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"Bam Thwok" is a 2004 single from the American alternative rock band Pixies, written and sung by the Pixies' bassist Kim Deal.


  • "In the late '90s in New York City I had found this discarded book on the floor, and I'm always looking for paper. [...] That's how it first began. I was using it to write — Kelley was sitting at the apartment and they told me they wanted to use that piece of music, and I thought 'Oh crap, now I have to write lyrics — oh well, here's some paper,' and I kind of looked through some rows and found some of these old words sitting there. [...] It was a story about monsters or something."
  • "From the handwriting, you could tell that this book must have belonged to a little kid. This kid had written a short story, a paragraph really, about a party that took place in another universe, about people and monsters that were partying together. That's what provided the inspiration for the lyrics."
  • Kim Deal, Pixies bassist.


  • "By distributing our first song in 13 years exclusively on iTunes, we were able to quickly and inexpensively make it available to millions of fans in the US and Europe. One week after its release, we are thrilled at the response from iTunes users that have helped to make Bam Thwok a top seller across four countries."
  • Ken Goes, Pixies manager.