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Cardcaptor Sakura (カードキャプターさくら , Kādokyaputā Sakura?), also known as Card Captor Sakura (with the space) and often abbreviated as CCS, is a magical girl manga series from the well-known all-female artist team Clamp.

Episode 46 (Sakura and the Last Judgment)

  • Syaoran: Sakura.
  • Sakura: Yes?
  • Syaoran: *taking off his hat and blushing* Watashi wa...omoi...anata...suk...suk...
  • Kero: Sakura! Come pose with me!
  • Syaoran: *crushes his hat and sighs*

Episode 47 (Sakura and the Mysterious Transfer Student)

  • Eriol: It feels like, this isn't the first time we met.
  • Sakura: Weird, isn't it?
  • Eriol: We might have met before, in a past life. *standing up* May I ask your name?
  • Sakura: M-my name is Kinomoto Sakura.
  • Eriol: Named from the beautiful flower that blooms in the spring. May I call you Sakura-san?
  • Sakura: Sure, Hiiragizawa-kun.
  • Eriol: Please call me me Eriol. *reaches for Sakura's hand to help her up*
  • Sakura: *takes his hand* Okay, Eriol-kun. (In the bushes)
  • Syaoran: *fuming, a vein popping and making gushing noises*
  • Tomoyo: *videotaping* This looks like a promising scene from a shoujo manga!

  • Sakura: *looking sad* All this mysterious rain and I've captured all the Clow Cards already.
  • Eriol: *gives her a flower* A smiled suits best on your face Sakura-san *puts the rest of the flowers in a vase*
  • Sakura: *smiles and looks at her flower*
  • Syaoran: *runs over screaming* OHAYO!
  • Sakura: *looking startled* O-ohayo!
  • Syaoran: *glares at Eriol*
  • Eriol: *smiles*
  • Tomoyo: Minna-san, Ohayo gozaimasu!
  • Syaoran: *grumbles* Ohayo
  • Tomoyo: *smiling* It seems the situation has upped!
  • Sakura: Hoe?

Episode 50 (Sakura, Syaoran and the Invisible Thread)

  • Sakura: Teddy bears yes! Yes! Lots of teddy bears! Yes!
  • Syaoran: *sees Sakura and Tomoyo and hides*
  • Sakura: It would be so great if everyone got what they wanted.
  • Tomoyo: Yes it would.
  • Syaoran: *watching*
  • Eriol: *sneaking behind Syaoran* Sakura-san is really cute you know.
  • Syaoran: *stuttering* and her...there's nothing...uh.*runs away*
  • Eriol: *smiles* ~_~

Episode 51 (Sakura and the Huge Stuffed Doll)

  • Syaoran: *looks at the bear he made Sakura and sees Sakura's face and shakes his head wildly* Why do I keep thinking of HER? ~_~

  • Syaoran: *staring at Sakura turning bright magenta and his heart beating wildly*
  • Sakura: *turns around* Li-kun!
  • Syaoran: *turns even redder and runs away* She was just--just standing there and my heart goes. Could it be? The same feelings as I had for him? (Yukito) He was the only one that made me feel fuzzy warm and now she...*hops over a fence*
  • Yue: You have Clow's blood (Syaoran is Clow's descendant) and confuse that with seeing Yukito. You are only attracted to his power of the moon.
  • Syaoran: Power of the moon?
  • Yue: Right. If you look deep inside your heart, you will see the one you truely love. Your true feelings.
  • Syaoran: True feelings? What about…
  • Yue: Figure out the rest on your own *turns back into Yukito*
  • Yukito: *looking dazed* How did I get to such a place? Oh *hands Syaoran the bear he made for *Sakura* You dropped this. You should give it to the person you made it for.
  • Syaoran: *looks at the bear intently*

Episode 55 (Sakura and Sakura in Wonderland)

  • Sakura: *reading Alice in Wonderland* It would be so great to be in a world like that. (doesn't realized Tomoyo and Syaoran are watching her and that Eriol's approaching)
  • Eriol: *gives her a leaf* Use this as a book mark!
  • Sakura: Thank you Eriol-kun *smiles*
  • Eriol: Ahh, you're reading Alice? I really like that book.
  • Sakura: You read it?
  • Eriol: A long time ago.
  • Sakura: What's England like?
  • Eriol: It's rainy and foggy a lot, but I like all the old buildings. Would you like to go to Alice's world?
  • Sakura: Hoe?
  • Tomoyo: I guess Hiiragizawa-kun means by taking her to Alice's world, taking her to England and meeting his family.
  • Syaoran: *fuming and clenching fists*
  • Syaoran: *runs to Eriol and Sakura waving his arms wildly* HOMEROOM IS STARTING!
  • Tomoyo: *smiling* The situation has upped again.

