to something that personal.
Ax: (to himself) Or the situation. Or the special circumstances. A morality of convenience. Not unlike Andalite morality... (troubled by that thought)
Cassie: (smiles, but not happily) If there's one person I trust to keep his decency, it's you, Jake.
Marco: (folds his arms, nods at Rachel) You, we're not so sure of.
Rachel: (flips him off)

Marco: (turns and stares hard at Ax) You Andalites. You people have a tendency to destroy what you want to preserve.

#47: The Resistance

Jake: (narrating) Fine. I was leader of a group of resistance fighters, Earth's only hope for freedom, and I had to clean the basement to earn a lousy twenty bucks. Talk about irony.

#49: The Diversion

Ax: (from above, as a northern harrier) This was not your fault, Prince Jake. You could not have known what Tom was planning. You could not have stopped him.
Jake: (as a peregrine falcon, bitter) Yeah, Ax. I could have. (spins sideways and shoots between two signposts, spreads his wings, and rises) What's wrong with me? Why didn't I get them out last night? When I need to wait, plan, gather more information, what do I do? Charge in. Go for the surprise. Screw things up permanently. But when I need to charge in, to save the people I love most, I wait. I say, "Go home. Get some rest. Sleep on it." Great plan. I get sleep. My parents get Yeerks. (sweeps ahead of them, climbs high above a strip mall)
Ax: We will return, Prince Jake. When the time is right, we will get them out.
Jake: (dives toward the Earth at two hundred miles an hour, toward a parking lot below, pulling up only seconds before his beak hit the pavement, skims along the asphalt, and climbs again)
Tobias: (narrating) Jake, our fearless leader. On a crazed kamikaze mission. I'd never seen him like this. Even in our lowest moments, he'd always been steady. Resolute. He weighed the costs, made a decision, forged ahead.
And I'd always wondered how he did it. How he kept it straight in his mind. Yeerks. Visser One. Aliens conquering humans, conquering the planet. Fighting the enemy without becoming like them. How did he sort through all that? The emotions, the ethical dilemmas, the moral crises? How did he wrap his brain around it all so he could make logical decisions? Smart decisions. The kind that saved the lives of his team. The kind that set the enemy back a small step or two.
But now I knew. Jake didn't understand any of it better than the rest of us did. If he defeated the Yeerks, freed humanity, rescued Earth, that was good. But that was just a bonus. His main goal was much simpler. To save his family. That goal was what had given him strength. That goal was what had kept him sane. Allowed him to retain a center of calm focus amid the awful chaos.

Ax: Ah. (nods) She does not understand how menacing we are. (taps Loren on the shoulder) You do not know me, but I am a juvenile delinquent. I do not trust authority figures, I probably will not graduate from high school, and statistics say my present rowdiness and vandalism will likely lead to more serious crimes. I am a dangerous fellow, and I am causing mayhem in this store. (reaches behind her and pulls three jars of baby food from the top shelf, shoves them behind a box of macaroni, shuffles the Cheeze Whiz in front of the Marshmallow Fluff, and tosses a bag of lady's shavers onto a bag of hamburger buns) There. I have now shamelessly destroyed the symmetry of this shelf, undoing hours of labor by underpaid store employees. If you could see me, you would be frightened.

