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Beast Wars (Beasties in Canada) was a CG animated series set in the Transformers universe and made by Mainframe Entertainment.


Optimus Primal

  • Well, that's just prime!
  • Shut up, Rattrap.
  • [refering to Dinobot] He lived a warrior... and died a hero. Let his spark join the Matrix, the greatest of Cybertron.
  • [Rhinox is heading straight for a wall of rocks] Veer left! There's a clearing about a hundred meters! [Rhinox plows through the rocks without stopping] Ah, yes. Silly me.
  • Sometimes, crazy works.
  • You both look like scrap.
  • [after Dinobot belches from having eaten his clone] You're disgusting.
  • [after emerging from the Vok Probe at the Standing Stones] Look who's back, and feeling PRIME!
  • [After becoming Optimal Optimus] Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, Megatron!
  • Stay close Maximals! It's time to transform and roll out!
  • When Predacons talk truce it just means they need time to reload their weapons.


  • Well that's just dandy!
  • Cover fire! They need it, we give it! NOW!
  • This guy's got bearings of chrome steel...
  • I'm gonna go smell some flowers.
  • I'm in a bad mood. Understand?
  • [On being a Predacon] It's like having three gigabytes of attitude on a two-gig hard drive. No wonder they have personality problems.
  • [as he crashes shuttle into the Nemesis] For everything that ever was...
  • [talking to Transmetal Optimus Primal] Remember that Transwarp Explosion? (Optimus glares at him) ...Okay. Stupid question.
  • [On rescuing Optimus from the Vok probe] Make a device to extract physicalmolecular structure from an alien probe? Man, I gotta be a miracle worker.
  • [Getting up from being blasted by Inferno] THAT hurt! [The two box like Rock'em Sock'em robots, which Rhinox wins]


  • No, no, NO! It's all wrong. This cannot be Earth. Megatron, you failed. Not only did you fail to destroy the Maximals when you had the chance, you failed to bring us to the right planet! We stole the Golden Disk for nothing, you idiot!
  • [on an evil clone of himself] I'm afraid he's gone for good. A shame, really. He was such a handsome creature... and... quite tasty! [flicks a piece of flesh from between his teeth and belches]
  • My rigid grill structure.
  • [to Megatron, who is trying to convince Dinobot to rejoin the Predacons] [sinister chuckle] EAT SLAG! [shoots him with lasers]
  • [sarcastically to Optimus] Of course! Pardon my lack of enthusiasm for a bunch of worthless weeds. You realize we are targets up here? TARGETS! And yet, you stop to smell the roses. Oh, whatever!
  • [handling the golden disks] To be... or not to be. That is the question. These disks I hold... Are they a record of what will be, or only of what may? For if the future is indeed immutably fortold... then my demise is but moments from that confirmation, for I... I could not live if not the master of my fate. But... if the future can be changed... if these disks record merely one path of all the myriad ways the cosmos might conform... then the power is infinite, and yet still limited, for they can be used but once, and in that change be rendered fiction forevermore. I could destroy them! But... no. T'would be a coward's answer. I will note the truth instead then. It will be either them or me that face oblivion. [hides the disks under a rock] 'Till then...
  • Destiny has one great test in store for us all. Has mine already come..? And have I failed it? A deed once done cannot be undone. But perhaps it may yet be mitigated.
  • Negative. The question that once haunted my being's been answered. The future is not fixed. My choices are my own. And yet... how ironic. For I now find that I have no choice at all. I am a warrior. Let the battle be joined.
  • [Last words] Tell my tale to those who ask... Tell it truly, the ill deeds, along with the good... and let me be judged accordingly... The rest... is silence...


  • We're all gonna die!
  • [Rhinox suggests helping Optimus in his duel with Dinobot]Let Chopperface and the Boss Monkey duke it. No fur offa my tail.
  • Oh, for booting up cold!
  • What in the name of my great-aunt Arcee is going on here?!
  • I'm a robot trapped in a rat's body. And the rat is taking over!
  • Ours is not to wonder why, but to blow this joint before we die! ( Reference to "The Charge of the Light Brigade" by Tennyson)
  • Alright. Now, ya stinking Decepticon piece of cheese, let's see how you stand up against this this stainless steel rat! (Possibly a reference to The Stainless Steel Rat novels by Harry Harrison)
  • [Optimus has ordered him to rescue an injured Cheetor from the Predacons] Yeah, and you can just kiss my skidplate, Fearless Leader, 'cause I ain't goin' out there and gettin' my pelt punctured!
  • [After tricking Waspinator into damaging himself] I love that guy.
  • [After taking his Transmetal form] Heh! I'm a rat with wheels. Cool.
  • [In reference to his Predacon Parts Collection] You know how many pieces of Waspinator I got?
  • It's like I always say, we're all gonna die [Optimus, Rhinox and Cheetor give him a serious look] I know, I know, shut up Rattrap.
  • [After seeing Cheetor's new Transmetal II form] Oh, joy, cyber-puberty.


  • [To Optimus, refering to Starscream's spark] Just looking for new constellations. Twinkle, twinkle, little Starscream.
  • The word is spot on smooth! [purrs and laughs] It's a crime!
  • [Cheetor sees two real cheetahs get spooked by a giant wasp(Waspinator)] The way those two reacted, that's no natural life form. And if we're talking unnatural lifeforms, then we gotta be talking about just one thing: Robots in Disguise! Cheetor, MAXIMIZE!
  • Time to fade, heroes!
  • [after seeing energon crystals explode in Stonehenge] What in the galaxy was that?
  • [to Dinobot, during the brief time the maximals thought the predacons were destroyed] Aw, do you need a hug?


