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Commonly Used Phrases

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Dalek: Exterminate! [Somewhat pronounced 'EX-TER-MIN-ATE!' (Various Stories)]

Dalek: I obey. [Pronounced I-OB-EY (Various Stories)]

Dalek: My vision is impaired! I cannot see!! [Various Stories]

Davros: Excellent! [All stories featuring Davros]

Daleks Sec and Caan: Emergency Temporal Shift!

The First Doctor [William Hartnell]

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The Daleks

Dalek 1: You will move ahead of us and follow my directions. This way. Immediately.
[The Doctor and Susan move forward while Ian stays where he is]
Dalek 1: I said immediately!
[Ian runs off into an empty corridor]
Dalek 1: Fire!
[The Daleks fire at Ian while Susan runs to help]
Dalek 2: STOP!
Dalek 1: Your legs are paralyzed. You will recover shortly unless you force us to use our weapons again, in that case the condition will be permanent. You two, help him.
Ian: My legs, my legs, I can't feel my legs!

Dalek: They are to be made to believe that they are in a safe environment.

Dalek 2: I have just come from the prisoners. The old man is dying.
Dalek 3: Then he must die. There is no help we can give him. How are the others?
Dalek 1: The woman is sleeping very heavily, the young man fights against it.
Dalek 3: What of the girl? Has she reached the jungle?
Dalek 2: Yes, the rangoscopes tracked her that far, now they have lost her.

Ian: Not much room for my legs, but try the top. [They put the top of the Dalek on Ian]
The Doctor: How is it?
Ian / Dalek: [Distorted Dalek voice] It's very cramped indeed.
The Doctor: Can't you sound more like a Dalek?
Barbara: Yes in a monotone, you have one.
Ian / Dalek: [Monotone Dalek voice] Do you mean like this?
[Susan and Barbara giggle]

Dalek: STOP!
Dalek / Ian: The council wishes to question the prisoners.
Dalek: I have not been informed. Wait.
[The Dalek goes over to the control panel and places it's sucker over a control.]
Susan: NO! [Susan runs forward and is 'captured' by Ian and the Dalek, she winks at the Doctor]
Dalek / Ian: Hold her.
Dalek: I have got her. Now hold still
Dalek / Ian: Help me get her inside.
[The Dalek opens the door]

Dalek: The only interest we have in the Thals is their total extermination!

The Dalek Invasion of Earth

Dalek Supreme: Rebels of London! This is our last warning! Our final offer! Show yourselves in the open streets. You will be fed and watered, but work is needed from you. The Daleks offer you life! Rebel against us and the Daleks shall destroy London completely. Rebels of London, come out of your hiding places, the Daleks offer you life!

Supreme Dalek: Supreme command has ordered London to be destroyed by Fire-Bombs.
Dalek: Do you intend to stay here in the city?
Supreme Dalek: No. Order the saucer to take me to the mine workings in central England.

The Chase

Dalek: Our greatest enemies have left the planet Zeros. They are once again in time and space.
Dalek Supreme: They cannot escape! Our time machine will soon follow them! They will be exterminated! Exterminated! Exterminated!

Mission to the Unknown

Dalek Supreme: They cannot escape! At this moment they are being hunted down! They will be destroyed!

The Daleks' Master Plan

Dalek Supreme: No power in the universe can stop the Daleks!

Dalek Supreme: The time destructor is now completed! It only requires the core to be fitted! Mavic Chen, guardian of the Solar System, will address the meeting.

The Second Doctor [Patrick Troughton]

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The Power of the Daleks

Daleks: We are better... different than human beings.

Dalek 1: Exterminate all humans!
Dalek 2: Exterminate all humans!
Dalek 1: Exterminate, annihilate, DESTROY!!!
All Daleks: Daleks conquer and destroy!!! Daleks conquer and destroy!!! Daleks conquer and destroy!!! Daleks conquer and destroy!!!

Dalek: We are not ready yet, to teach these human beings, the law of the Daleks!

Evil of the Daleks


Dalek: Obey the Daleks! You are in our power!

Dalek: Who are you? ANSWER!

Dalek: There is only one form of life that matters: Dalek life. Obey your orders, Waterfield!

The Third Doctor [Jon Pertwee]

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Day of the Daleks

Gold Dalek: Do not dispute with the Daleks! Obey without question!

Dalek: No-one can succeed, who opposes the Daleks.

