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Chris Martin in Hong Kong in 2006
Christopher Anthony John Martin (born 2 March 1977) is the lead singer, pianist and occasional rhythm guitarist of the popular rock band Coldplay. He is married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow.


  • Those have been the two biggest challenges of my life: trying to follow Radiohead, and trying to follow Brad Pitt.
    • Alluding to his marriage to Gwenyth Paltrow
    • Scaggs, Austin; Corbijn, Anton (2005-08-25), "COLDPLAY'S QUIET STORM". Rolling Stone. (981):40-46
  • Coldplay is for people with great taste, intelligence, incredible good lookingness, talent, ability, success, grabbing of life. Coldplay's for people who know what life's about. They're always entertaining. Delightful to talk to. Sweet, charming, incredibly good in bed. Virile. They have incredible success with girls, or boys, or both. They're generally just the world's best citizens. Maybe I'm biased, but I'm definitely right.
    • In an interview with Andrew Denton on Enough Rope, 3 July 2006
  • I think as people listen to the album more it'll become its own thing more, but it'll also become apparent how much we've plagiarised. To me, really, at the end of our album we should've had a bibliography.


  • As much as I love to talk about my relationships, I won't tell you about my two-week affair with Usher.
  • Coldplay fans are the best in the world. If you like Coldplay then you're obviously very intelligent and good looking and all-around brilliant.
  • I couldn't be happier if I tried. I'm in what I regard as being the greatest job I could ever have dreamed of with my best friends. But just when you sit back and rest on your laurels and go 'Great, Rush Of Blood... got four out of five in that magazine,' then you hear Hot In Herre by Nelly or something and think, 'God, we haven't got anything as good as that'. It's constantly trying to compete with what you think is brilliant!
  • I don't mind not being cool.
  • I send my love to Liam. We're not in a fight with everyone - except George Bush.
  • In my mind, when God made women, he did an amazing job. I think girls are just perfect.
  • It seems surreal that we're going to play concerts again, because I haven't met anyone who likes us for two years.
  • We haven't won any awards for our songwriting for a while so this means an awful lot to us.
  • I might not be a good dancer, but I'm an enthusiast.

About Chris Martin

  • Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has found his niche in making the sound of solitude a triumphant experience, like Good Will Hunting: The Musical.
    • John Mayer from his January 1, 2005 column in Esquire magazine


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