#50: The Ultimate

Cassie: (quietly) Can you talk to Rachel? She explodes at her mom and it just makes Naomi more determined not to deal with this.
Jake: (impatient) I've tried to talk to Rachel and she won't listen. So, no, I won't talk to her again. And no, I don't want to talk to you about my feelings.
Cassie: (stands perfectly still, not trusting herself to move, feeling like she was slapped)
Jake: (lowers eyes, turns, and walks away)
Cassie: (stalks after him) Jake! Things are falling apart.
Jake: (whirls around, eyes dark and wild)
Cassie: (narrating) For the first time since I'd known and loved Jake, I was afraid of him. Afraid of what he might become.
Jake: You think I don't know that?! I know we're slipping up. Making mistakes. I know we're at one another's throats. And I know that if it weren't for Toby, this whole camp would probably be just a scar on the ground by now. What I don't know, Cassie, and this is the hard part... what I don't know is what I'm supposed to do about it.
Cassie: (puts anger aside and falls into step beside Jake) It's going to take time. These people, our parents, have been dragged into this -- into a refugee camp -- against their wills. Their world has been torn apart. We have to respect their reluctance to fight alongside us. But Jake, somebody's got to take charge.
Jake: Fine. You do it.
Cassie: (firmly) No. I'm not a leader, Jake. You are. You'e going to have to talk to my parents. And to Rachel's mother and sisters. Even Tobias's mom.
Jake: Why should they listen to me? Look at the situation. We're hiding in the forest, living on the charity of the Hork-Bajir. If you were an adult -- or even another kid, not Cassie -- would you listen to me? No, you wouldn't. So why don't you just leave me alone. (looks at Cassie, then turns head) Please, Cassie. (quickens pace, leaving Cassie behind)
Cassie: (calls after him, desperate) Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
Jake: (doesn't stop)
Cassie: You're acting like a coward! (regrets instantly)
Jake: (stops and turns) What did you call me?
Cassie: A coward. (flinches) Now that it's the final crisis, you're turning chicken on us.
Jake: (laughs wearily) I'm not chicken. I'm just trying to give everybody a fighting chance. I'm not going to insist people do what I say when I don't have the slightest idea what's right or wrong. What's smart or stupid. Cassie, it's my fault we're on the run. You can't deny that.
Cassie: (walks to Jake, takes a deep breath, takes his hand tight, and tries to sound reasonable) Maybe you're right, Jake. And maybe you're wrong. Maybe you are a good leader, after all.
Jake: (tries to pull away)
Cassie: (won't let him go) No, Jake. Listen. If that's the truth, you have to take charge. And if you really are a failure and it really is all your fault, then it's your responsibility to get us out of here. We need you, Jake. Either way, it has to be you.
Jake: (weakening) Marco can be in charge. (pulls hand away) He's smarter than I am. Or Tobias. Or Ax. Or you. Rachel. Anyone. Anyone but me. You know why I was even in charge in the first place, Cassie? Because once upon a time, a long time ago, Marco said I was.
Cassie: Jake, that's not the whole truth...
Jake: (bitterly) Well, now my term of office is over. So how about for once you guys figure things out and tell me what to do. (turns and walks away, and keeps walking)

#51: The Absolute

Jake: (frowns) So, where did you leave the tank?
Marco: The tank. Well, you know Chapman's house? Nice two-story?
Jake: (sighs) How many stories is it now?
Marco: Uh... (glances at Tobias) Zero? But the back deck will give Chapman a nice supply of firewood this winter. It's already piled up for him.
Tobias: (smiles) Too bad he doesn't have a fireplace anymore.
Rachel: Excuse me? You flattened Melissa's house? (turns on Tobias) And you went along with it?
Marco: Whoa. Down, girl. You're just mad because you didn't get to drive a tank. Nobody got hurt. Nobody was home. Not even Fluffer McNutter or whatever that stupid cat's name is.
Rachel: Fluffer McKitty.
Marco: Oh. Excuse me. Fluffer McKitty. That's so much better. Anyway, they're all fine. Melissa, her parents, her cat.
Tobias: (nods) They're just, well, homeless.

