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The Bedford Diaries (2006-) is a television drama series that explores the excitement and intensity of New York City college life through the eyes of six students with different backgrounds, experiences and ages, who are brought together in a provocative Human Behavior and Sexuality seminar.

Season One

I'm Gonna Love College (Pilot) [1.1]

Sarah: What would I change about my sexual past? I'd change my own head. I'd admit that I'm angry, that I'm wounded, that my heart was broken. Seems like we're so busy hooking up, sexually networking, making connections. Does sex even mean anything anymore? I guess I thought if I didn't take sex seriously, I could some how avoid being affected by it. If sex doesn't have anything to do with intimacy and I don't feel anything... somehow I'll be stronger. But that's not true. Opening yourself up, even if it means your heart and soul are crushed. That's what makes you stronger. That's what gives you the power to move on, put the past behind you. To get out there, and get your heart stomped on all over again.

Richard: When did it hit you that what you were feeling was love?
Sarah: When did it? [pauses to think] That's a pretty serious question.
Richard: I'm a journalist. It's what we do.

Sarah: You are a son of a bitch!
Richard: That's not fair, you've never met my mother. She's quite lovely.

Richard: I never said I wouldn't print the article.
Sarah: You said "not to worry".
Richard: What I meant was "I wasn't going to publish your name".
Sarah: What!? In your twisted mind, you think that makes you a gentlemen?!
Richard: You are completely bipolar. Last night, you sidled up to me, and said I can print anything I want.
Sarah: Did you do this to bait me?
Richard: What?! You think I stay up night, thinking of ways to get you into my office?! [he thinks, and looks at her] Wait a minute, maybe I do!

The Truth About Sex [1.2]

Zoey: Art is life.
Lee: Life is art.

Tell Me No Secrets [1.3]

Zen and the Art of Manipulation [1.4]

Prof. Bonatelle: [about Katrina and Richard] What if they just like each other?
Prof. Macklin: Like each other? [pause] I can see him liking her, but her liking him?
Prof. Bonatelle: She liked you too - once upon a time.

Love and the Tenth Planet [1.5]

The Passion of the Beaver [1.6]

Mr. Thorne: You know you should grab your girl and get the hell out of here. You two haven't spend any time together at all.
Richard: You know she's networking, it's fine.
Mr. Thorne: It doesn't look to be your style to be the wall flower.

Owen: [to Sara] You only want to help people, when they can do something for you. I know, you're such a great politician. [pause] Well you're a lousy sister! And a not to great human being.

Richard: Passion is pain, passion is pain.

Katrina: I used you!
Richard: For sex? Because I'm alright with that.

Risky Business [1.7]

Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder [1.8]


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