  • Let the paths lead where they may. I will follow.
  • It's a long and very ugly story.
  • [about the flying island] It's as though I have come home. Though my heart is a Maximal fluid pump, my soul is that of a tiger. And on this strange flying island - despite its weaponry - I at last feel myself at peace. It must not fall into the hands of the Predacons.
  • We were given a paradise! All we had to do was live there in peace! But we proved unworthy. And the paradise is no more.
  • [about the flying island] Truly this is a land of wonder. Here in the frozen north, this tiny, tropical ecosystem somehow exists. And it is hidden. [trap sets off which opens a hole in the island] And protected!
  • After you, my lady.
  • [to Inferno] Give my regards to the pit, Predacon.
  • [At his mate Snowstalker's "funeral"] Goodbye Snowstalker. Let your hunting grounds shelter new light.
  • Remember, do not fight your beast instincts. Let them help your robot forms. Both in battle and in peace. But for now, let us maximize... and slag some bot!


  • Stand back, citizen.
  • [knocks Megatron of a cliff] Consider that my resignation from the Predacons, Megatron.
  • You... SHOT me!
  • [to Tarantulas, who has just tried to interrogate Blackarachnia] Although attacking your own comrade is no doubt business as usual in Predacon guide to villainy, it is simply... unacceptable behaviour... in my book.
  • [To Blackarachina after she orders him to the CR Chamber] Yes, dear.
  • In that case, let us give you further to fall! [Throws one of his blades into Rampage].
  • [To Quickstrike] Who are you? And for that matter, who am I?
  • [To Quickstrike] You claim to be the toughest of us all, snake, but you have done little to prove it!
  • We should welcome what is new, not fear it.
  • [To Optimus, referring to Rampage after Transmutate's death] No. Let him be. For the moment, we are brothers.
  • [to Inferno, who he is carrying in the air] And this won't hurt you Predacon. Much. [drops Inferno]
  • Blackarachnia, this is not necessary. Cybertron is coming. Join with us. You could be reprogrammed. Remember, your protoform was a maximal.
  • Cybertron. The home I have never known.
  • [to Dinobot, after learning of his betrayal] How could you!? Your honor...

Depth Charge

  • I've gotta hand it to you, Primal. When you screw up, you do it big time.
  • It's not revenge I'm looking for. It's justice.
  • [To a butterfly that lands on his chest] What are you looking at?
  • Blow it out your exhaustport, Optimal. X is down there... I'm goin' in.
  • [Last words, before stabbing Rampage with a shard of energon] Raw energon, right through your twisted spark. TAKE IT! TAKE IT STRAIGHT TO THE PIT, YOU SICKENING PIECE OF SLAG!!!
  • [to Cheetor] Gotta go. Protoform X is waiting and I don't want to disappoint him.
  • [to Rampage] This time; I won't bother with the cage creep!
  • Let's finish this, X.
  • You want my help? I still have your first mess to clean up. Where's the way out?
  • Outta my way. I got a job to finish.
  • [hears a loud boom in the distance] Sounds like Primal's bozos got trouble. Depth Charge; Maximize!



  • [after getting Dinobot kicked out of the Predacon group] Loser. What does it matter which planet we're on? We came looking for energon, and this planet is rich with with the element! Enough to power the Predacons' entire galactic conquest! Only the Maximals could give us trouble now... if they survived the crash. [to Waspinator, Tarantulas, Scorponok and Terrorsaur] Find them. And if you find them... destroy them.
  • A little torment I think first, yes.
  • The wise tyrant always ensures that his prisons are designed for his personal escape.
  • The wise tyrant always allows a fool to take the lead in a crisis. [about Terrorsaur]
  • Yeeeeessss...
  • Nooooo...
  • Hmm... My ears are burning, yeesss... Why, Dinobot! What a delightful surprise. Let's see, where are we now? Um... I have the golden disk. I have the power to change the future. And the only remaining obstacle in my path to unimaaaaaginable glory... is yourself. Exhausted... damaged beyond recovery... Defeated.
  • [After being betrayed] Starscream and Blackarachnia! Oh, I'll have both their treacherous hides for this! Yeesss! I'll- I'll melt them down and use them for aluminium siding! Oh, yess indeed! Grrr!!
  • Say goodbye to the universe, Maximals. The future has changed. Yeeeessss. The Autobots lose, evil triumphs, [to the viewers] and you, you, no longer exist!
  • [Optimus screams in pain] Ah, would that I could have that sound to lull me to sleep each night...
  • [Hanging from a tree] This... is certainly the most humiliating defeat of my entire career. Yeeessss...
  • The universe cowered once at the name of Megatron, and it shall do so again!
  • [To Tarantulas, after gaining his dragon form] I am not so easily destroyed. And, thanks to your treachery, my power is greater than ever. Let me... THANK you! [transforms to dragon mode and burns Tarantulas with his fire-breath]
  • Enter the DRAGON!
  • It seems I have again been cheated a victory. But beware the dragon's wrath! Vengeance! WILL BE MIINE!!!
  • [Dinobot twarts his attempt to wipe out humanity's ancestors] So close! I was sooo, CLOOOOOOSE!!!
  • [Sees Inferno ruthlessly fighting the Maximals] Oooh, I like him! Yessss...
  • [referring to the Vok's planet-buster] Brilliant! They're causing a chain reaction which will rip this planet to atoms, and destroy all traces of them. Simply to deal with us. Such sheer ruthlessness, such disregard for sentient life... I rather like these aliens.
  • Oooh, a treacherous underhanded sneak-attack. I like you, pussycat. Yeeessss. But it shall avail you naught. No.
  • Welcome to the Predacons, Rampage! You shall be an honoured member, so long as you never forget one important fact about your new life: it's mine. Welcome, my new servant, yeeessss. Welcome... TO THE BEAST WARS!
  • I am Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end. I am that which is, which was, and is yet to come. And you will know my name is Megatron, when I lay my vengence upon you!
  • [On Dinobot defending the valley from the Predacons in the episode Code of Hero] One lowly turncoat, battling on against impossible odds. I'm almost...touched! ...Fortunately, such moments pass quickly.
  • [While in the Ark]Ah... Now I enter these hallowed halls... a conquerer. Yesss. Autobots and Decepticons, still frozen in Emergency Stasis. Awaiting the moment, four million years hence, when they will awaken to start the Great War. Mmm... the Great War... Where the Autobots defeated the Decepticons, and thus their descendents, the Maximals, rule we Predacons. Archaic energon guzzlers, how DARE they?! Unwilling though I was to follow my namesake's instructions, it has all come down to this. The Ultimate Risk. For the Ultimate Prize. A day of reckoning, with those... who made us slaves!
    So, we are now face-to-face, Optimus Prime. In one future you awaken and become the great leader of the Autobots... But time shall take a different track now. Computer: all available power to primary weapon!
    And now, Optimus Prime: In memory of the Decepticons... For the Glory of the Predacons... For the Cybertron that IS! RIGHTFULLY! OURS! ... And mine to rule!... I unleash the storm of vengeance! Farewell.


