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The object of love is to serve, not to win.
Woodrow Wilson
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Artillery (from French artillerie) refers to any engine used for the discharge of projectiles during war. The term also describes ground-based troops with the primary function of manning such weapons.


  • Our artillery... The Germans feared it almost more than anything we had.
  • Ultima Ratio Regum
    • Translation: the final argument of kings.
    • Motto engraved on French cannons at the direction of Louis XIV. Later, "ultima ratio regis" was similarly used by Frederick the Great.
  • "Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl."
    • Napoléon Bonapart


  • I do not have to tell you who won the war. You know, the artillery did.
  • The artillery conquers, the infantry occupies.
    • French doctrine prior to the First World War
  • Contrary to popular belief, we at artillery command do not believe we're God. We merely borrowed His "Smite" button.
  • The Mission of the Artillery is to give some class to what would otherwise be merely a vulgar brawl.
    • Some Redleg (American Artilleryman, since their dress blue uniforms have red stripes). This quotation has also been attributed to Frederick the Great.
  • Infantry err, infantry die. Artillery err, infantry die.
    • IDF black humor slogan
  • The bombs land with awesome explosions, the earth trembles, the upcast of craters jets in the air, the troops are shocked by the blast waves, many bleed from noses or perforated ear drums, they are terrorized into apathy or outright panic. But unless the enemy is nearby and ready to advance immediately, the moment passes.
  • Since infantry is considered the 'Queen of Battle', and artillery the king, I had inscribed my personal banner "Balls for the Queen". Granted, high explosive 150 millimeter shells aren't exactly cannonballs, but hey, why spoil a perfectly good motto?
  • If two sides start out at equal strength, and are relatively equally damaged, but one side can replenish his artillery, and the other side cannot, then that one side that gets his artillery back has all but won.
    • Anonymous
  • Ubique! Quo Fas et Gloria Ducunt
    • Translation: Everywhere. Whither Right and Glory Lead
    • Motto of the Royal Artillery
  • The weaker the infantry, the more artillery it needs. American infantry needs all the artillery it can get.
    • A French officer, to General George Patton
  • The artillery drops short to keep the infantry moving forwards.
    • Artillery comeback to the nickname dropshort.
  • The infantry exists to get the forward observers to the next hill.
    • Anonymous
  • Artillery knows neither friend nor foe - only good targets.
    • Anonymous (slogan in the German Bundeswehr)
  • That's what I've always loved about tanks. It's basically a cannon I can move around the battlefield faster than infantry. Artillery can kill much more effectively, so I'll take all the tanks I can get, thank you very much.
    • Zek Willey on his uses of tanks in videogames

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