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Bambi II is a 2006 direct-to-video sequel to Bambi directed by Brian Pimental.


  • What? Turtles are soooo scary.
  • (after a turtle bites Ronno on the nose and won't let go) See? I told you turtles were scary.


  • Name's Ronno. (indicating his budding antlers) And these are the boys: Stab and Jab.
  • (stifling laughter) Bambi? Isn't that a girl's name?
  • (being bitten by a turtle on the nose) AAH!! AAAAH!!! GET IT OFF!! GET IT OFF!!!! MOMMY, GET IT OFF!!! MOOOOMYYYYY!!!! (runs off)

Great Prince

  • Bambi, a Prince awakens before the forest does. If you're late again I'll have no choice but to -
  • I think it's best to leave the past in the past. A Prince does not look back. Only ahead.
  • Everything must get rest, Bambi. (yawning) Some at night, some during the day... (grumbling slightly) ...some not at all.
  • (yawns and grumbles) Remind me to never let you eat blossoms before bedtime.
  • (speaking to Bambi's seemingly dead body) Bambi, get up. Get up! A Prince does not - (stops, softens his stance)


  • Bambi. I've heard so much about you. You know, your mama and I grew up together.
  • (unknowingly quoting Bambi's late mother) Faster, Bambi! Don't look back! Keep running! Keep running!


The Great Prince: (uncovering a small, twiggy plant for Bambi to eat) Here.
Bambi: (seeing the plant) Uhh... no thank you.
The Great Prince: Have you ever tried it?
Bambi: Well... no.
The Great Prince: Then how do you know you don't like it if you've never tried it?

(Bambi has a dream in which he meets his mother)
Bambi: I miss you so much.
Bambi's Mother: Shh. There now. It's going to be all right. You'll see.
Bambi: Why'd you have to go?
Bambi's Mother: Everything in the forest has its season. Where one thing falls, another grows. Maybe not what was there before, but something new and wonderful all the same.
Bambi: But I feel so alone.
Bambi's Mother: I'm always with you. Even when you can't see me, I'm here.

Bambi: It was Mother. I heard her voice.
The Great Prince: That was one of Man's tricks!
Bambi: But I thought...
The Great Prince: What if I didn't come in time? You could've been... When I tell you to run, you run! Never freeze like that, EVER!
Bambi: I'm... I'm sorry.

Thumper: Being brave is easy. I can teach you.
Bambi: You can?
Thumper: Sure. Watch this. (takes a deep breath) AAARRGH!
Flower: (whispering to Bambi) I think he's got a hairball.
Thumper: No, I'm being brave, silly! The trick is to be scarier than whatever's scaring you.

Thumper: I'm a mountain lion! Raarrgh!
Bambi: Oh! I'm a - a bear! (bleats)
Flower: I'm a turtle! Rrrrggh! (Bambi and Thumper look at him oddly) What? Turtles are soooo scary.

Ronno: (to Faline) That's the great thing about me: I don't feel any pain. Watch this! (Ronno runs headfirst into a tree)
(woozily) See? Nothin'.
Faline: (hearing a scream) What was that?
Ronno: Ah, probably just some poor dumb animal caught in a trap. So anyways...
Bambi: (in the distance) YEEEAAAUUUGH!
Faline: (gasps) Bambi! (dashes off)
Ronno: (angrily) HEY! I wasn't finished talking about me!

The Great Prince: (notices that Bambi has leapt over a large chasm) Did you jump?
Bambi: Uh, yeah.
The Great Prince: Hmm. I didn't make a jump like that until I had antlers. (Bambi brightens)

Thumper: Oh come on! You jumped farther than this yesterday!
Bambi: I don't know about this.
Thumper: Your're not afraid, are you? (singsong voice) You're too afraaaid! You cannot juuuump! Nya-nya-nya-nyyya-nya! Nya-nya, nyaaaahhh!
(Bambi jumps)
Thumper: You did it!

Bambi: (trying to master his dad's advice, he walks along with his eyes closed) Feel the forest. Feel the forest.
Great Prince: (seeing where Bambi is going) Bambi!
Bambi: Feel the - OOF! (walks headfirst into a tree) Heh, heh. Felt it.

Great Prince: Bambi, a prince does not...
Bambi: That's all you care about! Not about me!
Great Prince: Don't you speak to me...
Bambi: (running off) I wish Mother was here instead of you!

Thumper: You know, they're okay for sisters. It's just too bad they're girls.
Faline: (clearly offended) Hey!

Friend Owl: Ugh. Twitterpated.
Flower: What's 'twitterpated'?
Friend Owl: Oh, I'll, uh, tell you when your older.

Bambi: Oh! I gotta go! My dad's waiting for me!
Everyone: Bye, Bambi.
Thumper: Aww, Bambi, you never have time for us anymore.
Faline: Yeah. Isn't it wonderful?

Bambi: What were you like [when you were my age]?
Great Prince: Me? Well, let me think... Actually, I was a lot like you.

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