#52: The Sacrifice

Marco: I've been on the computer all night. All of us. Me, Mom, and Dad. We hacked into nearly every file on the National Guard base. Bottom line? They've got a big warehouse full of thousand-pound bombs.
Rachel: Yes! (grins) Major firepower.
Eva: We could kill a lot of slugs with one thousand-pound bomb.
Peter: We could kill them all with ten or twelve thousand-pound bombs. In an enclosed space an explosion of even one thousand-pound bomb would have incredible magnitude. The devastation would be close to that of an atomic explosion.
Rachel: (nods) We'd be going seriously medieval on Yeerk butt.
Jake: The big question: How? We talked about this before. We'd have to commit everything. Everybody. Animorphs, all of us. Hork-Bajir. Parents.
Cassie: I'm out. I thought that maybe... But I can't. And I can tell you my parents are out, too.
Rachel: (glares) Okay, Cassie. So, what do you think we should do instead? Just sit here and wait for the Yeerks to find us? Or maybe we should make it real easy on them and all go hop on the train for a little swim in the pool.
Cassie: Why do you have to be so horrible? You are, you know. And you get worse every day. Your own mother can't even stand you. (turns to walk away)
Jake: (grabs her sleeve) Cassie! Come on.
Cassie: Come on what! You don't knowingly take innocent life. Not if you're a decent person. Not if you're not a murderer. The goal is irrelevant. I thought you knew that, Jake, but apparently--
Jake: Apparently you decided to start making decisions for me! Somewhere along the line you decided that you knew what was best. For me. For everybody. Well, guess what?
Cassie: (puts hands in front of her) Don't. Stop! Just don't. Please. (begins to cry) I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done it. I don't even really know why I did it. I... At that moment, it seemed the right thing to do. The only thing. Now, I'm just sorry. I'm sorry.
Marco: (whispers) What is she talking about?
Cassie: It was me! I gave the Yeerks the morphing cube. I let Tom run away with it. I stopped Jake from chasing him. Me!
Eva: (murmurs) Oh, Cassie.
Marco: You did what?!
Cassie: Tom had it. He had the cube. The only way Jake was going to get it from him was to kill him. I couldn't let Jake do that. I couldn't. I was trying to protect him.
Rachel: You were trying to protect Jake so you basically sold out the rest of the human race?
Tobias: I'm sure she didn't think of it in those terms.
Cassie: I didn't think at all. It was more of an impulse. An instinct. Something inside just told me to let Tom take the cube. I knew... I knew I was making a sacrifice. That I was sacrificing so much... maybe now it seems stupid. But at that moment I thought I was doing the right thing. I really did.
Rachel: (lifts hand and begins to make a fist)
Tobias: (grabs her wrist)
Jake: (pulls Cassie to him and embraces her)
Cassie: (leans head on his shoulder)
Jake: (presses his cheek against her hair) It's okay, Cassie. I'm sorry. It's okay.

#53: The Answer

General Doubleday: All right, Mr. Alien, what have you got to say to me?
Jake: First: I'm not an alien. I'm a human with access to alien morphing technology. Second: I know how to hurt the Yeerks in a way that they won't be able to brush off, but I'll need your help to provide a diversion.
General Doubleday: (amused) My help, huh? You need my help? See the stars on my shoulder there, son? I'm a major general, U.S. Army. You're a kid who can turn into a bug. I take my orders from the chain of command, and that ain't you.

Jake: Look, if we lose this battle it's over, you understand me?! If we lose it's over. This is the battle. This is the last stand. We lose and here's what happens: The Yeerk fleet fights the Andalite fleet. If the Yeerks win they'll be free to enslave every living human being and kill the ones they don't want. If the Andalites win there's a very good chance they'll sterilize Earth: kill everything in order to end the Yeerk menace once and for all. So, you don't like me telling you what to do, you don't like your job, you don't like me, period? I don't really care. Before this night is over the casualties will be piled high and some of you standing here right now will be dead and I don't care because we are going to win. Is that clear? We're taking that Pool ship and before this night is over we'll have Visser One right here. (holds up tightly-clenched fist)

Visser One: So, still not dead.
Jake: No, Visser. Not quite dead.
Visser One: You're the one called Jake, aren't you? The brother of my security chief's host body.
Jake: That's me.
Visser One: (nods slightly, then motions toward the view screen) As you see, my Blade ship is approaching.
Jake: I don't think they'll be much help to you, Visser.
Visser One: No. It took me a while to see what had happened. But I see it now. The Blade ship will attack, and I am helpless, unable to control this ship. (laughs mirthlessly) Only a traitor could have beaten me. I was not beaten by you, human, or by your pet Andalite there. I was undone by my trusting nature.
Marco: (laughs, then stops self)
Visser One: Only another Yeerk could have beaten me, and then only by the lowest treason. I was not beaten by you. Never by you.

The Ellimist Chronicles

Menno: Adapt or Die.

