Crazy Frog

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  • "We appreciate that the frequent broadcast of the same, or similar, commercials can be annoying to some viewers. However, it is for the advertiser and broadcaster to decide how often a particular advertisement is shown." - Advertising Standards Authority, February 2005.
  • "'Crazy Frog' is what the market persist on calling my character The Annoying Thing. I personally hate that name and deeply regret I didn't put a stop to that early on." - Erik Wernquist, April 2005.
  • "From [the] reactions [to The Annoying Thing I've received] I think the absence of pants is a success (when it comes to annoyance). I will definitely keep them off."[1] - Erik Wernquist, April 2003.
  • "The Crazy Frog sound? That's my fault!" - Daniel Malmedahl, January 2005.
  • "We don’t like the frog and it brings me out in hives. I go red. The point is that little thing should have its legs chopped off and I’d like to eat them in a restaurant."[2] - Chris Martin, frontman for Coldplay, on his band's chart battle with the Crazy Frog in May 2005.
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