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Da Ali G Show (2000–2003) was a satirical TV show starring Sacha Baron Cohen as "hip-hop journalist" Ali G. It was directed by James Bobin and Steve Smith.

  • Boh!
  • Booyakasha!
  • So hows bout them WMD's and them BLT's.
  • So what is the FB... AAAAAYYYY
  • This is going to be like 60 Minutes, but just with more sex.
  • There's enough ignorance out there.
  • Respek!
  • What does the G stand for? Two tings... Judge... and Jury...
  • This show brings politicalist interviewing into this, the twentieth century.
  • Is Disneyland a member of the UN?
  • This is BS! That's short for bullshit.
  • Can I borrow your underwear?
  • Flicky, Flicky.
  • Is it 'cos I is black?
  • Why did Jesus go 'round with all them reindeers?
  • What is "quotes"?
  • You betta check yo'self before you wreck yo'self.
  • Ain't dat a bit racialist?
On the slavery of African Americans
  • When you arrived on the moon, was the people who lived there very friendly, or was they scared of you?
  • Innit a coincidence dat Jesus was born on Chris'mas day?
  • Why don't they teach proper maffs in schools? Why teach in kilos and grams when you should deal in ounces, quarters and eighths?
  • That's a very sexist way to talk abou' dees bitches!
  • You can take our trees, but you can't take our freedom!
  • Africa ain't just a country that gave us Bob Marley.
  • I was very anti-Burger King, until me had the flame-broiled Whopper, and it was amazing.

(a comment made to pro-lifers at an abortion rally)

  • Coverin' it with paper don't make it alright.

(in reference to one of the roundtable panelists (supposedly) refusing to flush the toilet backstage)

  • Sex. You has probably heard the word out there. And some of you probably know what it means. For those of you who don't, it means boning. But with boning comes responsilibity.
  • If you ain't careful, sex can lead to some terrible fings: herpes, squat rot, or even worse: somefing called "a relationship."
  • "... fatty bum-bums ..." (pronounced 'boom-booms')
  • The names James Bond....James Bond.
  • (Dismantling a bomb) Blue or red, 5 seconds, I tink it is red, 4 seconds, 3 seconds, its red, 2 seconds, Fuck it, blue.
  • You is a spy 2?
  • Ali G: "Lets talk about doctors. Does they have the right to end old people's lives?"

Interviewée: "That's euthanasia"

Ali G: "Why is it the responsibility of the youth in Asia for killing someone else?"

  • (to a woman who tries to sit like him) "you don't sit like me! there's a reason my legs are so far apart"
  • Say Ello to none otha tha ma main man

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