  • [Cheetor fires on Waspinator] Waspinator under attack! Waspinator engage enemy! Waspinator, TERRORIZZZZZZE!!
  • [seeing a Transmetalized Cheetor flying towards him] Cat-bot cannot fly!
  • Waspinator loves it when prey cannot shoot back!
  • Waspinator sick of taking orders! Waspinator is greatest of Predacons! Waspinator rulezzzzzzzzz!
  • Waspinator having good day. Not yet shot once...[Gets shot]
  • Waspinator not think his job so important...
  • Waspinator have a headache in his whole body!
  • [After being defeated by Airazor] Urrrrghh. Waspinator hates Bird-bot.
  • [After Terrorsaur gets them both shot out of the sky] Pterodactyl idiot!
  • [AFter being compacted into a cube and while draggin himself along by one arm]Oh, sure, don't mind Waspinator. Waspinator just lie here and suffer... drag himself to CR tank...
  • Inferno blow up, Waspinator must salvage. Waspinator blow up, nobody salvage! Why universe hate Waspinator?!
  • [An unconscious Scorponok is called an "idiot" by Megatron] Hmmm, idiot does not respond. Idiot is comatose!
  • Ant-bot (Inferno) not find own thorax with two hands and a road map!
  • [The Planet Buster is detonating the planet's energon] Waspinator not want to be destroyed! Waspinator have plans!
  • Ant-bot is major suck-up.
  • [is in pieces] No! Not fair! Waspinator minding own business when, BANG! Gets whole stasis pod right up the kazootie!
  • Waspinator want to renegotiate contract.
  • [serving as "defense" at Quickstrike's trial] Waspinator love defense. Maybe bit more defense and Waspinator not get blown up all the time. [transforms] Ah-he-he-hem. Two-Head throw Megatron in lava pit. Megatron angry, think Two-Head a traitor, want to SLAG Two-Head! Waspinator down with that! [calmly] Defense take a rest.
  • I said NO! Dragon-bot command you sub-commander kiss-butt! Dragon-bot not command Waspinator! Not any more! Waspinator sick of being evil! Sick of being Predacon! And Waspinator especially sick of getting BLOWN TO SCRAP ALL THE TIME! Soooooo, Waspinator QUIT! As of now, which means Ant-bot and Two-heads can just pucker their mandibles and plant big wet juicy ones right here on Waspinator's big, FAT, STRIPY--[Gets blasted by Inferno and Quickstrike]
  • Ah, Waspinator happy at last... [last line of the series]


  • [trademark cackle] Tee-hee-hee-hee-ha-ha-ha!
  • You shouldn't take your eyes off a spider. They tend to be venomous.
  • [Finally being restored to his upgraded body] ... Yes... it's working... it's working... My spark is restored... and my body is stronger than ever... I live... I LIVE!!! [cackles]
  • [After Rattrap saves Cheetor from him] I hate that rat!
  • [upon first seeing Blackarachnia] Oh, be still my spinnerets!
  • Playground's closed, Minimals!
  • [to Blackarachnia] Forgotten about our mental cyberlink, She-Spider? Well I haven't!
  • This is indeed a perfect location... for my new lair. [Starts to cackle]
  • [to Blackarachnia] Megatron doesn't see the webs within the webs. Nor do you!
  • The Vok? A simple name, for so arrogant a race.
  • [After Tigerhawk tells him he's insane] So they say! [cackles]


  • [trademark squawk] RRAAWK!!
  • Welcome to the Darksyde! [Darksyde is the name of the Predacon ship. It's not spelled darkside]
  • Aaah, it's good to be a Predacon!
  • The Energon's been absorbed directly into my super-structure... I... I've never felt such power!!! I'M INVINCIBLE!!!!
  • Some intrepid exploreers have stumbled into the box canyon. Let's CLOSE THE LID, shall we?!
  • [after finding Tigatron on the Darksyde] Well, well. Looks like curiosity just claimed another cat.


  • There are times it pays to be a spider.
  • [tricks Terrorsaur into doing her dirty work] I'm the brains of this operation. Not the brawn.
  • [to Tarantulas] Cool your gears, tall, dark, and gruesome. I haven't spent all this time finding your lair just to shoot it out with you. We need to talk.
  • [to Tarantulas] Join with you?! Against Megatron?! You're out of your mind, Webs!
  • Megatron is powerful, but inferior. I would make a much better leader.
  • [to Silverbolt] Y'know, I like 'em big and stupid, but you're pushing it.
  • [dodges a blast from Rampage] You missed. And you're ugly!
  • [to Tarantulas, after his resurrection] Sooo, you're a BIG, BAD TRANSMETAL now, huh? [draws a weapon] Well, I'll still hose your head with high-powered ammo if you come another step closer!


