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Assassins (1990–1991), musical, music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim


  • "Everybody's got the right to be happy, don't stay mad, life's not as bad as it seems! If you keep your goal in sight, you can climb to any height, anybody's got the right to their dreams.." - "Everybody's Got the Right"

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  • "Everybody's got the right to some sunshine! Not the sun, but maybe one of it's beams!" - "Everybody's Got the Right"
  • "Everybody's got the right to their dreams!" - "Everybody's Got the Right"
  • "What a wonder is a gun!

What a versatile invention! First of all, when you've a gun- Everybody pays attention.

When you think what must be done, Think of all that it can do: Remove a scoundrel, Unite a party, preserve the Union, Promote the sales of my book, Ensure my future, My niche in history, And then the world will see That I am not a man to overlook!" - Guiteau, "The Gun Song"

  • "A gun claims many men before it's done." - Czolgosz, "The Gun Song"
  • "You know [Brutus'] name. Brutus assassinated Caesar what, 2000 years ago, and here's a high school dropout with a dollar-twenty-five an hour job from Dallas, Texas who knows who he was. And they say fame, is fleeting." - John Wilkes Booth, "November 22, 1963"
  • "Angry men don't write the rules, and guns don't right the wrongs." - "The Ballad of Booth"
  • "Hunt me Down, Smear my name, Say I did it for the fame what I did was kill the man who killed my country"-John Wilkes Booth, "The Ballad of Booth"
  • "Let them curse me to hell,

Leave it to history to tell: What I did, I did well, And I did it for my country.

Let them cry, "dirty traitor!" They will understand it later- The country is not what it was..." -John Wilkes Booth, "The Ballad of Booth"

  • "Look on the bright side, look on the bright side, sit on the right side of the lord--this is the land of opertunity; he is your lightning, you his sword!"-Guiteau, The Ballad of Guiteau
  • Byck: Have it your way, have it your way! You know what my way is? Hot. How's about a hamburger that's fuckin' hot!? [throws his burger out the window; a car honks] Hey don't blame me, I'm from Massachusetts!
  • John Wilkes Booth: Sic Semper Tyrannis! [Echos throughout the theater].
  • Emma Goldman: What does a man do when before his eyes, he sees the vision of a new hope dawning on his toiling, agonizing brothers? What does a man do, when at last he is realizes that his suffering is caused not by cruelty of fate, but by the injustace of his fellow human being? What does a man do when he sees those dear to him starving, when he himself is starved? What does he do? What does he do? What--[sound of whistles, shouts, curses, chairs being turned over.]

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