Gold Dalek: Whoever is operating the time machine is the enemy of the Daleks! All enemies of the Daleks must be destroyed! Exterminate them!
Daleks: [in unison] Exterminate them! Exterminate them! Exterminate them!

Planet of the Daleks

Dalek: Energy levels building to lift-off capacity. Prepare for ascent!

Head of the Supreme Dalek Council: Report! Aliens still apprimmitive! All Dalek units are to be signed through the capture immediatley. Take charge of all controls. Report on invisibility experiments.
Dalek: Daleks can now acheive total invisibility in periods in exess of two work cycles.
Dalek Supreme: Satisfactory. The Supreme council has ordered our army to be activated immediatley. The invasion of all solar planets is to begin today!

Head of the Supreme Dalek Coucil: Order space transporters to assemble and await landing orders.
Dalek: I obey.
Head of the Supreme Dalek Council: The action of the aliens has caused considerable disruption of operations on this planet.
Dalek: This was a matter beyond my control.
Head of the Supreme Dalek Council: You're orders were to exterminate them!
Dalek: It has not been possible! We have been unable to use the bacteria bombs!
Head of the Supreme Dalek Council: The responsibility was yours! You have failed, the Supreme Council does not accept failure!
[The Supreme Dalek exterminates the failed Dalek]

Death to the Daleks

[The Daleks discover that their weapons are now useless due to the energy drain.]
Dalek: The power failure is temporary. Superior Dalek technology will overcome interference shortly. Meanwhile you will obey our orders!

Dalek 1: Target model destroyed.
Dalek 2: Substitute weaponry is moderately efficent.

Dalek: Voices were heard, move into the firelight!

The Fourth Doctor [Tom Baker]

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Genesis of the Daleks

Dalek: We are entombed but we live on. This is only the beginning. We will perpare, we will grow stronger. When the time is right we will emerge and take our rightful place as the supreme power, of the universe!

Dalek: All inferior creatures are to be considered the enemy of the Daleks, and destroyed!

Davros: Today the Kaled race is ended, consumed in a fire of war but, from it's ashes will rise a new race, the supreme creature, the ultimate conquerer of the universe, the DALEK!!!

Davros: Have Pity!
Dalek: Pi-ty??? I have no understanding of the word. It is not registered in my vocabulary bank. EXTERMINATE! (fires)

Destiny of the Daleks

Dalek 1: We will continue!
Dalek 2: You will not remove your hand from the Sensor!

Dalek: Seek.Locate.Exterminate!

The Fifth Doctor [Peter Davison]

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The Five Doctors

Dalek: Halt! At once! You will be exterminated! HALT! HALT!!!

Dalek: It is the Doctor! The Doctor must be destroyed!!!

Dalek: Obey! Obey the Daleks! You will be exterminated!!!

Resurrection of the Daleks

Dalek: Your duplicates will return to Gallifrey. Where, on our command, you will assassinate the members of the High Council!
The Doctor: NO!

Dalek: Davros must be exterminated! Nothing must interfere with the true destiny of the Daleks!!

The Sixth Doctor [Colin Baker]

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Revelation of the Daleks

The Doctor: I see you've been busy.
Davros: Whereas you have been stupid, Doctor.
The Doctor: Prerogative of a Time Lord. Where's Peri?
Davros: Safe... for the time being.
The Doctor: I'm surprised too see you. The last time we met, your ship blew up. I thought with you on board.
Davros: Not when there is an escape pod to be had.
The Doctor: Or a lift by a transporter to this place.
Davros: Ah, there I was fortunate
The Doctor: I liked the statue, by the way. Very good likeness. Though, really, you shouldn't have bothered.
Davros: As for the news of Stengos' death, it was all part of my scheme to lure you here.
The Doctor: All very clever. Apart form a little grave-robbing, what else have you been up to?
Davros: You cannot steal what has already been abandoned. No one is interested in the people here.
The Doctor: That's not what I've heard.
Davros: As your grave-robbing friends have now been exterminated, you will not hear the complaint again!
The Doctor: Do you never do anything but kill?
Davros: There you are mistaken, Doctor. I am known as the Great Healer. A somewhat flippant title, perhaps, but not without foundation. I have conquered the diseases that brought their victims here. In every way, I have complied with the wishes of those who came in anticipation of one day being returned to life
The Doctor: But never, in their worst nightmares, did any of them expect to come back... as Daleks!