  • Now ain't that a sight!
  • We got trouble brewin' outside. Trouble with a capital "M"!
  • C'MON, BOYS!
  • DEstruction better than CONstruction!
  • [Megatron has one of his infamous monologues] Boss sure thinks big.
  • Like shootin' protoforms in a stasis pod!
  • Here comes poison!
  • What in tarnation?!
  • [About Silverbolt trusting Megatron] WHAT?! You trust this tin can toad?!
  • [to Depthcharge, who is about to kill Rampage] Not so fast, hombre. That crab maybe ugly, but he's a Predacon!


  • Spiders! Invaders of the colony! Inferno, terrorize!
  • AAAAAAARGH! The colony! Whoever has done this thing wil buuuurn! Inferno - TERRORIZE! (breaking Tarantulas' webs and starting with psychopatic scream).
  • Ha ha haha, fool! Pain is my friend -- allow me to introduce you to it!
  • BURN, TRAITOR, BUUUUURN!! [maniacal laughter]
  • For the glory of the Royalty!
  • Yes, my Queen!
  • I don't rock and roll. I burn!
  • [upon Silverbolt stepping in to save an injured Quickstrike] Oh look, a hero! My favorite!
  • Buuuurn in the fires of Inferno!
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! [To Dinobot] I don't need a weapon to destroy YOU, traitor!
  • [listening to Silverbolt and BlackArachnia laugh] They laugh together!?


  • [to Depthcharge] My name's Rampage now. A bit obvious, but to the point, don't you think?
  • You presume to order me!?
  • [Clutching a terrified Silverbolt] Is that fear you are feeling, Maximal? Yes... My spark... It feeds on terror. Let it grow. Let it consume your circuitry. Feel it, yes feel it. FEEL THE FEAR!
  • Ignore the pain. It's only going to get worse!
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGH!!! NOOOO!! You cannot have it, Optimus!! The darkness of the spark echoes my own! IT BELONGS WITH ME!!!
  • Your persistence is futile! I rise again.
  • [To Silverbolt, who is about to kill Tarantulas] Now that's not very "Maximal" of you!
  • [To Transmetal Blackarachnia] Love the new look. [aims gun] Good Bye!
  • Such pain. I must help deepen it.
  • [to Depth Charge] Still saving the universe, fish-boy? Don't make me laugh.
  • [Ravage's ship with armed missile stops right infront of him] Ahahahahahaaa! [armed missile launches into him]
  • Struggle if you like, I enjoy it.
  • [to Depth Charge] I was your assignment... and you failed!
  • I regret everything, my sweet.
  • I eagerly anticipate your imminemt demise then!
  • It was really so very nice of you to come, so glad you can stay! Oh we'll have such fun, oohahhahahaha!
  • How drole, rat in a can.
  • Your pain is lovely, but where is your terror? It would make this so much more amusing!
  • I'm flattered you chased me so far, but then again it was you who caged me the last time, wasn't it?
  • Time to go back to the Matrix...Hero!
  • Transmutate. It is me, your friend. I'm very near. Follow my signal. Come to me. Come.



  • [Megatron asks why he should trust him] Because I can show you how to crush the Maximals, and win the Beast Wars ONCE AND FOR ALL!
  • Primal, you begin to IRRITATE ME!
  • [Last line] I'LL BE BACK! Even if it takes a thousand years, I'LL BE REVENGED ON YOU AAAAAAAAAAALL!!!!!


  • Covert Agent Ravage at your service.
  • [To Megatron] In the name of the Pax Cybertronia and the Predacon Alliance, you are under arrest!
  • I served under the original Megatron. You have his name, but not his army.
  • You will pardon my shooting the weapons from your hands. I only wish to avoid any regrettable... accidents to my person.
  • [after his ship gets shot by Rampage] Alright, that was impressive. Return fire!


  • [Looks to Silverbolt] Friend...good...
  • [Looks to Rampage] Friend...dark...
  • [Rampage picks up her head]


  • [in a message] This is Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, and if you're hearing this, it means I've failed... this time. [sinister chuckle] But I know that Transwarp technology is being developed, and so I leave this message to any Decepticon descendants that may find—[message cuts out]


Dinobot: Their shields are down! Destroy them!!
Megatron: Now where's the fun in that? A little torment I think first, yeeesss! Side Guns!

Optimus Primal: [groans] Damage Report.
Cheetor: Believe me, you don't wanna know.
Optimus: [sigh] That's what I thought.

Megatron: [Newly Transmetalized Now rodent, feel my power!

Rattrap trips him

Rattrap:Power you got....brains are another story.

Rattrap::[firing a gun on the Autobot Ark]: Man, that thing wasn't built, it was poured!
Optimus Primal: Die cast construction. [Looks right into the camera, breaking the fourth wall and speaking to viewers] It's a lost art!

A nod to the Generation 1 toys.

[The Maximals are comparing their new forms]
Rattrap: Never had taste did ya, kid? Now this, hurr, this is what class is all about! Call me, Rattrap!
Cheetor: Oh yeah?! How's about I cut meeces to pieces?!
Rhinox: Ease back, Cheetor. Livin' Large is for forms like me, Rhinox.

