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Daniel Tammet (born 1979-01-31) is a British high-functioning autistic savant gifted with a facility for mathematical and natural language learning. In his memoir, Born on a Blue Day, he wrote of how having epilepsy, synaesthesia and Asperger Syndrome all affected his childhood.


Born on a Blue Day (2006)

  • My algebra was relatively poor. I found it very difficult to use equations that substituted numbers — to which I had a synesthetic and emotional response — for letters, to which I had none. It was because of this that I decided not to continue math at Advanced level, but chose to study history, French and German instead.
    • Chapter 6: Adolescence
  • I had eventually come to understand that friendship was a delicate, gradual process that mustn't be rushed or seized upon but allowed and encouraged to take its course over time. I pictured it as a butterfly, simultaneously beautiful and fragile, that once afloat belonged to the air and any attempt to grab at it would only destroy it.
    • Chapter 8: Falling in Love

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