[Davros' hand has been blown off]
Davros: Such a foolish waste of energy!
The Doctor: No 'arm in trying.

The Doctor: [Sees two Daleks] Ah, there you are. They went that way.
Imperial Dalek: You will come with us!
[The Doctor raises his hands]

Davros: A box of delight... or a box of hate.

Dalek: You must surrender. The Earth woman must come with us. It is futile to resist!

The Seventh Doctor [Sylvester McCoy]

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Remembrance of the Daleks

Imperial Dalek: You are the Doctor! You are the enemy of the Daleks! You will be exterminated! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

[Shot of Imperial Dalek shuttle boarding the mothership]
Imperial Dalek: Prepare for shuttle docking.
Imperial Dalek Emperor: Lock the Hand of Omega into the control circuit.
Imperial Dalek: Omega device is now locked in and running.

The Doctor: Hello, hello, hello. Dalek mothership. Come in please, come in please!
[A picture of the Imperial Dalek Emperor appears on the television screen]
The Doctor: Ah... There you are. This is the Doctor, president elect of the High Council of Time Lords. Keeper of the legacy of Rassilon. Defender of the Laws of time. Protector of Gallifrey. I call upon you to surrender the Hand of Omega and return to your customary time and place!
Imperial Dalek Emperor: Ah, Doctor. You have changed again, your appearance is as inconstant as your intelligence. You have confounded me for the last time!
[The Dalek Emperor's dome opens to reveal Davros.]
The Doctor: Davros! I should have known, I see you've discarded the last vestige of your human form. It's still no improvement.
Davros: Save your insults for the weak minded, Doctor.
The Doctor: Will you return the Hand of Omega or not?!
Davros: Are you threatening me? If so it is most unwise!
The Doctor: Davros, every time our paths have crossed I have defeated you!
Davros: [Laughing] You flatter yourself, Doctor! in the end, you are merely another Time Lord!
The Doctor: Oh Davros, I am far more than just another Time Lord.

The Doctor: Davros, the Hand of Omega is not to be trifled with!
Davros: I think I am quite capiable of handling the technology.
The Doctor: I sincerely doubt that.
Davros: Does it worry you Doctor? That with it I will transform Skaro's sun into a source of unimaginable power! And with that power at my disposal, the Daleks shall sweep away Gallifrey, and its impotent qourum of Time Lords! The Daleks shall become Lords of Time! We shall become all...
The Doctor: ...Powerful! Crush the lesser races! Conquer the galaxy! Unimaginable power! Unlimited rice pudding! Et cetera! Et cetera!
Davros: Do not anger me Doctor! I can destroy you and this miserable, insignificant planet!
The Doctor: Oh, wonderful! What power! What brilliance! You can wipe out the odd civilisation, enslave the occasional culture but it still won't detract from the basic fundimental truth of your own impotence!
Davros: I will teach you the folly of your words doctor! How do we destroy you and demonstrate the power of the Daleks!

The Ninth Doctor [Christopher Eccleston]

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NOTE:for this first section,the last Dalek is identified as "Metaltron", because this was what Henry Van Statten called it before it named itself to Van Statten, and also it coincides with the story.

The Doctor: I've come to help. I'm the Doctor.
Metaltron (Dalek): [Grating] Doc-tor?
The Doctor: Impossible...
Metaltron (Dalek): THE Doctor?! (suddenly lights turn on, revealing the little blue light to be a Dalek) Exterminate! Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!

The Last Dalek: I am alone in the universe.
The Doctor: Yup.
The Last Dalek: So are you. We are the same.

[The Doctor begins electrocuting the Last Dalek]

The Last Dalek: Have pity!
The Doctor: Why should I? You never did!

[After being taunted by characters for being unable to climb stairs]

The Last Dalek: [flying] Elevate!

The Last Dalek: The Daleks must survive!
The Doctor: [angrily] The Daleks have failed! Why don't you finish the job and make the Daleks extinct? Rid the Universe of your filth, why don't you just die?!


The Last Dalek: You would make a good Dalek. (monitor shuts off)

Bad Wolf

Dalek #1: Alert! Alert! We are detected!
Dalek #2: It is the Doctor! He has located us!

Dalek: I will talk to the Doctor.
The Doctor: Oh, will you? That's nice. Hello!
Dalek: The Dalek Stratagem nears completion. The Fleet is almost ready. You will not intervene.
The Doctor: Oh, really? Why's that then?
Dalek: We have your associate. You will obey or she will be exterminated.
The Doctor: No.