Rattrap: Man, all this for a Golden Disk!
Optimus: It was Cybertron's most carefully guarded relic, Rattrap. It gave the location of a major energon source. That's why Megatron stole it.
Rattrap: Yeah, like I care. Ya know, we was supposed to be doin' deep-space exploration! Playin' "Galactic Patrol" wasn't nowhere in my job description, ya know what I'm sayin'? You sure you're cut out for this commander gig?
Optimus: [sigh] Remember the Great War, Rattrap. If the Predacons get enough energon, they'll start it again! We can't let that happen. Besides, you wanted exploration, and here we are, on an unknown planet. What more do you want?
Rattrap: Well, call me picky, but a working spacecraft might be nice!
Optimus: [sigh] Just no pleasing some people.

[Cheetor has just raced away to show off to a pair of live cheetahs.]
Optimus: [into commlink] Cheetor, return to base immediately! We don't have time for this! Cheetor?! Please respond!
Rhinox:: No good. The energon fields mess up the commlinks. Anything over a hundred meters, they ain't worth scrap.
Optimus:: Well, that's just prime!
Rattrap:: So, uh, this your first day on the job, or what?
Optimus:: Shut up, Rattrap.
Rattrap:: Oh, yes, sir! You know, I just feel heaps better knowing that our lives are in your capable hands... we're all gonna die.

Optimus: We don't have to do this Megatron. There has been peace between the Maximals and Predacons for centuries. Why start this up again?
Megatron: Peace belongs on your side, Maximal scum! Yeesss. But not on ours. Permit me to inform that an enemy which appears to be peaceful may in fact be merely... bidding it's time.
Cheetor: [fixes his gun] Finally!
Megatron: We Predacons have never abandoned our rightful goal of galactic conquest. Nooo! We have merely been waiting... for the right moment, to strike!
Cheetor: You mean like THIS?! [shoots Megatron right in the neck]
Optimus: Cheetor!
Megatron: [in a sadistic tone] Ah, a treacherous under-handed sneak attack. Oh, I like you pussy cat, yeeesssss. But it shall avail you not, no! For not the power gauntlet has been cast. Predacons; Terroize!
Optimus: [to the Maximals] Do it! Maximize! [all the Maximals and Predacons transform into robot mode]

[Optimus and Dinobot duel for leadership of the Maximals. They lock swords and push against each other.]
Optimus: [about Dinobot's concept of honour] For a Predacon, Dinobot...[straining with effort] ... you have qualities I could like!
Dinobot: And you... have proven to be a worthy adversary... I will have you recycled... with full honours.
Optimus: Well... that's... just... PRIME!

Megatron: Well, well. This is an interesting sight, yeesss. Optimus Primal and the traitor Dinobot, engaged in battle.
Scorponok: Who do you think's gonna win?
Waspinator: Ooooooh, Waspinator bet on Optimus!
Tarantulas: [snickers] The winner isn't what interests me.
Megatron: Nor me. Nooo. How much more... preferable it would be if they both lost... Yeeesssss...

[Waspinator and Terrorsaur retreat. Dinobot fires after them, and accidentally knocks down a large rock, which almost crushes Rhinox.]
Rattrap: I knew it, you traitor! You tried to scrap my pal! [Pounces on Dinobot and prepares to shoot him in the face] Once a Pred, always a Pred!
Optimus: Ease off, Rattrap. It was an accident.
Rattrap: Says you!
Optimus: That's right, "Says me!" You wanna question my orders one more time?!

Megatron: Across the galaxy it has come to this, Optimus Primal. Face to face, tooth to claw. Yeeessss... Have you anything to say?
Optimus: I'd say that's PRIME. Let's do it!

[After chasing Cheetor into a ventilation system.]
Scorponok: He's gone into the vents. You'd better report this to Megatron.
Waspinator: Me?! You're second-in-command!
Scorponok: So make it an order!

Terrorsaur: Blast those Maximals! They destroyed my power! But at least I got rid of Megatron...
[A rebuilt Megatron emerges from the Darkside.]
Megatron: Well, well. Look who's back!
Terrorsaur: [goes pale] Help!

[The Maximals and Predacons are in the Ark, with Optimus Primal carrying the spark of Optimus Prime]
Optimus: Not here! Do you understand?! Take it outside! Rhinox, keep those repairs coming.
Megatron: Ah, I see we have a new "Optimal Optimus" to deal with. And carrying Prime's spark as well.
Optimus: I said outside!
Megatron: You wouldn't dare fire in here! It might upset history.
Optimus: We'd have 4 million years to clean you off the walls Megatron. I might risk it!
Inferno: I will protect you, Royalty!
Megatron: No, Inferno! Not this time. No, this is not the end of it, Optimal Optimus. The Universe coward once in fear at the name of Megatron, and it shall do so again!
Optimus: Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, Megatron!
Megatron: Then they'd better stay out of my way!

Dinobot: [Arguing with Rattrap] With Optimus gone, I should be... [Rhinox grabs him by the neck and lifts him off the ground]
Rhinox: I'm in a bad mood. Understand?
Dinobot: [weakly] Uh-huh!

Rattrap: Get yer shiny new butt skyward and see if you can find Chopperface before the Preds do.
Cheetor: You mean, fly?
Rattrap: Do I mean fly? NO! I meant take a submarine. Of course I mean fly!

[Rattrap converts to vehicle mode]
Rattrap: As for you, hop on!
[Dinobot shudders in disgust]

[Tarantulas is preparing to feast on Cheetor]
Cheetor: This is a really dumb plan, web brain. I don't have any real blood, just mech fluid.
Taratulas: Oh, my filters will adjust. It is the act I enjoy more than the nourishments.
Rattrap: [from behind] Y'know, you're one sick bug, Eight-Eyes!

