Danish tongue twisters

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  • Bispens gipsgebis.
    • The Bishop's artificial gypsum teeth.
  • Jeg plukker frugt med en brugt frugtplukker.
    • I pick fruit with a used fruit picker.
  • Stativ, stakit, kasket.
    • Rack, fence, cap.
  • Fem flade flødeboller på fem flade flødebollefade.
    • Five flat creamcakes on five flat creamcake trays.
    • Note: A 'flødebolle' is a large ball of cream (fløde) covered in a thin layer of chocolate.
  • Postbuddet prikker på pakkerne på posthuset.
    • The postman is poking the packages at the postoffice.
  • Tante Tove tog toget til Thisted torv torsdag.
    • Aunt Tove took the train to Thisted market Thursday.
  • Find finnen Finn før Finn finder finnen, finder Finn finnen, finder finnen Finn.
    • Note: "Finn" is a Danish name.
    • "At finde" means "to find".
    • A "finne" (definite form "finnen") is a Finnish person.
    • Translation: Find the Fin Finn before Finn finds the Fin, if Finn finds the Fin, the Fin finds Finn.
  • Rødgrød med fløde
    • Translation: Red porridge with cream.
    • Note: Traditional "test" for foreigners - the phrase is simple to say for a native Dane, but difficult for most foreigners because of the vowel sounds.
  • Præstens ged i degnens eng
    • The priest's goat is in the clerk's meadow
    • Note: When pronounced quickly, the sentence sounds like Præsten sked i degnens seng - translated: The priest shat in the clerk's bed.