[The Daleks are a bit thrown by this]

Dalek: Explain yourself.
The Doctor: I said 'no'.
Dalek: What is the meaning of this negative?
The Doctor: It means 'no'.
Dalek: But she will be destroyed!
The Doctor: No! 'Cause this is what I'm gonna do - I'm gonna rescue her. I'm gonna save Rose Tyler from the middle of the Dalek Fleet, and then I'm gonna save the Earth, and then just to finish off, I'm gonna wipe every last stinking Dalek outta the sky!
Dalek: But you have no weapons! No defences! No plan!
The Doctor: Yeah. And doesn't that scare you to death!

Dalek #1: The Doctor is initiating hostile action!
Dalek #2: The Stratagem must advance. Begin the invasion of Earth!
Dalek #3: The Doctor will be exterminated!
Daleks: [in unison] Exterminate!

[A long shot reveals thousands of Daleks, chanting in unison:]

Daleks: Exterminate! Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!!!

The Parting of the Ways

Dalek #1: You know The Doctor. You understand him. You will predict his actions.
Rose: I don't know! And even if I did I wouldn't t-tell you.
Dalek #1: Predict. Predict! PREDICT!
Dalek #2: TARDIS detected. In flight.
Dalek #1: Launch missiles!
Dalek #2: Exterminate!
Rose: You can't! That TARDIS doesn't have any defences! You're gonna kill him!
Dalek #1: You have predicted correctly.

Daleks: Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

[The Daleks fire, but their weapons impact against a forcefield that protects the Doctor]

The Doctor: Is that it? Useless! Nul points.

The Doctor: How did you survive the Time War?
Dalek Emperor: They survived through me.
The Doctor: Rose... Captain, this is The Emperor of the Daleks.
Dalek Emperor: You destroyed us Doctor! The Dalek race died in your inferno, but my ship survived, falling through time. Crippled, but alive!
The Doctor: I get it
Dalek #1: [Frenzied] Do not interrupt!
Dalek #2: Do not interrupt!
Dalek #3: Do not interrupt!
The Doctor: I think you are forgetting something, I'm The Doctor, and if there is one thing I can do, it's talk. I've got 5 billion languages and you haven't got one way of stopping me, so if anyone is going to shut up, IT'S YOU! Okey Doke, so... Where were we?
Dalek Emperor: We waited here, in the dark space... Damaged but rebuilding. Centuries passed and we quietly infiltrated the systems of Earth. Harvesting the waste of humanity, the prisoners, the refugees, the dispossessed, they all came to us. The bodies were phillited, pulped, sifted, the seed of the Human race is perverted, only one cell in a billion was fit to be nurtured!
The Doctor: So, you created an army of Daleks out of the dead.
Rose: That makes them... half human.
The Dalek Emperor: [voice rising] Those words are blasphemy!
Dalek #1: Do not blaspheme!
Dalek #2: Do not blaspheme!
Dalek #3: Do not blaspheme!
Dalek Emperor: Everything human has been purged, I cultivated pure and blessed Dalek!
The Doctor: Since when did the Daleks have a concept of Blasphemy?
Dalek Emperor: I reached into the dirt and gave new life, I am the God of all Daleks!
The Doctor: ...They're insane. Hiding in silence for hundreds of years, that's enough to drive anyone mad. But it's worse than that. Driven mad by your own flesh...the stink of humanity. You hate your own existence. And that makes them more dangerous than ever. Rose, Captain, We're leaving!

[Captain Jack is cornered by a trio of Daleks]

Dalek #1: Exterminate!
Captain Jack: [defiant] I kinda figured that.

[Captain Jack make a "come on!" gesture, and the Daleks exterminate him]

The Dalek Emperor: Purify the Earth with fire. The planet will become my temple and we shall rise. This will be our Paradise!

Rose: (possessed by the power of the Time Vortex) I can see the whole of time and space...every single atom of your existence... and I divide them! (she starts destroying the Daleks, turning them into dust) The Time War...ends!
The Dalek Emperor: I will not die! I CANNOT DIE!!!

(Rose dissolves him with the power of the Vortex)

The Tenth Doctor [David Tennant]

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Army of Ghosts

Dalek Sec: Location: Earth! Life-forms detected!


