Criss Cross (1949 film)

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  • Steve Thompson: "She's all right, she's just young."
  • Mrs. Thompson of Anna: "Huh! Some ways, she knows more than Einstein."
  • Round-Up Waiter: "A rotten class of people!"
  • Steve's co-worker: "I ain't picayune."
  • thug: "That's the ticket! That's the ticket!"
  • Detective Lieutenant Pete Ramirez: "I should have been a better friend. I shoulda stopped you. I shoulda grabbed you by the neck, I shoulda kicked your teeth in. I'm sorry, Steve."


Burt Lancaster - Steve Thompson
Yvonne DeCarlo - Anna Dundee
Dan Duryea - Slim Dundee
Stephen McNally - Det. Lt. Ramirez

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