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António Lobo Antunes (born 1942-09-01) is a Portuguese novelist.


  • Asylums are nothing more than gardens of human cabbages, of miserable, grotesque, repugnant human beings watered with the fertilizer of injections.
  • Nothing else exists for them [Psychiatrists] in the universe beyond enormous mothers and fathers, colossal, almost cosmic, and a child reduced to an anus, penis, and mouth who maintains with these two unbearable creatures a singular relationship from which are excluded spontaneity and joy.
  • Of all the doctors I have known, psychoanalysts, a congregation of lay priests with bible, rites, and the faithful, constitute the most sinister, the most ridiculous, the most unwholesome of the species.
  • Os prémios, as homenagens, as condecorações são talvez a mais perigosa doença da vida, e a mais mortal, porque corremos o risco de ficar satisfeitos com o nosso trabalho
    • Translation: Prizes, awards, honours, are perhaps the most dangerous sickness of life, the most mortal, because we risk becaming satisfied with our work
  • Os leitores são umas putas, amam-nos e depois deixam-nos.
    • Translation: The readers are like whores, they love us and then they leave us.

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