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Dana Marie Perino (born May 9 1972) is the White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush.


  • ...reports about very innocent people being thrown into detention where they could be held for years without any representation or charges is distressing.
    • Press Briefing, referring to jailing of protesters and Buddhist monks in Myanmar, October 1, 2007 [1]
  • ...I‘m sure lots of people would love to ridicule me when I say this but it is true many people die from cold related deaths every winter and here are studies that say that climate change in certain areas of the world would help those individuals.
    • Press Briefing, October 26, 2007 [2]
  • I was panicked a bit because I really don't know about ... the Cuban Missile Crisis. It had to do with Cuba and missiles, I'm pretty sure. I came home and I asked my husband, I said, 'Wasn't that like the Bay of Pigs thing?' And he said, 'Oh, Dana.'
    • NPR, December 8, 2007 [3]
  • I think I deserve an apology.
    • AP, July 9, 2008 [4]

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