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The Danish People's Party (Danish: Dansk Folkeparti) is a social conservative, nationalist political party in Denmark. In the 2005 parliamentary elections, it took 24 seats out of 175 (an increase of 2 seats), with 13.3% of the vote, making it the third largest party in Denmark.


  • "The Islamic political-religious movement deals with world supremacy, as did other fanatic political ideologies in history. This world supremacy they are not able to achieve by military means, but try to achieve by flooding the world with people. All western countries are infiltrated by the Muslims - and some of them speak to us nicely, while they wait to be many enough to have us removed - like in the Sudan, Indonesia, Nigeria and in the Balkans." (Mogens Camre, Danish People's Party's annual meeting (September 16, 2001). [1]Note: the written copy of Camre's speech, as handed out to the press, has been claimed to state "kill us" in place of "have us removed".'
  • "It has been mentioned that September 11 became the beginning of a fight between civilizations. I don't agree about this, because a fight between civilisations would imply that there were two civilisations, and that is not the case. There is only one civilization, and that is ours. Our opponents can't plead to belong to a civilisation, because a civilised world would never be able to carry out an attack which contains so much hatred, so much savagery, so much abomination. With this, I regard September 11 as an attack on civilisation itself. On the civilisation which decent people have built up during decades and centuries, and which is based on uprightness and freedom. The others want to implement ferocity, the primitive, the barbaric, the medieval." [2] (Pia Kjærsgaard, during the opening debate of the Danish Folketing (October 4, 2001).)
  • "We know the problem lies in those Muslim groups that come from the Middle East, and that other immigrant groups are harmless. So if Denmark shall not lock itself in totally, we have to distinguish between ethnic and religious groups. In fact I mean simply Muslims from all countries and not just in the Middle East."[3] (MP and immigration spokesman Jesper Langballe, DR news, (December 4, 2005).)
  • "Criticism of Islam as such and Muslims in general are not the political business of DPP. But direct, purposeful, unambiguous critique of and dissociation from Islamism and Islamists are both welcome and necessary."MPs.[4] (Internal email to MPs from the party's press secretary Søren Espersen.)
  • "The Social Security Act is passé, because it was tailored to a Danish family tradition and work moral and not to Muslims for whom it is fair to be provided for by others, while the wife gives birth to a lot of children. The child benefit grant is being taken advantage of, as an immigrant achieves a record income due to a small dozen of children. New punishment limits must be introduced for gang rapes, because the problem only arrived with the vandalism of the many anti-social second generation immigrants." [5] (Pia Kjærsgaard's newsletter (February 25, 2002))


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