Episode 57 (Sakura, Syaoran and the Elevator)

  • Sakura: *On the phone with Syaoran* When I fell out of the elevator I heard you call my by my first name, Sakura. It makes me feel as though we've become even closer friends. Can I call you "Syaoran-kun"?
  • Syaoran: *blushes* Do what you want *hangs up phone, looks out the window and smiles*

Episode 59 (Sakura, Tomoyo and the Ball Trap)



(End Flashback)

Episode 64 (Sakura and the Snow-blowing Ski School)

  • Syaoran: *looking at the fire and pictures Sakura saying "Syaoran-kun": *sighes* Sakura...
  • Sakura: *appearing behind him* What?
  • Syaoran: *freaks out inside, but remains calm on the outside: What?
  • Sakura: I thought I heard you call my name.(S+S are sitting by the fire. Sakura was scared of *Eriol's story of "The Snow Woman". Syaoran then told everyone it was late and that they should go to sleep with intentions of Eriol stopping the ghost story because she was so scared)
  • Sakura: Thank you for today.
  • Syaoran: It was nothing.
  • Sakura: *giggles* You always say "It was nothing" but that's not true because you really are very kind.
  • Syaoran: *blushing* Why do you say that?
  • Sakura: Oh look! It's snowing!

(Sakura runs outside and Syaoran watches her dancing in the snow, blushing like a madman)

  • Sakura: This bear is really cute. *pointing to a big bear statue thingy* What about the bear you were working on? Yukito-san will be very glad to receive it.
  • Syaoran: I don't really have feelings for him, I was just attracted to the power of the moon he gives off as Yue. The bear's not for him. I love someone else.
  • Sakura: Who?
  • Syaoran: Sa...
  • Sakura: *interrupts* Sorry.
  • Syaoran: Eh? *face faults*
  • Sakura: I shouldn't have been so nosy. I'm sorry. Let's go back inside.
  • Syaoran: *sighs*

Episode 66 (Sakura's Most Beloved Person)

  • Syaoran: *blushing heavily* I'll walk you home
  • Sakura: Thank you, but can you do me a favor?
  • Syaoran: What?
  • Sakura: Let's go to the park. (in the park)
  • Sakura: Today, I told Yukito-san that I loved him.
  • Syaoran: Oh..d-did you?
  • Sakura: *nods* But he said that one I love most wasn't him.
  • Syaoran: Eh?
  • Sakura: He said I loved him like I loved my father, but there's someone he loves not like a father. And I'm happy because I love this person too. Tomoyo even said the greatest happiness is when the one you love is happy. And for me, I'm happy knowing Yukito-san will be happy.
  • Syaoran: *eyes widen*
  • Sakura: *with tears in her eyes* But for some reason, I can't help but cry. I don't want to cry in front of Yukito-san, because I'm sure it would make him feel bad. I understand what he was saying I really do. *bursts into tears*
  • Syaoran: *fights with himself mentally, gets off the swing and interrupts*
  • Syaoran: I know. *hands her a handkerchief* I understand. *smiles*
  • Sakura: *takes handkerchief* Thank you *faces Syaoran and then puts her head on his shoulder* Yukito-san said that someday I'll find someone who I love the most, and he will love me the most too *tears drip from her face*
  • Syaoran: *looks sad for a moment then smiles* It would be nice if you could find him.
  • Sakura: *nods*
  • Syaoran: *closes his eyes and puts his arms around Sakura, whispering* Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find him.
  • Sakura: *sobbing* Thank you.

Episode 70 (Sakura and the True Feeling)

  • Sakura: *walking home and sees Syaoran on the bridge* Syaoran-kun..
  • Syaoran: *not looking at her and squeezing his hand in nervousness* I wanted to say..when I first came to Japan, my head was so filled with fulfilling my mission and catching the Clow Cards. I didn't care who got in my way. But you, you always cared about the people around you and it showed. I did nothing but get in your way.
  • Sakura: That's not true! You helped me so much when we were catching the cards!

Syaoran: Well, that's what I wanted to say. Thank you, it's truly a good thing that I met you. *runs away*

  • Sakura: Wait Syaoran-kun...I don't know how I feel about you...

  • Sakura: Syaoran-kun!
  • Syaoran: But why... (his butcher come aproach with the teddy bear)
  • Sakura: Atashi... (Both Sakura and Syaoran blushes)
  • Wei: Syaoran-sama...take this *giving Syaoran his teddy bear that Syaoran left on his room*
  • Sakura: That bear...can I have it?

  • Sakura: Mata aeru ne (We'll meet again, right?)

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Eriol's Quotes

Eriol : A smile suits best on your face. (To Sakura)

Eriol: In this life, I'm known as Hiiragizawa Eriol. In my past life, I was known as....Clow Reed.

Tomoyo's Quotes

Tomoyo: The greatest happiness is seeing someone you like stay happy.

Tomoyo: (to kero) Our relationship chart has gotten rather complicated.

Sakura's Quotes

Sakura: 絶対大丈夫だよ。 Zettai daijōbu da yo! Translation- Everything will be alright!

Sakura: (To Yue) I don't want to be your master. I want to be your friend.

Sakura: Kaijuu ja nai yo!! (I am not a monster!)

Syaoran's Quotes

Syaoran: Even if I lose this feeling, I'm sure that I'll just fall in love with you all over again.

Group Quotes

Kero: And! A cardcaptor is born!

Sakura: *Thinks, then yells* WHAT!?!?

Sakura: Eh? You say something Tomoyo?

Tomoyo: Oh, ask me again in a couple of years.

Sakura: Hoe? *Completely confused*

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