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Love laughs at locksmiths.
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Dan Bern (born 1965-10-27) is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and painter. He sometimes performs under the name Bernstein.


  • And I realized that the only purpose to revolution is to be able to love who you want, how you want, when you want and where you want...
    • From "True Revolutionaries", album Smartie Mine.

  • And I have a dream of a New American Language, one with a little bit more Spanish. I have a dream of a new pop music, that tells the truth with a good beat and some nice harmonies.
    • From "New American Language", album of the same name.

  • Are you gonna follow your soul? Or just the style of the day?
    • From "Soul", album Fleeting Days.
  • Stop...
    Stop what you're doing...
    Stop what you're doing and breathe.
    • From "Breathe", album Breathe.

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