Dalek Sec: Which of you is least important?
Rose: What's that supposed to mean?
Dalek Sec: Which of you is least important?
Rose: No, we don't work like that. None of us.
Dalek Sec: Designate the least important!

Rose: [on the Genesis Ark] Then who built it?
Dalek Sec: The Time Lords! This is all that survives of their homeworld!
Rose: What's inside?
Dalek Sec: The future!

Rose: You didn't need to kill him!
Dalek Caan: Neither did we need him alive.

Cyberman: Our technologies are compatible. Together, we can upgrade the universe.
Dalek Thay: You propose an alliance?
Cyberman: This is correct.
Dalek Thay: Request denied!

(The Cybermen raise their arms, guns out)

Cybermen: Hostile elements will be deleted! (they fire on Thay, in vain, because Thay's shields absorb the blasts)
Dalek Thay: EXTERMINATE! (Thay zaps both Cybermen, they glow cyan and fall dead.)

Cyberman: Daleks, be warned; you have declared war upon the Cybermen.
Dalek Sec: This is not war. This is pest control!
Cyberman: We have five million Cybermen. How many are you?
Dalek Sec: (pause) Four.
Cyberman: (somewhat tauntingly) You would destroy the Cybermen with four Daleks?!
Dalek Sec: We would destroy the Cybermen with one Dalek! You are superior in only one respect.
Cyberman: What is that?
Dalek Sec: You are better at dying!

Dalek Sec: Alert, alert - you are the Doctor.
Dalek Thay: Sensors report he is unarmed.
The Doctor: That's me. Always.
Dalek Sec: Then you are powerless.
The Doctor: Not me. Never.

Dalek Thay: I am Dalek Thay.
Dalek Sec: Dalek Sec.
Dalek Jast: Dalek Jast.
Dalek Caan: Dalek Caan.
The Doctor: So that's it! At last, the Cult of Skaro. I thought you were just a legend.

Dalek Sec: The Doctor will open the Ark!
The Doctor: [laughing] The Doctor will not.
Dalek Sec: You have no way of resisting.
The Doctor: Well... you got me there. Although... there is always this.

[The Doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver]

Dalek Sec: A sonic probe?
The Doctor: (with a touch of machismo) That's 'screwdriver'!
Dalek Sec: It is harmless.
The Doctor: Oh, yes. Harmless is just the word. That's why I like it. Doesn't kill, doesn't wound, doesn't maim. But I'll tell you what it does do - it is very good at opening doors.

[The Doctor activates the screwdriver, and immediately the doors to the room explode open]

Dalek Sec: (slams open doors to Torchwood Warehouse 1) EXTERMINATE!
Cybermen Platoon: DELETE!
Cult of Skaro: EXTERMINATE!
Cybermen: DELETE!
Torchwood Security: Open fire!

(a really big firefight begins)

Dalek Sec: The Ark will open! (lots of normal-colored Daleks shoot out)

Dalek Sec: Exterminate all life forms below! Exterminate!

Dalek Sec: It is the Doctor! Exterminate Him!
Dalek Squad: WE OBEY!

Dalek Sec: Emergency temporal shift!

Daleks in Manhattan

Dalek Caan: I have been summoned! Explain! EXPLAIN!

Dalek Caan: (to Mr Diagoras) This day is ending, humankind is weak, you shelter from the darkness and yet you have built all this.
Dalek Caan: My planet is gone... Destroyed in a great war. Yet versions of this city stand throughout history. The Human race always continues.

Dalek Caan: You have rare ambition.
Dalek Caan: You think like a Dalek.

Dalek Sec: (through visual link) This human is our best option. Bring him to me!
Dalek Caan: (to Mr Diagoras) Your loyalty will be rewarded. Come with me.

Dalek Sec: Prepare the laboratory. The Final Experiment will begin.
Dalek Thay and Dalek Jast: We obey!

Mr Diagras: So, where we going?
Dalek Caan: You have been summoned by our leader.
Mr Diagras: (leans around Caan's flank to speak directly his eyestalk) 'Bout time too.

Mr Diagras: I take it you're in charge.
Dalek Sec: Correct. I am Dalek Sec, leader of the Cult of Skaro.

Dalek Sec: Cease talking! ... I said, CEASE! Slaves, secure the human.

Dalek Sec: This is the final experiment.

Dalek Sec: The pig slaves are primitive. The final experiment is greater by far.

