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The Beastie Boys is an American alternative hip hop music group from New York City: Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Classic Beastiality

Licensed To Ill

  • "Yo ho ho and a bottle of Brass Monkey,
    And when my girlie shakes her hips, she sure gets funky." - Rhymin` And Stealin`
  • "Down with Adrock and Mike D. and you ain't,
    And I got more juice than Picasso got paint." - The New Style
  • "Girls with boyfriends are the kind I like,
    I'll steal your honey like I stole your bike." - The New Style
  • "Some voices got treble, some voices got bass,
    We got the kind of voices that are in your face!" - The New Style
  • "D. pulled me over said, `Hide your gold,
    The girl is crafty like ice is cold!`" - She's Crafty
  • "I keep a pistol in my pocket so you better be cautious,
    Fly around the world, but it makes me nauseous." - Posse In Effect
  • "I'm the king of the classroom, coolin' in the back,
    My teacher had beef so I gave her a smack,
    She chased me out of class, she was strapped with a ruler,
    Went to the bathroom, rolled myself a wooler." - Slow Ride
  • "Because I'm hard hittin', always bitten, cool as hell,
    I got the tree on my mirror so my car won't smell." - Slow Ride
  • "I've got a girlie in a castle and one in a Pagoda
    You know I've got rhymes like Abe Vigoda" - "Posse In Effect"
  • "Girls - to do the dishes,
    Girls - to clean up my room,
    Girls - to do the laundry,
    Girls - and in the bathroom." - Girls
  • "Man, living at home is such a drag,
    Now your mom threw away your best porno mag. (Busted!)" - Fight For Your Right (To Party)
  • "Lookin' for a girl, I ran into a guy,
    His name was M.C.A., I said `Howdy`, he said, `Hi`." - Paul Revere
  • "Pistol packing, Monkey drinking, no money bum,
    I come from Brooklyn 'cause that's where I'm from." - Hold It Now - Hit It
  • "Because you're pud-slappin, ball-flappin, got that Juice
    My name is Mike D and I can do that Jerry Lewis" - Hold It Now - Hit It
  • "We got the bottle, you got the cup,
    Come on everybody let's get f....." - Brass Monkey

Paul's Boutique

  • "Got arrested at the Mardi Gras for jumping on a float,
    My man M.C.A.'s got a beard like a billy goat." - Shake Your Rump
  • "The Patty Duke, The Wrench, and then I bust The Tango,
    Got more rhymes than Jamaica's got mangoes." - Shake Your Rump
  • "Running from the law and the press and the parents,
    `Is your name Michael Diamond?`
    No mine's Clarence." - Shake Your Rump
  • "Sometimes known as the leader of the homeless,
    Sometimes drunk and he's always phoneless." - Johnny Ryall
  • "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
    I egged the chicken, and then I ate his leg." - Egg Man
  • "No one really knows what I'm talkin' about,
    And yeah that's right, my name's Yauch." - The Sounds Of Science
  • "Break up with your girl, it ended in tears,
    Vincent Van Gogh, go and mail that ear." - Hey Ladies
  • "There's more to me than you'll ever know,
    And I got more hits than Sadaharu Oh." - Hey Ladies

Check Your Head

  • "Money Mark, you know he's not having it,
    Just give him some wood and he'll build you a cabinet." - Finger Lickin' Good
  • "`Professor, whats another word for pirates' treasure?`
    `Why I think it's booty!`" - Professor Booty
  • "You shoulda' never started something you couldn't finish,
    'Cause writing rhymes to me is like Popeye to spinach." - Professor Booty

Ill Communication

  • "Got more rhymes than I've got grey hairs,
    And that's a lot because I've got my share." - Sure Shot

