Bebe's Kids

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Man 1: I'm so glad that damn Walter is dead.
Man 2: You ain't? Only reason his widow's over there crying cause he leave her no life insurance.

Man 1: You know what, I like funerals, I'm glad I went to a funeral
Man 2: I'll be glad when I go to yours.

Robin: Excuse me, I didn't catch your name.
Jamika: Didn't throw it...
Robin: name is Robin
Jamika: Robin?? (said under her breath) That explains the red vest...
Robin: Like the bird...cute.
Jamika: A little festive for this event though. (smirks)
Robin: Shoot...I ain't care bout no Walter, I could've come to Walter's funeral in my drawers. (Tameka shoots him a rather cold glare)

Robin: You ain't gonan talk huh? Come 'ere, come 'ere! If you don't tell me where your little brother is I'm gonna be the blaaaack off you and you're gonna look lighter than Michael Jackson! Where is he? Where is HE?!

Robin: And one more thing...(whispers to Leon) if you get into a fight..don't fight fair, grab a brick..and knock the HELL OUTTA DEM KIDS!

Blind Bartender: Beauty's only sking deep (Robin gets ready to talk but is iterrupted)
Drunk Patron: Yea, but the bone.
Off Screen Patron: Amen brother!

Robin: I have HAD it! I am pissed the highest level...of pisstivity! Now, I'm taking these kids home now! Not now...but...RIGHT now!
Jamika: But Bebe isn't home yet..
Robin: No..she's home, I know she's home, and she's home getting her boot smoked right now..just like YOU could be. But no you had to sit here and watch these bad ass kids! If she didn't wanan watch him, she shouldn't of had 'em!
Jamika: She didn't have them by herself Robin!
Robin: What you saying Robin for? I ain't 'dey daddy!

LeShaun: Yo mama kinda like him..huh?
Leon: Yea..I kinda like him too.
Khalil: Ugh...looks like cooties is catching...(LeShaun proceeds to slap Kaleil)

Pee-Wee: Oh yea, let me up outta here baby! Vegas at last, now this is my kinda town! Four one for the poor, six-eight running mates! Box cars don't stretch me out now! Las Vegas in effect ba-by!