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The following comments have been documented from the TV show, Australian Idol. These comments were given to Dan O'Connor.

Judges comments

Screaming Jets - Better

  • Mark Holden: Hi Dan. You're clearly the ladies choice; there's no doubt about it. I'm sure there's a market for you in terms of selling records. You made a noble attempt at working the crowd. But for me, if you're going to be the Australian Idol, I want you to do better than that. I think you're gonna have to squeeze out more sparks. Quite simply I think you'll have to sing better. To communicate to the guys at well as the girls - cause you've got the girls, there's no question about that - you're going to have to show us another side.
  • Marcia Hines: In your performance, you expelled too much energy in the early stages of the song. You've gotta learn to disperse that properly and then you'll perform fine. Well done.
  • Ian Dicko Dickson: Yeah you've got the chicks - definitely. There's very little chance of you leaving this competition over the next 4 weeks. I think you need to listen to what Mark has said. You're going to have to knuckle down and work really hard on that voice. Mark's right, you haven't got a superstar voice but you have some fabulous looks. I think that was a really brave song for you to do and I really give you big chops for taking a risk and doing something different cause that's a side of you we haven't seen. I think you're gonna have to get up to speed in double quick time if you're gonna win this competition and make something of it. I don't think you're going anywhere for the next 4 weeks at least so it's gonna give you the opportunity to work with some great people to improve your vocal.

Final 11

Creed - Higher

  • Marcia Hines: Dan I think you did a very good job. Well done.
  • Ian Dicko Dickson: I hate Creed, but I thought it was your best performance so far in the competition.
  • Mark Holden: Dan you did a great job. One of the better performances of the night. Well done.