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Audrey Tautou (born August 9, 1978) is a French film actress.


  • Acting is ephemeral. Without having an attitude, there are some more important things in life.
  • I believe in God, but I am not sure to trust Him so much.
  • I'm not proud of myself. I never watch me, thinking, 'Oh, you are (so great). You will be in this paper, this paper, this paper. You will have this many pages in this magazine.'
  • Usually, I read the script very often. I think that everything is hiding in the script. After, I try to get some information documents about the character, as much as I can know about her. After, I can imagine whatever I want.
    • On becoming a character

About Audrey Tatou

  • You get so much information out of Audrey's face and eyes that it's hardly surprising she's become one of the more esteemed actresses in France.

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