[Dinobot is telling the Maximals about how he fought a clone of his]
Rattrap: Besides, if there was a clone, then where is he?
Dinobot: I'm afraid he's gone for good. A shame really. He was such a handsome creature. And…quite tasty.
[Dinobot flicks a piece of flesh from between his teeth at Optimus Primal's face and belches. Cheetor gives him a thumbs-up, Rattrap stares at him, Rhinox frowns and Optimus says...]
Optimus Primal: You're disgusting.
[Dinobot smiles]

Scorponok: There it is, just as Megatron said.
Blackarachnia: "Just as Megatron said, just as Megatron said." Don't you even get tired of groveling to that saurian?
Scorponok: [dangerously] Megatron is our leader. He rewards loyalty and punishes those who oppose his will.
Blackarachnia: Oh, I'm all a-quiver.

Dinobot: Unlike you, I do not spend my time scurrying though sewers!
Rattrap: Yeah?! Well a sewer smells better than your breath, Bronto-brain!
Dinobot: Grrr! You'll get used to it when I bite your useless head off!
[At this point, Tarantulas gets up and points his gun at the two]
Tarantulas: DIE, MAXIMALS!
Rattrap and Dinobot: SHUT UP!!! [They both punch Tarantulas, knocking him out again]

[Rattrap is trying to break into the Ark]
Optimus Primal: We have to get inside!
Rattrap: Oh, it's jammed! Oh, the power surge musta—
[Rhinox growls angrily, then shoots the locking mechanism with the Chainguns of Doom]

[Waspinator has been knocked silly by Rhinox]
Waspinator: [makes funny noises] Destroy all Autobot-bot-bots-bots!
Megatron: Waspinator! What are you buzzing about?!
Waspinator: Waspinator? Negative-negative-negative. I am Shrapnel, Decepticon hero-o-o-o.
Blackarachnia: Shrapnel? That was a Decepticon from the Great War three centuries ago! He's wacko.
Waspinator: Wacko? No, Wonko! Wonko the Sane! [salutes the audience, then begins punching his own head]

[Megatron has reformatted Rhinox into a Predacon, who has systematically wrecked the other Predacons and turned on him]
Megatron: Rhinox... Such a pleasure to see you, Rhinox.
Rhinox: Always a treat to see you, too.
Megatron: Traitor!
Rhinox: Yup, you got a point there! In which case; Rhinox, TERRORIZE! [transforms] They're playin our song, Megatron; time to dance!
Megatron: Oh I do so hate to disappoint, but you won't mind if I sit this one out?

[Megatron has reformatted Rhinox into a Predacon, who has systematically wrecked the other Predacons and turned on him]
Rhinox: Well what do you know? I win. Reprograming me was the worst mistake you ever made, 'cause now that I'm a Predacon, I'm just a little too crafty for you.
Megatron: ... Yes, I see this now.
Rhinox: It's called irony, sport. I take over and you head straight for the recycling bin, yesss.
Megatron: So it would seem, and even now, Rhinox, you're teaching me a very valuable lesson.
Rhinox: Yeah, what's that?
Megatron: Sometimes Predacons gloat too much. [Activates a machine, turning Rhinox back into a Maximal]

Megatron: Good work, Inferno. Now go and repair yourself.
Inferno: Yes, my Queen!
Megatron:...I wish he wouldn't call me that.

[The Predacons have faked their own deaths to trick the Maximals, and are hiding in a crevice. Tarantulas eats a rat, letting the tail drop on Terrorsaur.]
Terrorsaur: Stop slobbering on me, Tarantulas!
Tarantulas: I am feasting!
Waspinator: [pushing against Tarantulas's abdomen] Give Waspinator room! Tarantulas fat enough.
Tarantulas: If Waspinator doesn't stop cuddling me like a stuffed toy when he sleeps, I will eat him as well!
Waspinator: I'd like to see you try!
Tarantulas: Oh, yes I will!
[Waspinator and Tarantulas begin a loud, undecipherable arguement.]
Terrorsaur: YOU ALL MAKE ME SICK!!! I can't stand this any longer, Megatron! I've gotta get out of here!
[Terrorsaur is so mad that he even starts to hop and laugh maniacally, until Scorponok punches him.]
Scorponok: We wouldn't be here if you hadn't tripped over that spy cable.
Megatron: You are correct, Scorponok. But thanks to Terrorsaur's inadvertant discovery of our enemy's spy camera, we were able to pull off this little... deception. Yesss.
Blackarachnia: But what if they detect us? Do not forget that my signature-damping device is only experimental.
Megatron: We have only to wait until they repair their ship, and then attack while their guard is down. With the Maximal ship in our posession, we will be able to recover the orbiting stasis pods, containing Maximals "eager" [evil chuckle] to become new Predacons. [stomps over to Terrorsaur] SO NO ONE LEAVES!
Terrorsaur: Leaving? [nervous chuckle] Who said anything about leaving?

Silverbolt: Blackarachnia, I want you to return with me, to the Maximals.
Blackarachnia: Get a clue, you canine cretin! I'm a Predacon! I'm evil! I'll shoot you--
Silverbolt: No. My heart tell me that you will not.
Blackarachnia: Oh yeah? [shoots him in the leg]
Silverbolt: [shocked] You... SHOT me!
Blackarachnia: No duh, Dog-Boy! I'm evil!! Now do you believe me?
Silverbolt: And yet... you ensured the wound would not be mortal. Your inner Maximal goodness—
Silverbolt: I know how you're feeling. You don't know whether to kiss me, or kill me.
Blackarachina: [angrily] I'm a black widow spider, you idiot! [suggestive] I can do both.
[Waspinator, a little way ahead, transforms and looks at his map.]
Waspinator: Wazzpinator has reached coordinates! [Checks map]] Hmm...that weird- [Gets blown to pieces by the stasis pod Silverbolt and Blackarachnia were riding.]