Ellimist: (incredulous) You want to have another child?
Tree: Yes
Ellimist: But another child may die, too, my wife.
Tree: Yes.
Ellimist: Then why have another child? If not the disease, then the monsters, or a famine. Why have another child?
Tree: (defiant) Disease take one. Monster take one. Famine take one. More children, some live.

Ellimist: (narrating) I had gone there [the Andalite homeworld] making sanctimonious noises about learning, never really expecting to learn anything new. And yet from these primitive, precivilized creatures I had learned how to defeat, or at least resist, Crayak. More children, some live. For every race Crayak exterminated, I would plant two new ones.

Crayak: You've grown.
Ellimist: And you have not. Life has advantages over death.
Crayak: Only the most temporary advantages, Ellimist. Life is short. Death is eternal.
Ellimist: You race from place to place, a fool trying to stamp out life like a contagion. You're too slow. Life has outrun you.
Crayak: Life, no. But you, Ellimist, yes, you have complicated my plans. So now, with deep regret, I must end our little game.
Ellimist: I see. You lack the courage to play a game you might lose. A coward after all.
Crayak: A survivor, Ellimist.

Ellimist: Then let us play a game, Crayak.
Crayak: There will have to be rules.
Ellimist: Yes, there will have to be rules.
Crayak: And a winner?
Ellimist: That, too, though it will take millions of years.
Crayak: I'm not going anywhere.
Ellimist: Then come, let us play the final game.

#54: The Beginning

Rachel: (frozen in time by the Ellimist, the moment before death) You.
Ellimist: Yes.
Rachel: Who are you? Who are you to play games with us? You appear, you disappear, you use us, who are you, what are you?
Ellimist: (tells his story, The Ellimist Chronicles)
Rachel: Answer this, Ellimist: Did I . . . did I make a difference? My life, and my . . . my death . . . was I worth it? Did my life really matter?
Ellimist: Yes. You were brave. You were good. You mattered.
Rachel: Yeah. Okay, then. Okay, then.

Jake: (narrating) Tom was dead.
And I wondered how I was ever going to explain it. I had ordered my cousin to execute my brother. How would I ever explain that?
All these years I'd fought to keep us all alive, to stop the Yeerks, always with the hope that someday I would save my brother, that he would come back, that he'd be Tom again. That was why I'd enlisted in the war to begin with. I was going to save Tom.
Tom was dead. The Yeerk in his head was dead.
And Rachel.
And how many others?
General Doubleday's soldiers who had provided the suicidal diversionary attack on the ground.
The auxiliary Animorphs who had gone with them to trick the enemy.
How many of Toby's people?
Seventeen thousand Yeerks, frozen. Flushed into space.
All at my command.

Jake: Captain Asculan, we know that the Andalite fleet is devoted to the destruction of the Yeerk threat. And we know that you must be personally committed to that goal.
Marco: (narrating) I translated in my head: We know you've come here to turn Earth into a great big charcoal briquette because you think it's the only way to stop the Yeerks.
Jake: Because of your devotion to duty it may almost seem a disappointment to reach your goal at long last, only to discover that your foe has essentially surrendered.
Marco: (narrating) Translation: It's over.
Jake: At this point we have to set aside the necessary ruthlessness of war, the suspicion and hostility, and turn instead to the more satisfying duties of making peace.
Marco: (narrating) Translation: Your people back home are watching and if you come in guns blazing, annihilating a peaceful people, your own peaceful civilians will never stand for it.
Jake: Our victory could never have occurred without the support of our Andalite friends.
Marco: (narrating) Translation: Look, we're willing to share the credit. You people did squat for us, but we're willing to spread the kudos around freely.
Jake: I look forward to our two peaceful peoples working closely together, to forming a deep and abiding friendship. We have so much to learn from our Andalite brothers, just as we have already learned so much from the great Elfangor and his no less courageous and resourceful brother, Aximili.
Marco: (narrating) Translation: The Dome ship Elfangor is going to come in and annihilate all of the real Elfangor's work? Kill his little brother who happens to be a ready-made Andalite hero? Guess again, you mean old fart.

Last words of the series:
Jake: (after smiling dangerously, just like Rachel) All emergency power to engines. Ram the Blade ship.

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