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Bringing Up Baby is a 1938 film about a mild-mannered scientist who winds up falling in love with a woman who helps him to care for a leopard, named Baby.

Directed by Howard Hawks. Written by Hager Wilde and Dudley Nichols.

Susan Vance

  • The point is I have a leopard. The question is, 'What am I gonna do with it?'
  • There is a leopard on your roof and it's my leopard and I have to get it and to get it I have to sing.
  • [limping after losing a heel] I was born on the side of a hill!
  • [reading from letter about Baby] "He's three years old, gentle as a kitten, and likes dogs." I wonder whether Mark means that he eats dogs or is fond of them?
  • [to David] If you had an aunt who would give you a million dollars if she liked you and you knew she wouldn't like you if she found a leopard in your apartment, what would you do?

Dr. David Huxley

  • [repeated line] I'll be with you in a minute, Mr. Peabody!
  • [In a dangerous tone, to Susan] Let's play a game... Watch, I'll put my hand over my eyes and then you go away... See and I'll count to ten, and when I take my hand down you will be gone!
  • There are only two things I have to do: finish my brontosaurus and get married at three o'clock.
  • How can all these things happen to just one person?
  • [On the telephone, to Alice] Yes, I did see Mr. Peabody but I didn't see him... Yes, I spoke to him twice but I didn't talk to him.
  • Susan,... Susan, I don't know, you look at everything upside down. I've never known any one quite like you.
  • Now it isn't that I don't like you, Susan, because, after all, in moments of quiet, I'm strangely drawn toward you, but — well, there haven't been any quiet moments.
  • When a man is wrestling a leopard in the middle of a pond, he's in no position to run.


Aunt Elisabeth: Of course I have a niece, but she's not singing around under windows. She's decently in bed.


Prof. LaTouche: Morning, Miss Alice. My watch is—
Alice Swallow: Shh. Dr. Huxley is thinking.

Alice: Why, as soon as we're married, we're coming directly back here and you're going on with your work... Now once and for all David, nothing must interfere with your work. Our marriage must entail no domestic entanglements of any kind.
David: You mean, you mean—
Alice: I mean of any kind, David.
David: Oh well, Alice, I was sort of hoping — well, you mean children and all that sort of thing?
Alice: Exactly. [Gesturing with a sweep of her hand toward the dinosaur skeleton.] This will be our child.
David: Huh?
Alice: Yes, David. I see our marriage purely as a dedication to your work.
David: Well, gee whiz Alice, everybody has to have a honeymoon and, and...
Alice: We haven't time.

David: Well, I might have known you were here. I had a feeling just as I hit the floor.
Susan: That was your hat.

David: ...We've passed this one six times in the last hour.
Susan: Oh, but David, it was such a lovely night for a drive.

Susan: [hurt] You mean you want me to go home?
David: Yes.
Susan: You mean you don't want me to help you any more?
David: Yes.
Susan: After all the fun we've had?
David: Yes.
Susan: [indignantly] And after all the things I've done for you?
David: That's what I mean.

Alice: [of Mr. Peabody] ...A lot depends on the impression you make on him.
David: ...I'll wow him! I'll knock him for a loop!
Alice: David, no slang. Remember who and what you are.
David: Oh yes, that's right.

[Despite David's attempts to convinvce her otherwise, Susan has just played his golfball.]
Susan: You shouldn't do that, you know.
David: What shouldn't I do?
Susan: Talk while someone's shooting. Well anyway, I forgive you because I got a good shot.
David: But you don't understand.
Susan: See, there it is right next to the pin.
David: But that has nothing to do with it.
Susan: Oh, are you playing too?
David: No, I've just driven off the first tee and I hooked—
Susan: I see you're a stranger here. You should be over there. This is the 18th fairway and I'm right on the green.

David: What kind of ball are you playing?
Susan: PGA.
David: And I'm playing a Pro-Flight.
Susan: I like a PGA better.
David: No, I'm just trying to prove to you that you're playing my ball. You see, a PGA has two black dots and a Pro-Flight has a circle.
Susan: I'm not superstitious about things like that.
David: Oh well, that doesn't have anything to do with it.
Susan: Stop talking for a minute, will you please? [To caddy] Will you take out the pin? [She sinks a 25-foot putt!]
David: Oh my, this is so silly. I never saw such — [He reaches for the ball in the cup] There, you see, it's a circle.
Susan: Well of course it is. Do you think it would run if it were square?
David: No. I have reference to a mark on the ball. That proves it's a Pro-Flight—
Susan: I know.
David: —and that's my ball!
Susan: Well, what does it matter? It's only a game anyway.
David: Well, my dear young lady, you don't seem to realize. You placed me in a very embarrassing position... The most important corporation lawyer in New York is waiting for me over on the first fairway.
Susan: Then it's silly of you to be fooling around on the 18th green.

