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Archipoeta, or in English the Archpoet (fl. 11301165), was a German poet writing in Latin, known only by his chosen pseudonym. His masterpiece, "Confessio", is a protest against conventional morality and an affirmation of the sensual life. It is preserved among the Carmina Burana.



Translations are from Helen Waddell Mediaeval Latin Lyrics ([1929] 1933).

  • Estuans intrinsecus
    ira vehementi
    in amaritudine
    loquar meę menti:
    factus de materia
    levis elementi
    similes sum folio
    de quo ludunt venti.
    • Seething over inwardly
      With fierce indignation,
      In my bitterness of soul,
      Hear my declaration.
      I am of one element,
      Levity my matter,
      Like enough a withered leaf
      For the winds to scatter.
    • Line 1
  • Feror ego veluti
    sine nauta navis,
    ut per vias
    vaga fertur avis,
    non me tenent vincula,
    non me tenet clavis,
    Quęro mihi similes,
    et adiungor pravis.
    • Hither, thither, masterless
      Ship upon the sea,
      Wandering through the ways of air,
      Go the birds like me.
      Bound am I by ne’er a bond,
      Prisoner to no key,
      Questing go I for my kind,
      Find depravity.
    • Line 17
  • Quicquid Venus imperat
    Labor est suavis,
    quę nunquam in cordibus
    habitat ignavis.
    • Whatsoever Venus bids
      Is a joy excelling,
      Never in an evil heart
      Did she make her dwelling.
    • Line 29
  • Mortuus in anima
    curam gero cutis.
    • Since the soul in me is dead,
      Better save the skin.
    • Line 39
  • Meum est propositum
    in taberna mori,
    ut sint vina proxima
    morientis ori.
    • For on this my heart is set:
      When the hour is nigh me,
      Let me in the tavern die,
      With a tankard by me.
    • Line 89

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