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Balto is a 1995 loosely based on the story of Balto.

Directed by Simon Wells. Written by David Cohen, Elana Lesser , Cliff Ruby and Roger S.H. Schulman.
His story became a legend. His adventure is one you'll never forget.


  • Big paws kinda run in my family. At least, uhh... one side of my family...
  • Since when do you need a pedigree to help someone?


  • I'm a delicate country bird. I hate going into town.
  • Not a dog. Not a wolf. All he knows is what he's not. If only he could see what he is.
  • He's going into freezing coldness to find a dog he doesn't like to bring back medicine back to a town that doesn't like him... oh no! I'm beginning to understand the bear!
  • (as Balto scratches a tree) Good, Balto! You took on the biggest, meanest tree in whole forest, and you won.
  • Who else should you bring on a wild goose chase but a goose?
  • (commenting on Balto and Jenna) I'm seeing a few things too. And it's making the ice melt.
  • A dog cannot make this journey alone. But maybe a wolf can...
  • Not dog! Not wolf! You're a hero!


  • I'm afraid the only way Steele notices anyone is if they're wearing a mirror.
  • My bandana.


  • (to Boris) Frail goose, you a half-breed too, huh? Part turkey?


Star: Steele! We're going in circles!
Steele: What!?
Star: Circles is a good thing. I mean they're uh... they're circular!

Steele: Didn't make the team...Bingo? Boris: Don't look at him, don't listen to him, liva a long life! Balto: The name's BALTO. Boris: But you can call him 'idiot'.

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