Dr. Lehman: You may have heard me lecture... I usually talk about nervous disorders. I am a psychiatrist.
Susan: Oh! Crazy people.
Dr. Lehman: We dislike the use of that word. All people who behave strangely are not insane...
Susan: What would you say about a man who follows a girl around...
Dr. Lehman: Follows her around...
Susan: And then when she talks to him he fights with her?
Dr. Lehman: Fights with you... Is the young man your fiancee?
Susan: Oh no, I don't know him. I never even saw him before today. [Blithely] No, he just follows me around and fights with me.
Dr. Lehman: Well, the love impulse in men very frequently reveals itself in terms of conflict.
Susan: The love impulse!
Dr. Lehman: Without my knowing anything about it, my rough guess would be that he has a fixation on you.

Susan: Do you know why you're following me? You're a fixation.
David: Oh, I'm not following you. I've been sitting here. I haven't moved from this spot. Now please, you're following me.
Susan: Oh, don't be absurd. Who's always behind whom?
David: Now look, my dear young lady. I haven't been behind anything but what they call the, uh, uh eight-ball. I haven't been all day.
Susan: You're angry, aren't you?
David: Yes I am.
Susan: Um, hmm. 'The love impulse in men frequently reveals itself in terms of conflict.'

Susan: Well, don't you worry, David, because if there's anything that I can do to help you, just let me know and I'll do it.
David: [Nervously] Well, er — don't do it until I let you know.

[Susan is trying to drive off in David's car.]
David: Well, you don't understand, this is my car!
Susan: You mean, this is your car?
David: Of course.
Susan: Your golf ball? Your car? Is there anything in the world that doesn't belong to you?
David: Yes, thank heaven — you!
Susan: Now, don't lose your temper.
David: My dear young lady, I'm not losing my temper. I'm merely trying to play some golf.
Susan: Well, you choose the funniest places. This is a parking lot.
David: Will you get out of my car?
Susan: Will you get off my running board?
David: This is my running board!

[Susan and David are in jail]
Susan: Anyway, David, when they find out who we are they'll let us out.
David: When they find out who you are they'll pad the cell.

[David is wearing a women's boa-collared negligee]
Elisabeth: Well, you look perfectly idiotic in those clothes.
David: These aren't my clothes.
Elisabeth: Well, where are your clothes?
David: I've lost my clothes.
Elisabeth: But why are you wearing these clothes?
David: Because I just went gay all of a sudden!

Alice Swallow: Oh David, what have you done?
David: Oh, just name anything and I've done it.

[David discovers the leopard in Susan's bathroom]
David: Susan, you've got to get out of this apartment!
Susan: I can't, I have a lease.

David: Now, don't lose your head.
Susan: I've got my head, I've lost my leopard!

David: Susan, is there any way to cross this stream?
Susan: Oh, surely it's shallow. We can wade across.
[they both step into the stream and disappear under the water.]
David: [resurfacing] Oh, Susan...
Susan: The riverbeds change!

[Susan is accosted by a psychiatrist convinced she's crazy]
Susan: You don't seem to understand that there's a million dollars at stake.
Dr. Fritz Lehman: A million dollars?
Susan: Yes.
Dr. Lehman: [pointing into the house] Well, you will get it. I have it right in there. All in one dollar bills.

Susan: Hey, Flatfoot! You ain't gettin' no place. Come here.
Constable: Me?
Susan: Yes you. Come on. Haul it over. Haul it over. You want someone to talk, don't ya?
Constable: Well, it's about time. I certainly do.
Susan: Get me out of this cooler and I'll unbutton my puss and shoot the works.
Constable: Say, hold on, lady...Hey, you ain't no lady.
Susan: Yeah, I kinda had you fooled for a minute, didn't I?
Constable: You sure did.
Susan: I could make a sucker out of a copper. What did I tell ya my name was?
Constable: Why, your name is, uh...Susan Vance.
Susan: Vance, Kitty Vance — that's my society moniker. But the mob all calls me Swingin' Door Susie...Now ya pegged me. Come on, Toots. Open up, open up.
Constable: Stop that, stop that. I'm not openin' any doors around here until you promise to talk.
Susan: Listen, I'll talk. I'll talk so much it'll make your hair curl.

Susan: Oh, David, can you ever forgive me?
David: I... I... I...
Susan: You can! And you still love me.
David: Susan, that... that...
Susan: You do. Oh, David.
David: Oh, dear. Oh, my.


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