Blackarachnia: What are you looking at?
Silverbolt: That star. It's a planet really. It's Venus. It reminds me of you.
Blackarachnia: Dark, hot, deadly, and poisonous? You're sweet.
Silverbolt: No, wait. That's not what I meant...

Depth Charge: I have no time for you X.
Rampage: Like you had no time for Starbase Rugby. You had friends there! As I recall. Tasty ones too.

Blackarachnia: I'm tired of being your slave. Terminate the link between us or I'll crack this cube, and you know what will happen then.
Tarantulas: You don't have the nerve. Besides, I can stop you with a single thought.
Blackarachnia: Really? I'm betting the energon radiation will interfere with our link.
Tarantulas: Will it? Let's find out!
[Tarantulas tries to enter Blackarachnia's head.]
Blackarachnia: I warned you!
[Upon cracking the energon cube, Blackarachnia starts to scream.]
Tarantulas: Demon!! What have you done?! Stop this insanity, She-Spider! Throw the cube away!
Blackarachnia: ... Never!... I will be free... one way or another!...
Tarantulas: Fine! Go ahead and delete yourself for all I - [suddenly wails in pain] ... The cyberlink works both ways!... I share your pain...
Blackarachnia: ... Then sever the link, Tarantulas!... Save us both!...
Tarantulas: ... No... I can't...
Blackarachnia: ... Then... we go off-line... together!
Tarantulas: ... Fine!... You win!... Again!... The link is broken... Get out of my mind! GET OOOUUT!!
Blackarachnia: [throws the cube away] Told you I'd be free.
Tarantulas: [angry] But you won't live to gloat about it. I'm going to take you apart, piece by treacherous piece.

[Tarantulas takes Blackarachnia into a choke-hold]
Blackarachnia: You?! What are you doing here?!
Tarantulas: You have some information I need.
[Megatron listens through a radio he planted on Tarantulas]
Megatron: Yeeesss, let's hear it...
Blackarachnia: Okay, Tarantulas, here's the scoop: Megatron is a slag-sucking saurian. Got it?
Megatron: [growls] She'll pay for that!

Cheetor: Silverbolt?
Silverbolt: Yes?
Cheetor: Well, I just, kinda wanted to say I'm really sorry about all this and well I promise I'll bring her in with minimal damage, okay?
Silverbolt: Well, that is very considerate of you, Cheetor... and I am sorry too.
Cheetor: Sorry? For what?
Silverbolt: For... THIS! [Silverbolt punches Cheetor and knocks him down] Cheetor, how do you feel?
Cheetor: Woah, a little dizzy, but I'll be okay.
Silverbolt: Then I am, again, sorry. [Silverbolt hits Cheetor again, knocking him out]

Dinobot: [holding Tarantulas hostage] Do not fire, Megatron! I have a hostage!
Megatron: Why, so you do! [Shoots Tarantulas]

[The Maximals discover that Optimus Prime is critically wounded]
Optimus Primal: Silverbolt! What—[gasps in horror at Prime's smoking head] Well, that's just prime!
Rattrap: Or what's left of him, anyway.
[Rhinox smacks Rattrap]

[Optimus Primal has just fused his spark with that of Optimus Prime]
Cheetor: Bigbot? How do you feel?
Optimus Primal: In a word... PRIME!!

[Waspinator has just been shocked by an energy surge from a computer]
Megatron: Damage report.
Waspinator : Waspinator in pain, but still functional.
Megatron: Not YOU, imbecile, the COMPUTER!!

[responding to a summons from Megatron]
Blackarachnia: You bellowed?
Megatron: I did, yesss.

[Terrorsaur has been knocked into a cliff wall by a blast from Cheetor]
Terrorsaur: [To Waspinator] DO SOMETHING!
Waspinator: Terrorsaur not give signal!
Waspinator: [To viewer]] Waspinator will engage enemy.

[After Megatron has one of his infamous monologues]
Blackarachnia: Why do you always talk to yourself?
Megatron: Oh, I just feel the need for... intelligent conversation.

Depth Charge: I have no time for you now, X.
Rampage: Just like you had you had no time for Starbase Rugby? You had friends there, as I recall; tasty ones, too.

[The final battle between Megatron and Optimal Optimus]
Megatron: Well?! Let's have it! The usual "destiny and honour" speech!
Optimus Primal: Speech this. (Punches Megatron in the face)

[Transwarp drive has shorted out, and the Axalon is plummiting to the ground]
Rattrap: We're all gonna die!
Dinobot: Wait! Look! Down in the sky! Is it a bird?
Rhinox: Maybe a plane!
Rattrap: Nah! It's Optimus!
[Heroic music plays, as Optimus singlehandedly uses his jets to set the entire ship down safely]

[After Silverbolt breaks through the Axalon's hull to find Blackarachnia]
Rattrap: Ah, I used to be young like that.
Optimus: ...What?!
Rattrap: Err—I mean, we've got trouble! Oh yeah, trouble... with a capital "B"!

Megatron: A stick? Against a Transmetal? Really, Dinobot, I think not! Face it Dinobot, you're old technology, obsolete! What can you possibly do?
Dinobot: Improvise!

Quickstrike: So, what's a warrior without weapons, eh?
Dinobot: A warrior STILL!!!
(Dinobot then proceeds to bash up Quickstrike despite his injured weaponless state.)

Tarantulas: You shouldn't take your eyes off a spider. They tend to be venomous.
Dinobot: But they still SQUASH!
(Dinobot blasts loose a giant boulder above Tarantulas, which lands on top of Tarantulas.)

