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Anton Alfred Newcombe (born August 29, 1967) is the founder, lead singer, lead guitarist, and head of the neo-psychedelic rock band, The Brian Jonestown Massacre.


  • God knows I do the best I can, so fuck everything.
  • I, Anton A. Newcombe, do solemnly swear that the ghost of Brian Jones came to me in the studio and asked me to make this record. P.S. he also asked that I should kick the shit out of old Mick & Keith for ripping off his band, girl and money, having him murdered, being glad he's dead, and not being very nice people.
  • I don't want a fuckin' hooligan as my governor, I don't care if he's a billionaire. And he says things like, ‘I want the children of California to have a wonderful upbringing like I had.' Dude, your dad was in the fucking SS! What, was he dragging people to the fuckin' gas chamber? That's a valid point.
  • If you're so tired we can order an ice cream cake, we can have it delived to the stage.
    • Addressing his drummer
  • People talk about Eric Clapton. What has he ever done except throw his baby off a fuckin' ledge and write a song about it?
  • What I want to do is enter the popular lexicon. Like Jimi Hendrix. That's my goal. Not to sell soap. Not to say, 'Look like me, dress like me, sound like me.' Not to get a supermodel girlfriend. None of that shit. I want people to come away from what I'm doing and look at it as a gift.
  • What am I drinking? The sweat off fucking baby Jesus' loins for all you know.
  • Yeah, we're going to play a great song for you. As soon as Jon Bon Jovi over there shuts the fuck up.
  • You know why Guns n' Roses aren't a good band? Because no black people listen to them.
  • Interviewer: Is it important for you to be understood?
    Anton: That would depend on the context of your question. If I was speaking to a doctor, for instance, and describing a medical condition, I would surely want to be understood. On the other hand, if I was creating a secret code, depending on the situation, then I would hope that certain people would not understand anything.
  • The only thing you find in the middle of the road are dead animals and dumb Americans.

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