Dalek Sec: We need your flesh. Bring him to me!
Dalek Thay: Halt! This action contradicts the Dalek imperative.
Dalek Jast: Daleks are supreme, Humans are weak.
Dalek Sec: But there are millions of humans and only four of us. If we are supreme, why are we not victorious? The Cult of Skaro was created by the Emperor for this very purpose; to imagine new ways of survival!
Dalek Thay: But we must remain pure!
Dalek Sec: No, Dalek Thay. Our purity has brought us to extinction! We must adapt to survive. You have all made sacrifices, and now I will sacrifice myself... for the greater cause... for the future of Dalek-Kind. Now, bring me the human!

(Sec's casing opens, revealing the creature inside)

Dalek Sec: Behold the true Dalek form. Now, join with me!

(Diagaras is thrust in, then the casing closes)

Dalek Thay: Stop the process! Dalek Sec is failing.
Dalek Sec: (haevily distorted voice) No! The experiment must continue. Administer the solution! We must evolve. Evolve! EVOLVE!

Dalek Caan: Silence! Silence! You will form a line. Move. Move!

Dalek Caan: The female is wise; obey!
Dalek Thay: Report!
Dalek Caan: These are strong specimens. They will help the Dalek cause. What is the status of the Final Experiment?
Dalek Thay: The Dalekanium is in place. The energy conductor is now complete.
Dalek Caan: Then I will extract prisoners for selection. Intelligence scan initiate... reading brainwaves... low intelligence.

Martha: You can't experiment on people, it's insane, it's inhuman!
Dalek Caan: We are not human.

Dalek Caan: Report.
Dalek Jast: Dalek Sec is entering the final stage of evolution.
Dalek Caan: Scan him. Prepare for birth.

Dalek Caan: You will bear witness. This is the dawn of a new age. We are the only four Daleks in existence. So the species must evolve; a life outside the shell. The children of Skaro must walk again!

Hybrid Sec : human.......Dalek! future!

Evolution of the Daleks

Hybrid Sec: These humans will become like me. Prepare them for hybridisation.

Hybrid Sec: I am Dalek in Human form!

Hybrid Sec: I... feel... humanity. I feel everything we wanted from mankind, which is... ambition, hatred, aggression and war... such a genius for war.
The Doctor: No. That's not what humanity means-
Hybrid Sec: I think it does! At heart this species is so very... Dalek!

Dalek Thay: Protect the Hybrid!
Dalek Caan: Report status.
Hybrid Sec: Pain... pain of the flesh. Like no Dalek has felt for thousands of years.
Dalek Caan: The Doctor has escaped.
Hybrid Sec: Then Find Him! Find Him!!

Dalek Jast: They have ascended (climbed ladder).
Dalek Caan: (to pig slaves) Return to base. (pause) Request information: What is your opinion of Dalek Sec?
Dalek Jast: We were created to follow him.
Dalek Caan: But you have doubts?
[Dalek Jast looks around]
Dalek Jast: Affirmative.

Dalek Caan: I will be the destroyer of our greatest enemy!

warning klaxons blare

Hybrid Sec: Is there a malfunction?

Daleks ignore Sec

Hybrid Sec: Answer me!
The Doctor: (examines control readouts) They're hijacking the system!
Dalek Jast: (aims weapon at Doctor) THE DOCTOR will STEP AWAY from the controls!
Hybrid Sec: STOP! You will not fire!
Dalek Caan: (moves forward) He is an enemy of the Daleks - and so are you! (aims weapon at Sec)
Hybrid Sec: I am your commander! I am Dalek Sec!
Dalek Caan: You have lost your authority!
Dalek Jast: You are no longer a Dalek.

Dalek Thay: The new bodies will be 100% Dalek!
Hybrid Sec: You can't do this!
Dalek Jast: Pig Slaves, restrain Dalek Sec and the Doctor.
Hybrid Sec: Release me! I created you! I am your master!
Dalek Caan: Solar Flare approaching! Prepare to intercept!
Dalek Thay: Gamma Strike Four Minutes And Counting!

Hybrid Sec: You... have... betrayed me!
Dalek Caan: You told us to 'imagine'... and we 'imagined' your irrelevance.

Dalek Caan: The Army Awakes!

Dalek Caan: You will identify.
Dalek-Human: I... am... a Dalek.
Dalek Caan: Excellent!
Dalek Thay: Begin the invasion of Manhattan. The population will be converted into Daleks.
Dalek Jast: And from this island, we will conquer the world!
Dalek Caan: Assume battle positions! Take arms!