[Waspinator has been possessed by the Spark of Starscream, and is attacking the Maximal base, outmaneuvering their fire]
Cheetor: Hey, since when did Buzz-Brain learn to fly so fast?
Starscream: Since his exostructure was commandeered by the Spark of AIR COMMANDER STARSCREAM!!!
Dinobot: Starscream?! Impossible!
[Megatron gets behind Dinobot and shoots him in the back]
Megatron: Now now, Dinobot. We must pay attention, otherwise deary-me, look what happens!

Megatron: First we conquered, now we devide. Tarantulas, Terrorsaur, you'll return with me. Scorponok and Blackarachnia will stay here, under the command of Starscream.
Terrorsaur: Starscream? How come he gets promoted?
[Megatron grabs Terrorsaur]
Megatron: [to Starscream] Thus you are rewarded for your service. [to Terrorsaur] And thus you are encouraged to keep your beak shut!

Starscream: Perhaps I'm being oversensitive, Blackarachnia, but is there something you're not telling me?
Blackarachnia: More like something you're not telling us!
Starscream: Such as?
Blackarachnia: I scanned your file. You weren't blasted to scrap metal by Unicron. You got blasted by Galvatron! AFTER you betrayed him!

[The Maximals pretend that Dinobot is seriously injured to trick Starscream]
Rattrap: [to Dinobot] Lie still! And GROAN, for cryin' out loud! You're supposed to be half-dead!
Dinobot: If you don't shut up, Vermin, you will be my role model!

[Starscream holds Optimus and Dinobot hostage]
Starscream: Attention, fools. The raptor and the ape are my prisoners! They will be destroyed unless you carry out my commands!
Tigatron: We had an agreement, Starscream!
Starscream: And now we have another one. If you wish to save the lives of your comrades, you will attack the Predacon base!
Cheetor: The Pred base?! What is this?!
Scorponok: It's called treachery!
[Scorponok aims at Starscream, but is blasted away by Blackarachnia]
Rattrap: [to Starscream] You... You're nothing but a schemin' snake in the grass!
Starscream: Flattery will get you flattened, vermin. OBEY ME!!!

[Dinobot 2 has just refused an order from Megatron]
Megatron: What?! What possible reason do you have to disobey me?! I am your master! I am your creator!
Dinobot 2: And I…have my honor!

[Silverbolt has just saved Blackarachnia]
Blackarachnia: Oh, no. You're not saving my life again? Even after I shot you?
Silverbolt: It's my duty, ma'am. As a Maximal and a heroic character.
Blackarachnia: You know, I like 'em big and stupid, but you're pushing it.

Megatron: [quoting a Cybertronian verse] "And became the hero who said 'Hurt not the Earth, nor the sea, nor the trees, nor the very fabric of time', but the hero would not prevail."
Optimus: Finish the quote, Megatron: "Nor would he surrender!"

[Silverbolt returns from being alone with Blackarachnia]
Rattrap: Where ya been, Bird-dog?
Silverbolt: Scout patrol.
Rattrap: Oh yeah, yeah, scout patrol, yeah. Find any new positions? [Silverbolt knocks him to the floor and puts a foot on his head]

[Rattrap blows up Ravage's ship, falls and lands in Rhinox's arms]

Rattrap: hero! [Kisses Rhinox]
Rhinox: [Drops him] Oh, get down!

[Megatron, Inferno, Quickstrike and Rampage are outside the Maximal base]

Megatron: Quickstrike, you may lead.
Quickstrike: Yeah! That's what I like to hear! [runs into the Maximal base]
Inferno: Royalty, why was I not chosen?
Megatron: Because Inferno, when expecting booby straps, [Quickstrike sets off a trap which punches him against a wall] always send a boob in first.

Rattrap: Man. This is definitely not my day.
Waspinator: No. Waspinator secures area. [transforms] Now, maximal will leave or be scraped.
Rattrap: No chance, bug-face. I got here first. Heh, besides, we got a cease-fire going, remember.
Waspinator: So? Waspinator not shoot [punches Rattrap].
Rattrap: Man. It's amazing how sweet we're being these days.

[Quickstrike has been put on trial for betraying Megatron. Megatron is judge complete with hammer and wig while Inferno is the secretary with the typewriter]

Megatron: [hits his hammer] Let the trial commence! Waspinator will speak for the defense.
Waspinator: Waspinator like defense. More defense and maybe Waspinator not get blown all the time.
Quickstrike: [gloomily] Looks like this is my last ride.
Waspinator: [clears his throat] Two-head throw Megatron in lava pit. Meagtron angry, think two-head a traitor. Want to slag two-head. Waspinator down with that.
Quickstrike: Ah.
Waspinator: Defense take a rest.
Megatron: Ah, brilliant as always, yes. Predacons, your verdict. [Rampage and T2 Dinobot hold Quickstrike up]
Quickstrike: Uh-oh. [Rampage and T2 Dinobot point their guns at Quickstrike]
Megatron: Anything to say before sentence is carried out?
Quickstrike: I know I've done you wrong boss! Give me another chance. I swear I'll make it up to you!
Megatron: Very well. Tell me why Tarantulas tried to destroy the Ark.
Quickstrike: I plain don't know! What I do know, that dang spider double-crossed both of us! I be happy to track him down for you and kick his kiester!
Megatron: [laughs] Dang spider. I applaud your good intentions... but we are through being lenient with traitors.

[Depth Charge emerges from a lake to finish off Rampage]

Silverbolt: Quickly! We must pursue Waspinator!
Depth Charge: Outta my way. I got a job to finish.
Silverbolt: No! Waspinator has the Sentinel control modual. If Megatron gets his hands on it... [Depth Charge grabs him by the chest plate and holds him up in the air]
Depth Charge: That's your war! I got my own.
Silverbolt: Perhaps you should remember what it means to be a Maximal! If you dare call yourself that again!
Rattrap: Save your voice-box bolt. He's got what he wants.

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