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Robert Edward McCracken (born 1982-02-25), professionally known as Bert McCracken, is the lead singer of the American rock band The Used.


  • I like the smell of dirty, rotten clothes, cigarettes and sweat and... balls. That's a real rock smell, like a tour van. I love that smell it just reminds me of...who's that stupid bitch? (When asked what smells he likes)
  • Do you think that Bert "The Used" looks like Charles Manson "the freaky murderer" question mark. (When reading aloud fan questions)
  • Put your arm around the buddy next to you.
  • They just started banging on trash cans and decided to put it together as a thing. It's a really, really original, creative, emotional drum corp.
  • It's way beautiful. Mountains, eight rivers within five minutes of my house, six ski resorts, a lake, everything you might want to do with outdoor water sports and a desert to shoot guns and ride bikes. There's not a lot of support for rock-n-roll but it's getting better.
  • The biggest thing I've learned is that you only have one chance. You only have today to live-but you gotta take it and make it the best you can.
  • Because it'll be a great time. Because we can be best friends. And because I'll give you two monkeys.
  • I'd prefer not to say anything about My Chemical Romance, except that we did have a falling out. We don't speak at all any more. It's got nothing to do with their success. I'm completely comfortable with where our band is at. We used to be very close, but no more. We had a falling out. The rest of my band, they're still mates with all the guys in that band. But I'd prefer to say nothing more about My Chemical Romance.
  • If it weren't for the band, I think I'd still be getting high.
  • They were listening on the phone when I was talking about sex to my girlfriend. They cornered me in my room.... I had nothing to say. I didn't feel like I'd done anything bad but I didn't want to make my parents more upset.
  • The music is the most important thing. But if, as a result of that, someone is calling me a junkie and saying they hate me, then they don't know me and they never will. They never will
  • We had a long day. We burned down 3 apartment buildings here in Manhattan. We went to Long Island, burned down your Mom's house, & fucked your little sister. Then we killed 2 cops. RIP Officer--9/10/07 Roseland Ballroom in NYC
  • Toasted Cheese Sandwhiches, Toasted Cheese Sandwhiches.

Bert Repeatedly Yelled 'Toasted Cheese Sandwhiches' During the end of their set at the Taste Of Chaos International Tour in Sydney Australia on the 29th of October 2005, which made many people hungry... for Toasted Cheese Sandwhiches.

  • *See's My Chemical Romance poster* Oh look it's our favourite band! It's Frankie! And Geeerard! And Ray Ray! And Bobby! Oh Bobby! 'You guys have changed' Well you're a fucking asshole!

Backstage at Taste Of Chaos International, Sydney, Australia, 28th of October, 2007


  • Terminator. Definitely.

When asked who would win in a fight, Robocop or Terminator

  • It's heavy and melodic in some parts, yet slow and soft in others... Then there's a middle ground!

Talking about the new record jokingly.

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