Dalek Caan: War demands strategy! I am designated Controller!
Hybrid Sec: That was to be my position!
Dalek Thay: You are unfit.
Dalek Caan: Connect me to the military computer. I will coordinate all units.

Dalek Thay: Report status.
Dalek Caan: Maximum efficiency! I am now ready for full scale war!
Dalek Thay: Control over Dalek Humans?
Dalek Caan: Connection confirmed. All soldiers will take heed. Weapons will be primed.

Dalek Caan: Sonic device detected!
Dalek Thay: The Doctor survived?
Dalek Jast: Find him and exterminate!

Dalek Thay: The Doctor will stand before the Daleks! You will die, Doctor! At the beginning of a new age.
Dalek Jast: Planet Earth will become New Skaro.
Hybrid Sec: My Daleks, just understand this; if you choose death and destruction, then death and destruction will choose you.
Dalek Thay: Incorrect! We always survive!
Dalek Jast: Now we will destroy our greatest enemy - The Doctor!
Dalek Sec Hybrid: But he can help you!
Dalek Thay: The Doctor must die.
Hybrid Sec: No! I beg you, dont--

Dalek Thay: If they will not obey then they must die! (exterminates Human Dalek squad leader. Human Daleks return fire)
Daleks Thay and Jast: EXTERMINATE!
Dalek Caan: Destroy the hybrids! Destroy!

Dalek Caan: The Dalek Humans are failures! Destruct! Destruct! DESTRUCT!

The Doctor: Let me help you... Caan -
Dalek Caan: - Emergency Temporal Shift!

The Stolen Earth

First Dalek: Dalek Fleet in battle formation.
Second Dalek: All systems locked and primed.
Third Dalek: Crucible at 90 percent efficiency.
Forth Dalek: The human harvest will commence!

Dalek: Supreme Dalek on the bridge!
Supreme Dalek: (Emerges through a large door) Soon the Crucible will be complete. We have waited long for this ultimate destiny! Now the Daleks are the masters of Earth!
Multitude of Daleks: Daleks are the masters of Earth! Daleks are the masters of Earth!

Dalek: Halt! You will come with me!
Wilfred Mott: Will I heck! (Wilf fires a paintball on the Dalek's eyestalk)
Dalek: (Evaporates the paint) My vision is not impaired!

Dalek: Hostality will not be tolerated! Exterminate! Exterminate!

Davros: The Children of Time are moving against us, but everything is falling into place.

Davros: Welcome - Doctor - To my new empire.

Dalek: The daleks reign supreme, all hail the daleks!

Harriet Jones: Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister.
Dalek: Yes, we know who you are.

Dalek: All humans will leave their homes. The male, the female, the descendants.
Man: Where are you taking us?
Dalek: Daleks do not answer human questions. Stand in line.

Journey's End

Davros: This will be my ultimate victory, Doctor. The destruction of reality itself!

[After Martha arrives in Germany]
Squad of Daleks: Exterminieren! Exterminieren! Halt! Sonst werden wir sie Exterminieren! Sie sind jetzt ein Gefangener der Daleks!

Dalek Supreme: Exterminate Torchwood!

The First Doctor [Peter Cushing]

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Doctor Who and The Daleks [film]

Supreme Dalek: You will move ahead of us, and follow directions. This way.
[Doctor Who and Susan move forward while Ian runs away]
[The Daleks blast him]
Supreme Dalek: You will recover shortly. Search him.
[A Dalek searches him and removes the TARDIS' Fluid Link.]
Doctor Who: That is of no value to you! It...
Supreme Dalek: Come this way.

Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD [film]

[As The Doctor and Tom attempt to escape from the approaching robomen, a Dalek surfaces from the water.]
Doctor Who: Daleks!
Dalek: Take the prisoners to the spaceship. Move!

[Two robomen approach the Dalek saucer with two prisoners.]
Roboman: These men killed the other two men in my patrol.
Red Dalek: Then you shall replace them. Join the other prisoners. Continue your patrol.

[Dalek Saucer closes in on the van that Susan and Wyler are using to escape London.]
Red Dalek: Target sighted.
Gold Dalek: Prepare to annihilate!

[Black Dalek presents the Doctor.]
Black Dalek: This is the rebel leader.
Gold Dalek: You will be exterminated!