Hello Nasty

  • "Sometimes I like to brag, sometimes I'm soft spoken,
    And when I'm in Holland I eat the pannenkoeken." - Super Disco Breakin`
  • "I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast,
    But I'm intercontinental when I eat French toast." - The Move
  • "Have you seen what I mean,
    I'm the little gnome that's in your dreams." - Remote Control
  • "So I got a little something for your pay-per-view,
    Like Don King I've got the crazy hair do." - Remote Control
  • "Well ice is cold and fire's hot." - Unite
  • "If you try to knock me you'll get mopped,
    I'll stir fry you in my wok." - Intergalactic
  • "I like my sugar with coffee and cream" - Intergalactic
  • "If you got bad breath then maybe try Scope,
    And if you wash your ass you'd best use soap." - Unite

The Sounds Of Science

  • "Well it might sound odd, it might sound corny,
    But here's some sex rhymes for those that are horny." - Boomin` Granny
  • "A sassy, sophisticated, sexy lady,
    Well I'm twenty-six, and you're eighty." - Boomin` Granny
  • "Because I saw you at the checkout line,
    You dropped your coupons, and you were lookin' fine." - Boomin` Granny
  • "Sophisticated, and so mature,
    I couldn't really care if you were fifty, or seventy-four." - Boomin` Granny

To The 5 Boroughs

  • "I said Doc, what's the condition,
    I'm a man that's on a mission,
    He said son, you'd better listen,
    Stuck in your ass is an electrician." - Ch-Check It Out
  • "I went to get a loan and they asked my race,
    I wrote down human inside the space,
    It's a disgrace how they try to debase,
    It ain't the banks damn business how my lineage trace." - Right Right Now Now
  • "Hey could you please pass me the peas,
    And let me get a tissue if you think your'e gonna sneeze." - Rhyme The Rhyme Well
  • "Adrock, A.K.A.,
    Sharp cheddar, my rhymes are better." - Triple Trouble
  • "Which one of you schnooks took my rhyme book? Look,
    Give it back, you're wicky wack." - Hey Fuck You
  • "I've got billions and billions of rhymes to flex,
    'Cause I've got more rhymes than Carl Sagan's got turtlenecks." - Hey Fuck You
  • "Your rhymes are fake like a Canal Street watch,
    You're hearing me and you're like `Oh my god it's Sasquatch!`" - Hey Fuck You
  • "I don't care what you heard, or care what you seen,
    I swear it wasn't me in Bear magazine,
    Because I'm not that hairy, oh contrary." - Oh Word?
  • "What'chu talkin' 'bout Willis? Who the illest?
    You know my name's Adam, stop callin' me Phyllis." - The Brouhaha
  • "I'm the one that one that dance contest,
    'Cause you know I dance the best." - All Lifestyles
  • "Like George Whipple on New York 1,
    Got a hairy ass and that's no fun!." - That`s It That`s All

Dance Moves

  • "October 31st, that is my date of birth,
    I got to the party and I did the Smurf." -The New Style
  • "I do the Smurf, the Popeye, and the Jerry Lewis,
    I like Bullwinkle but I don't like Moose." - Posse In Effect
  • "Mike D.'s day off everyday of the week,
    I got to the party and I did the Freak" - Posse In Effect
  • "Because you're pud-slapping, ball-flapping, got that juice,
    My name's Mike D. and I can do that Jerry Lewis." - Hold It Now - Hit It
  • "The Patty Duke, the Wrench, and then I bust the Tango,
    Got more rhymes than Jamaica got mangos." - Shake Your Rump
  • "Jump the turnstiles, never pay the toll,
    I did the Doo-Wah Diddy and bust 'em with the Pre-Roll." - 3-Minute Rule
  • "I am known to do the Wop,
    Also known for the Flintstone Flop." - Intergalactic
  • "I wanna do the Freak until the break of dawn,
    Tell me party people, is that so wrong?" - Body` Movin
  • "Now I'm a break it down to the brass tacks,
    Do the Biz Mark dance and the Cabbage Patch." - Alive
  • "Well I'm a freaky streaker like Winnie the Pooh,
    T-shirt and no pants and I dance the Bugaloo." - That`s It That`s All

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