Balto III: Wings of Change

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Balto III: Wings of Change is a 2004 sequel to Universal Studios' 1995 animated film Balto.


  • [to mail dogs] All I ever wanted to do was be a part of your team. Bringing the mail and supplies is all about helping people. And now when somebody really needs our help, we're sitting on our butts. I mean if this is what it takes to be a mail dog... then I'm not sure that's what I want to be.


Boris: Is terrible. I'm going on date with gorgeous goose.
Balto: Now that is scary.

Boris: [having apparently succeeded after numerous failed attempts to conquer acrophobia] Ah! What do you know? I am flying. Ha-haaa! I am one hot goose!
Balto: I'm not sure Stella's gonna see it that way.
[Boris flies past about one foot off the ground]

Balto: [to mail team] This is serious. Now look, that plane is out there somewhere. And we're the only ones who can help.
Kirby: Well, that just proves our point. The difference between a dog and a machine is: dogs are tough and reliable.
Balto: I thought the difference is only one has a heart.

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