Big Daddy

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Big Daddy is a 1999 movie starring Adam Sandler as Sonny Koufax, a lazy guy who has never any real responsibilites in life. When a 5-year-old kid named Julian (who turns out to be his friend Kevin's son) shows up on his doorstep, Sonny takes him in until Kevin gets back from a business trip in China. He and Julian eventually form a strong bond, but Sonny soon gets in trouble when Social Services finds out he's not really Kevin. In the end, Kevin comes forward as the real father and tells the court he's not pressing charges. Sonny takes him to the park to meet Kevin and Sonny and Julian remain good friends.


  • Veronica! I didn't know you were a HOOTER'S girl!
  • And be nice to the delivery guy. It's not his fault he can't read!
  • Whats your name? He'll write it on the wall. Mind your business!


Corrine: Who's this?
Sonny: This friend.
Corrine: Hi, what's your name?

(Julian stares at her, not answering.)

Corrine: Is he alright?
Sonny: Yeah, he just doesn't like you. Leave us alone.
Corrine: You're such a dick.
McDonald's Cashier: Hi, and welcome to McDonald's can I take your order please?
Sonny: What do you want?
Julian: Cheerios.
Sonny: Cheerios, they ain't got Cheerios, what else?
Julian: Lasagna.
Sonny: What the hell's the matter with you, we'll take uh, hotcakes and sausage!
McDonald's Cashier: Uh, sorry sir, we stopped serving breakfast.
Sonny: (looks at the clock on the wall) What are you talking about?, we're four seconds late.
McDonald's Cashier: No, you're 30 minutes and four seconds late. We stopped serving breakfast at 10:30.
Sonny: AHH, HORSESHIT! (Julian starts crying) No, no. Don't cry, I wasn't cursing at you, I was cursing at the lady.
Customer: Nice parenting.
Sonny: Thanks! What are you, my therapist?! (Throws man's fries) Take a walk! (To Julian) Do you want a happy meal? Can I get you one of those happy meals? You gotta happy meal? Can we get a happy meal? WILL SOMEBODY GET THIS KID A HAPPY MEAL!

Delivery Guy: hip hip hop hiphoponotomas what the thell this in to fair!he gets all the easy ones

Man with Notepad: Hey, man, where's my Egg McMuffin?
Sonny: Breakfast is over at 10:30
Man With Notepad: Really?
Sonny: Yeah.
Man With Notepad: I thought it was 11:00!
Sonny: I thought that too!
Man With Notepad: Wow.. Totally mind blowing!