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Basil Cheesman Bunting (March 3, 1900April 17, 1985) was a British modernist poet.


  • Gin the goodwife stint
    and the bairns hunger
    the Duke can get his rent
    one year longer.
  • The Duke can get his rent
    and we can get our ticket
    twa pund emigrant
    on a C.P.R. packet.
    • Gin the Goodwife Stint, from Odes I:14 (1930)
  • Poetry? It's a hobby.
    I run model trains.
    Mr Shaw there breeds pigeons.
    It's not work. You don't sweat.
    Nobody pays for it.
    You could advertise soap.
  • Who says it's poetry, anyhow?
    My ten year old
    can do it and rhyme.
    Mr Hines says so, and he's a schoolteacher,
    he ought to know.
    Go and find work.
    • What The Chairman Told Tom, from Odes II:6 (1965)

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