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Danger Mouse is a children's animated TV show which ran from 1981-92. It was created by for Cosgrove Hall, and featured the voice talents of David Jason, Terry Scott, Edward Kelsey and Brian Trueman.


  • This is Penfold. Codename: The Jigsaw, because when faced with a problem he falls to pieces.
  • [As Penfold falls through the air at the end of the episode] Will it be Isaac Newton 1: Penfold nil? Tune in next time to find out!


  • [Repeated line] Shush.


  • [Repeated line] Oh, crumbs.


  • [Repeated line] Si, Barone.


  • [Danger Mouse has crashed through a brick wall]
    Penfold: Oh, doesn't that hurt, Chief?
    Danger Mouse: No, didn't feel a thing! [he faints]
  • [Danger Mouse and Penfold are standing below the wall of Greenback's castle]
    Danger Mouse: Um, hello? Excuse me? Can we have our ball back, please? I...
    [a fizzing bomb is dropped into his hand]
    Danger Mouse: Oh, thanks very much!
    Penfold: D.M! Look out! It's a bomb!
    Danger Mouse: Hmm? Oh yes, I know it's a buh-buh-buh-buh, buh-buh-buh-buh, a b-, a b-, a bomb!
  • [Danger Mouse is being dangled over the snapping jaws of a crocodile]
    Penfold: We could have had a weekend in Brighton!
    Danger Mouse: I do not wish to know that, Penfold!
  • DM: (Looking at sign on door that reads C.H.M.F.F.G.) Look, Penfold...look what it says on that door.
    Penfold: Oh, yes..."Chi-muff-guh".
    DM: "Chi-mu--" No, Penfold, it stands for 'Car Holding Magnetic Force Field Generator'.
    Penfold: 'Cor...how'd you figure that?
    DM: Mm. (confidentially) I read the script.
    Penfold: Ooh, naughty Danger Mouse
  • Colonel K: Good show, DM. Real Dying.
    Penfold: Real Dying?
    Colonel K: Oh drat I mean well done.
  • DM: You must stop this, Master Lobsnit.
    Lobsnit: Never, Never, Never!! Or perhaps onto the 2nd floor.
  • Stiletto: Fancy you, I was just looking for...
    Penfold: House of [laughs]
    Danger Mouse: Don't take it easy, Penfold. This is no real person, this is the Baron's henchemen.
    Penfold: Not Stiletto!
    Stiletto: Yeah, Signora Mafiosa to you. Pleasent. So Sorry I can't wait to talk. Ulamanergick!

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