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Guillo is a playable character in the game Baten Kaitos Origins, for information on Guillo go here: [[1]]

-"Defenseless? You could drop a ton of bricks on her and the bricks would be defenseless." (referring to Milly)

-"Oh look Sagi! The soldiers came to wish us a happy getaway!"

-"Are you obsessed? A koa monkey in heat wouldn't be this clingy." (referring to Milly)

-"I think it suits her well. You can practically see the evil oozing out of every pore." (referring to a portrait of Milly)

-"Can I eat her?" (referring to Milly)

-"Who throws barrels at people? What are you, some giant monkey who's made off with a pretty wench?"

-"Sheltered? Was it a bomb shelter?" (referring to Milly's home)

-"Milly! Make the mental leap! We're back in the present now!"

-"Oh, look. It brought its young, it must be a friendly bird." (referring to the Holo-holo Bird)

-"Blasted parasites! I will eat you all!!!" (referring to the children in Azha)

-"Why didn't they fight back?" (end battle quote)

-"Would you be quiet?! You're squaking is creating more turbulence than those clouds!" (directed at Milly)

-"Even a bunnycat sent to the hutch without supper would at least try to grin and bear it." (directed at Milly)

-"What the Devil?!?!? Release him, wench!!!" (surprisingly, not directed at Milly)

-"I'm sorry we had to break your toy. I suggest you run before we decide to break you!"

-"WHAT? I do NOT have a beak!" (referring to the "Guillo Wanted Poster", which incorrectly portrays Guillo with a beak)

-"Is this the half-wit's witless half speaking?!" (referring to Milly)

-"Sagi... This wench actually thinks she's coming with us." (referring to Milly)

-"...Please, will you stop that offensive giggling." (directed at Milly)

-"A predictable win..." (end of battle quote)

-"Another foe vanquished...what a strange feeling" (end of battle quote)